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    The more you have, the more things cost.

    That's fucked. 10 years ago, fair enough it might be way out in the suburbs in Sydney, but here you could probably have bought something like a 5 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms and inbuilt triple garage on a huge block for that sort of money. Now - a shoebox in need of renovation leaves you little change from $400K.
  2. Rybags

    Election night?

    I think we should be getting rid of the States, and merging local governments such that we have a hundred or so local areas. Bring such things as Education and Health into absolute Federal control. Leave the things like road maintenance and public housing to the Locals.
  3. Rybags

    Election night?

    The local assembly members tend to think of themselves as Statesmen. Then again, it's gravy train on most local councils too. They put the Federal Government to shame when you consider wastage and perks when compared on a pro-rata basis of the income they receive vs their expenditure. Labor deserved a big fall and didn't get it here. Debacles like the Power Station which they wanted to build 600 metres from suburbia, the Gungahlin Drive extension which was doomed to under-capacity from the word go, rubbish roadside artworks being commissioned at utterly rediculous pricetags, etc etc. The thing about Canberra is that many people are insulated due to being employed by the government, and still tend towards Labor as they hang onto the old belief that Labor effects Public Service job cuts less than Liberal do. ed - I forgot to add. It is also rediculous that in a place with a population of 320,000 or so that they decide to split the local jurisdiction into 3 electorates, of 2x5 and 1x7 seats. There are people sitting in this assembly that have the power to make decisions that affect the entire city/territoryl, and I don't like a number of them, and I have absolutely no say about who sits in 12 of the 17 seats available.
  4. Rybags

    Election night?

    I saw a couple of bits of coverage on ABC1 TV. Looks like Labor got 41% or so, Liberal trailing. Then again, that Zed bloke is a dodgy looking young fucker. They have better talent in the ranks and should have picked a more suitable leader. Greens supposedly polling well. Why people vote for them, I have NFI. Motorists party getting some votes. I gave them support too. I predict we'll have another term on Nohope bumbling, most likely as a minority government relying on the Greens. Of course, there's always the possibility of a breakaway mid-term, so don't be surprised if the Liberals form an alliance and turn the tables down the track, as has happened in the past.
  5. Rybags

    The more you have, the more things cost.

    Lowlife estate agents at it again. And expect more "joy" if/when interest rates take a dive. Net result will be that first home buyers will be in the same hard place as a year ago, with the only profiteers being the agents and speculators.
  6. Rybags

    Brief report from Atomic Live 08

    Nice report. That 9800GT must be a piece of crap then. BTW the RAM should be 1800 (effective) by default anyway in 3D. I've had mine something like 725 core, 1625 shader and RAM something like 975 just to see how it went and it benched just fine. ed - shoulda mentioned. What was the fan on the thing doing by default? Mine runs 100% so I use RivaTuner to regulate it. Maybe that card has it turned off or something stupid. ed2 - get photos and post same of female sales promotions personnel
  7. Rybags

    I'm thinking about voting tomorrow.

    The pre-poll voting was via computer, though you had the option of the old paper way if you wanted. You got given a slip with a bar code which you put through a scanner then voted via keypad. The slip then went into a "ballot box" - obviously so they couldn't be reused. NFI though if when they checked your name off their (electronic) copy of the roll whether they recorded any association between you and the bar code.
  8. Rybags

    Obama v McCain

    They're Presidential candidates. With the exception of Clinton and to a lesser degree G Bush Snr, every president they've had since Ford left has been a braindead moron.
  9. So did you pay Credit Card online or phone or something? I'd be going in there and getting the money - tell him to shove the pizza into a time machine to yesterday, or up his arse if he doesn't have a time machine.
  10. They make shit pizza anyway. Your arse will thank you for them not delivering. Want a proper Pizza? Either go to a decent family owned takeaway or a place that does them in wood-fired ovens. Chain store pizza vs proper is like comparing that attrocious SE Asian parallel import Nescafe to a well made cappucino.
  11. Rybags

    Obama v McCain

    What has happened in 3 months to change your opinion? I would have thought that to be pretty obvious: Stockmarket values wiped by nearly 20% Token MILF VP candidate chosen, quickly revealed to be majorly clueless and unworldly. Strong showing by Obama in debates and public speaking (as pointed out, despite both candidates just flag-waving, saying who they're going to help and not being very specific about any policies). Seemingly stalemate status in both Afghanistan and Iraq wars.
  12. Rybags

    Obama v McCain

    McCain will be just more of the same shit. Too busy projecting power around the world, not busy enough looking after their own backyard. I think the current financial crisis should be sufficient to swing anyone who was in doubt away from voting Republican. I really think Obama can and probably will win now. 3 months ago I would have said he had not much chance.
  13. Rybags

    How long do you think it takes?

    Average sheep, average shearer, I'd say about 3 minutes. World record? Last I heard it was something like 48 seconds.
  14. Rybags

    Today is a very very special day

    Happy Birthday to those who genuinely have one. The people who keep faking their birthdays are just jealous of us cool Libran people.
  15. Rybags

    I'm thinking about voting tomorrow.

    It's just a shitty Local Government when it comes down to it. ie- same as a Council, yet since we're a Territory they elevate themselves to the importance of a State, and since it's Canberra they feel yet more self-important. Doesn't matter who gets in, it'll just be the same ongoing series of clusterfucks, millions of dollars being pissed away on shit that virtually nobody uses, and proper infrastructure not getting the proper attention it deserves. Care? You'll lose the Care Factor too. Cynicism increases with age.
  16. Rybags

    I'm thinking about voting tomorrow.

    This election has shit me no end. Ad breaks where you get 4 fucking political messages asking you to vote for some prick. No exagguration there whatsoever - especially during News hour it's been saturation. Not even Federal elections 3 days out have been so bad. The junk mail is almost daily. I've thrown out at least 3 items from every candidate. I've had 2 fucking DVDs delivered from John Stanhope. Personally addressed letters, some marked "Urgent". "Fuck, is that some bad bill I forgot to pay?" I think. No. Just political junk mail. The final insult was a call last night at 20:10. "Bugger me" I mused, "kinda late for telemarketers" (I wasn't expecting a call from anyone else). Turns out to be a recorded message asking me to vote Liberal. The saddest part of all this is that we are in part paying for this malarky. And, I also believe that the roadside advertising is illegal. One thing that you'll notice about Canberra is that there are no billboards like other big cities have... because they're fucking illegal. But of course, politicians and people seeking office seem to take it upon themselves to flirt with the law in that regard. Anyway, I voted this arvo... avoid the rush, get the shit over with. About the only positive is that they don't allow spruikers at the polling places any more, but they've more than made up for it with the deluge of junk mail, annoying TV ads, and roadside rubbish.
  17. Rybags

    Max Payne, well maybe maximum pain

    Video game -> movie = high chance of being crap, but we already know that. What about Far Cry? Isn't that supposed to be out now? Seen a trailer or two, and it might end up OK.
  18. Rybags

    Questions about Crysis Warhead

    I'm playing through for the 3rd time at the mo... in the mine section. Enjoyable part of the game with the tight fighting. For some stupid reason, every now and then I'm thinking "Oh shit, that crappy no gravity area is coming up", but of course that's not in this game.
  19. Rybags

    Oh The Pain.

    PMSL. You better get something like the Nature tests of 3DMark06 going in comparison to save your arse. Still, at least he didn't fall for the classic misnomer of a quicker CPU meaning your 'net speed will suddenly skyrocket.
  20. Rybags

    Oil drops below US$70 a barrel

    Nice, but as pointed out we're being doubly screwed. Fucked if I know why the US dollar is strengthening, I guess it's more a side-effect of lack of funds available for loans which seems to be countering the basket-case state of their economy. Throw in the fact that our local producers have knee-jerk and even anticipatory price rises, but when it comes to price falls they sit back and enjoy the extra profit until either the ACCC states the bleeding obvious or a competitor decides to move downwards.
  21. Rybags

    My mates are here at a LAN...

    Yeah mate, remember to thank her in the morning for the cyber.
  22. Rybags

    fastest AGP gpu?

    You never know, but the '600 of a subsequent series is usually a lesser card of the '800 of the one before. I'd guess that they would likely have it as a competitor to the 9600GT, which is a reasonably close match to the 3850 at lower res anyway. What sort of price are they asking? When looking to replace my old card I found the 3850 to be in the $130+ range. I'd advise to hold off if you can't find one under $145 or so.
  23. Rybags

    Star Tek Movie pics released

    They've got Spock all wrong. Kirk looks near enough to 20 years younger than the TOS Series 1 Kirk. Since Vulcans supposedly have double or whatever the lifespan of humans, Spock should look closer to 35 or 40.
  24. Rybags

    Star Tek Movie pics released

    I don't mind the look of the Bridge. Looks like Uhuru has a pair of MS Sidewinders there - wonder if she uses the force feedback? The Captain... PSML... looks like Rick Astley in his heyday!
  25. Yeah, just squat. In the lounge-room, hallway. Do one in the kitchen for good measure. Isn't that how such residences got that nickname? Because the smelly gits that live in them just poo anywhere?