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  1. The over 70s thing I'm fairly sure is just strong advice.


    But people ignore good advice and the statistics relating to demographics of the ones that are dying - which in themselves were fairly clear before it even landed here (and yep, they're generally worse in places densly populated or with poor health systems but as far as age goes are fairly uniform in the relative proportions among the groupings).

  2. Yep, and where's all this hand sanitizer?  A chemist I visited today they had what looked like homebrewed stuff - a 100ml bottle and they wanted $11 for it!

    A pack of 75 alcohol wipes which TBH are more oriented towards cleaning recording heads and circuit boards - $17.

    So I just walked out.


    The Chinese have just added a bunch of other stuff like TP, hand sanitizer and liquid soap to the baby powder which gets sent back there.

    Stopping exports of medical stuff - I sort of doubt it'll work when you have private exporters that can just say they're grocery items.

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  3. People wearing the 20c Bunnings masks aren't really taking away from health workers.

    Of course the barrier provided is a fraction of a "proper" mask but better than nothing.

    I've got a box of surgical disposable 50 that I've had probably 5 years so might put some in the car and do the cyclic thing (weekly) and just chuck any I think are too contaminated.

    Not that I deliberately want to go into risky situations.  But for me to keep working I've at least got to go into people's houses and the occasional business.


  4. The GFC or should I say NAFC effects were somewhat less and the stimulus was dished out before we were affected.

    This is affecting us now.


    But have to say, I'll be grateful if I still get to retire at 67.  Every chance the retirement age will increase by a year for every month we do lockdown.

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  5. Was talking to a mate on the phone today, relating to still working and he was saying a bloke he knows just uses a disposable then stores for a week and reuses.

    I guess that could be a viable alternative to not being able to get them.  Supposedly the virus is viable for no more than about 3 days unless you provide it bio material and the right conditions.

    Of course the masks themselves in most cases don't filter sufficiently but there's the benefit that it can stop particles entering your airway and also stops you inadvertantly putting your hand on nose or mouth.

  6. The ones I referred to looked more like the freshly retired baby-boomers than the vulnerable older ones, though their fair share were out there as well.

    You know, the ones that hang around the coffee shops for hours on end.


    Such a hard life, especially here.  Likely most are retired public servants on a healthy superannuation benefit, and now the coffee shops are closed looking for somewhere else to spend that 80 bucks a week loose change.


    Got to say as a positive at least, good to see a healthy number of supermarkets and chemists and other shops providing the sanitizer to use as you walk in, even though it still seems impossible to buy anywhere.

  7. Before working today did a little bit of shopping at 3 locations then revisited a local for the cold goods just before home.

    In defiance of good advice - just about 2 out of 3 people out and about are over fucking 70!

    These are the morons who'll be clogging up the hospital system in 3 or 4 weeks from now.  Some will die, some will cause others to die either from taking a bed or passing the virus onto others.

    And a good number of them were the hands behind the back brigade, you know, the ones who are out at the shopping centre for no good reason at all.

  8. Yep, I reckon the GUI UEFI/Bios thing's a bit of a wank.  The Dell I have of ~ 2010 has one also.

    The first thing you notice is the mouse speed is usually 2x as sensitive as it needs to be.

    Then you notice the overall speed of getting anything done is 3x as slow, even if you do it by keyboard alone.


    Just glad for Windows based utilities so for the most part you can leave it be and do stuff like Intel K overclocking using other means.

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  9. T'bird - you can easily migrate by just copying back your old profile folder then tell it to use that.

    Strange you'd get such new parts though probably from Taiwan or elsewhere.


    MSI board here too though Haswell so around 2014.  I've worked on UEFI menus on newer ones and they tend to follow the same layout.

    Some parts of it are annoying.  Like the boot order.  Can't comment too much on the OC stuff since mine's not a K.

  10. It's just the same meetoo security wank that Apple, Google, MS have gone through.

    2-step verification.  I turn it off largely because it's just a huge pain in the ring.

    Then they make it worse by the fact the txt often takes 2 minutes to arrive or doesn't arrive at all.

    And farcial ID, probably just about as dodgy as fingerprint readers.  No thanks.

  11. Yep.  I use the stuff a bit and am aware of that sort of thing.  It can be bad when you have a flu, asthma symptoms, chest infections etc.  And probably worse if you're on certain steroids and NSAIDs to treat lung conditions.

    Toxic enough... supposed links to stomach cancer as well.