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  1. Rybags

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Solo: A Star Wars Story. It gets a 7.1 on IMDB which is about where I'd put it as well. Too long (2h 15m). And the way it fills the gaps in the backstory at times just seem like afterthoughts. Glad it's not over reliant on CGI though the space scenes were a mix of bland, meh and "seen that before". I actually liked look of the train hijack sequence more.
  2. Rybags

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Too right about the tram ride. Happily Black Mesa lets you start the game at various stages so you can skip it. One thing I hate about so many modern games is clip sequences that go on forever and don't let you omit them. What HL needs next is a movie, but not some lame Ewe Bole or JJ Abrams effort. Get James Cameron or Ridley Scott to do it.
  3. Rybags

    What's on your mind?

    Oh we're from 'pie-ger land A fighting fury We're from 'pie-ger land In any weather you will see us with a grin Risking head and shin If we're behind then never mind We'll fight and fight and win For we're from 'pie-ger land We never weaken til the final siren's gone Like the Magpies of old We're strong and we're bold For we're from 'Pie-ger Whi-ite and Black We're from 'pie-er land.
  4. Rybags

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    I saw it the other day - some gameplay would have been so much better but suppose we've got to wait. Black Mesa in it's entirety should be available on Steam sometime this year - the offworld sections are the holdup - supposedly radically different and bigger than the originals. Though as nice as it is still somewhat dated as it's on the Source engine which is somewhat ancient now.
  5. Rybags

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Nice score at a Vinnies store - Far Cry Primal - Special Edition for 5 bucks. Just hope the thing registers OK... though I suppose I could just grab a crack if there's problems.
  6. Rybags

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Not a bad short doco ... though I don't think it's "official" - in fact the channel is more about the narrator than the subjects.
  7. Rybags

    What's on your mind?

    I thought it had already aired but right now Foreign Correspondent is covering the story.
  8. I think I've got a P4 board that could be a sacrificial testbed but I suspect the result wouldn't be an indicator of what to expect with every board.
  9. SMC - System Management Controller. Or equivalent. Generally they sit there on standby current or using microamps on a laptop - they do stuff like power the system on, resume from sleep by lid opening etc.
  10. Rybags

    Forum downtime / new feature testing

    Unsure if this has been reported - the "All Activity" page (in condensed view) - it's showing stuff from 12 hours ago as if it was in the recent past, so the order is all wrong. First time I've noticed that - maybe it only does it with previous day's PM stuff being assumed as being current day's AM ?
  11. Rybags

    Israel did it.

    Do they talk about spit-roasts on both of those?
  12. Rybags

    Is It Just Me Or Is The Green Room Trying To Kill My CPU?

    Google needs to pull their finger out and disable ads that do it, regardless if compromised by outside sources or intentional by the advertiser. But of course that'd eat into their profits.
  13. Rybags


    So if I want to buy a Freddo Frog, can I pay with a microscopic fleck of dust that I claim is gold? Gold actually is useful in areas like electronics and science. But take away the investment bullshit and it's real value would be more like $75-$100 an ounce.
  14. The common advice is that setting the clear CMOS jumper or hitting the button while the thing is powered on is bad, though they don't say why. IMO could be that it's damaged the SMC or some other component/s but I doubt the graphics card, RAM or CPU has suffered, more like a motherboard component. You could examine the board for shit-stains. I'd try powering up without the coin battery and ensure the clear settings jumper is set to "normal" (that's another thing, in some cases having no jumper can cause problems).
  15. Rybags

    Desperately Seeking...

    I was actually looking to cull what I have though fairly sure I've only got the digital edition of 1-50 which was why I got rid of most of those. I'll just have to check the contents of those mentioned issues to see if there's anything I want to keep... likely there isn't.