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  1. Rybags

    What's on your mind?

    It's not leaving, just being redistributed.
  2. Rybags


    ToT = This Old Tony (he even uses it himself) AvE = AvE (his channel name which is an acronym for Arduino vs Evil)
  3. Rybags

    What's on your mind?

    Pretty sure online "direct" gambling is illegal everywhere here (as in hosting the sites). Which is pretty stupid given that someone can equally easily play virtual poker machines offshore and notice no difference. So in such cases, no money stays here and there's no accountability. The "smart" thing to do - allow onshore gambling which means there can be auditing and control. But why bother when all someone has to do is register multiple accounts or use multiple providers.
  4. Rybags

    Wrapped up like a douche

    I didn't realise that The Boss wrote it either... but then there's this enormous clue in the 3rd line of the lyrics... "Another runner in the night"
  5. Rybags


    The Lower Association? Not interested in drifting, not much interested in 4-cyls. Cletus McFarlane is a good channel but he seems to bounce around too many projects. Leyroy (the Corvette minus body with roll-cage) is a great series but seems to be on the backburner in favour of the jet powered El Camino. Neighbor (Crown Vic ex cop car with Miami 5.0 litre) is another good one. I probably posted most of this in the Binky thread... Mike Finnegan's channel is a good one. I mainly just watch Finnegan's Garage though https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1IdPylqngGiuHFLJqHbG_g He also works for Motor Trend which it seems appears to be taking over lots of car related shows - lots of Discovery/Velocity shows are now under their banner. My favourite Motortrend inhouse shows are Roadkill, Roadkill Garage and Engine Masters (also their YT channel names) They used to be freely available on YT (and the old eps should still be there) but now they're pay to stream on Motortrend's own site.
  6. Rybags


    Cheers, will give it a look. I'm a regular viewer of ToT, AvE, bigclive among others.
  7. Rybags


    It'd be madness anyway. 20 years of back and forth bullshit to decide whether or not to build a footpath.
  8. Rybags


    The problem I see with government by public participation - it'd be the loudest, squeaky wheel that gets the grease. We'd have people with too much time on their hands doing all of the "public participation" and as a result have them running the joint, ie the elderly, and those too lazy to get a job.
  9. Rybags

    The most special people

    http://dudeworld.com.au/forum45/index.php/topic,4709.0.html I only discovered this website recently when looking for someone else, but he's got an entry here: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/james-brent-obituary?pid=173463482
  10. Rybags


    Please explain? System, and how that'd work. Is it some system where everyone would need to be consulted every 5 minutes or something?
  11. Rybags

    The most special people

    It was related to another vice, sadly. I don't think he even made it to 40 - the grog took him. He'd had numerous hospital admissions, falls and illnesses but was mostly in denial about the cause of it all.
  12. Rybags


    The hope I have is that Sanders will be too old and tired and Clinton too unpallatable to contest the primaries, leaving at least some chance of a decent Democratic candidate.
  13. Rybags

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    With 9's tennis meaning no early news, I tuned into the Ten service - probably the first time I've actually watched the channel at all in some months. Then I remember why I tend to avoid it like the plague... they still employ this twat. And WTF? Receeding hairline, so what to do but get yourself looking like one of those trolls that you shove a pencil up it's arse:
  14. Rybags


    You just repeated what I said before... the US can't even pay for what they provide already so HTF could they afford to lean towards being a welfare state?
  15. Rybags


    An NYC version of Sarah Hanson-Young. Idealist, populist with well wisher ideas that wouldn't work in reality. Fair enough that she supports socialism of a level that the UK has but hey - the US can't even sustain it's current level of government spending at it's current inclination on the spectrum.