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  1. Muinztar

    Did something just happen?

    I suppose I've had a bit of an atomic dry spell
  2. Muinztar

    Did something just happen?

    Clearly I am behind the times somewhat. I remember: Something like, "The World's Greatest LAN" (but that's not the name) Then Irradiate Then ... I can't remember the other two. They were the big ones I remember being on back in the heyday.
  3. Muinztar

    Ethernet Mechanical switch

    The only proper Atomic way - find your own solution.
  4. Muinztar

    Can I stomp on neighbours wifi?

    You must be mighty tempted to use kali -> aircrack and change the settings manually...
  5. Muinztar

    Magazine Clearout!

    Wow. Noobs can't triforce. That's leftover in the quote box from another thread Now, I could never bring myself to throw out my old atomics, and I have all of them from issue 1 to about 80's or so. I think I could plug a few of those gaps, however the trouble is in that they are stored at my parents' house some 1000km away. This can be a long game kind of affair though.
  6. Muinztar

    Wrapped up like a douche

    Cheap wine and a free can o' coke!
  7. Muinztar

    Did something just happen?

    Well at least for once I can unironically say that I welcome our new, new pom overlords. When's atomic meet 5 going to happen anyway?
  8. Muinztar

    Roll Call!

    Nobody forgets me muahahahaa
  9. Muinztar

    Magazine Clearout!

    Umm well it'll have to be when I move back to QLD because I left my gigabit network house behind. Yes - that means I stayed true to my words, although these days there'd be a few more asterisks.
  10. Muinztar

    Roll Call!

    I think another nekkid thread would be more fitting.
  11. Muinztar

    Magazine Clearout!

    I've been doing some tidying and preparation for an upcoming move. It's probably no coincidence that I decided to fire up Ye Olde Atomic forums given that not too long ago I found a still shrinkwrapped copy of one of the later issues in a box 'o' stuff from an old move. I'll have to go find out what issue it is, but it was nice to see it there in all its unopened glory, just chilling in a box waiting for the day that someone would open it up and paw at the pages after time immemorial. So when's the Atomic "we're all old and grey now, in some cases older and greyer than before" reunion LAN party?
  12. Muinztar

    Roll Call!

    Well hello y'all. DAFUQ? I'm a serf again :[
  13. Muinztar

    Roll Call!

    Don't put Hex down your pants. *lick* yippie yippie bongo noyiieee. SMDH The Hex legacy is totally ingrained.
  14. Muinztar

    Roll Call!

    Good Lord. So many familiar names here. It's awesome to see the old Atomic forums are thriving and the regulars all still haunt the halls of this establishment. Also - my avatar is looking kinda small in classic 64x64. :P
  15. Muinztar

    Atomic MPC magazine collection auction

    Man.... I'm gettin' a massive nostalgia hit here, coming back to visit the old haunt. Now people are packing it in and flogging off their mags, and that only makes it stronger.