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  1. plebsmacker

    Did something just happen?

    Welcome back.
  2. plebsmacker

    BASTARD CHILD Member Since 10 Sep 2008

    Late 30's I believe.
  3. Vale, Bastard Child. Atomicans, share this please.

For those who didn't know, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May and given 6-12 months to live.

He started chemotherapy a few weeks ago but, as advanced as the cancer was, the chemotherapy was too much for him. 
 -via- 1shot1kill. 
 RIP Man, you'll be missed.
  4. plebsmacker

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    Ain't that the truth!
  5. plebsmacker

    Roll Call!

    And we still think you are a cunt.
  6. It really came together in the end.
  7. plebsmacker

    Roll Call!

    Tap tap tap, this thing still on?
  8. plebsmacker

    I'm out!

    Can I have your stuff?
  9. plebsmacker

    Roll Call!

    I'm not really active these days, but I'd say a while or longer.
  10. plebsmacker

    Epic is as epic does...

    The guys definitely rocked out, it was an awesome gig. So good I barely remember getting home.
  11. plebsmacker

    Your fondest Atomic memories

    That's a memory in and of itself! Ahh yes, canned wine.
  12. plebsmacker

    If you don't like it, then leave!

    They'll deport you soon enough for your constant blasphemies.
  13. plebsmacker

    What weapons do you have?

    Nobody can say that with certainty, and, even so, that's lower than the lowest survey result 34% by the New York Times in 2012. Other surveys have found a much higher rate, including Gallup, which found 47%. The problem is that there is very good evidence to suggest that people don't answer honestly, and when they don't answer honestly, they're likely hiding the fact that there is a firearm in the household. Furthermore, there is a problem with the word "household" being used in surveys, where there is evidence to suggest that many people believe that a gun in the shed or garage is not in the "household". http://blogs.wsj.com/numbersguy/guns-prese...conundrum-1223/ I thought you rage quit?