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  1. I've just purchased this, a link is attached below with performance. The Netgear product is slightly outperformed by the Asus RT-AC66U. http://www.pcworld.com/article/262185/netg...eve_tested.html I'll test it myself and post up results perhaps if I can get some time here in thread.
  2. Belisarius

    Core i7 Sandy-Bridge-E LGA2011 BCLK

    Yep, I'm not a layman, I've built my own PC's for over 8 years. I only just recently built (18 and 12 months ago respectively) the 2 PC's in my signature, after 4 years with a Core2Duo setup. Quite obviously Intel had a FSB quad pumped and it was beneficial to match the RAM frequency with the frequency of the Front Side Bus, Synchronous in effect a whole number multiple (1:1 ratio), lest the clock cycles be out of phase and not 100% efficient - asynchronous. All I was really confirming was that the newish BCLK frequency, as I knew it was directly linked to QPI and RAM as the previous FSB was linked to RAM etc. I was just confused as I have been out of the loop, and merely seen "Core i7" being used with 100 and 133Mhz BCLK. I want my RAM as a synchronous whole number multiple for maximum efficiency (1:1 ratio). i.e. 1600Mhz with a 100Mhz BCLK has a multiple of 16, I don't want my system asynchronous, as I don't overclock, and want it as efficient as possible performance wise
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    DIY IT Supply South Australia

    Always a good start :P lol
  4. Belisarius

    Core i7 Sandy-Bridge-E LGA2011 BCLK

    Yeah cheers mate I thought as much. I am looking at buying a SandyBridge-E (i7 3930k) so the BCLK would be 100Mhz as opposed to my current i7 960 at 133Mhz. I wont be overclocking, never do, but I do want synchronous RAM in relation to the BCLK/QPI that's all. Cheers
  5. As title suggests, I am under the impression from an article such as this: http://www.techarp.com/showfreebog.aspx?lang=0&bogno=422 that Core i7 CPUs have a BCLK of 133Mhz. Certainly my Core i7 960 runs at 133Mhz, just wondering about the new Sandy Bridge-E LGA2011 CPU's if they were the same frequency Reason I ask is due to the QPI and RAM frequency. The other reason I ask is, I've seen 100Mhz thrown around as well and just wanted confirmation. cheers
  6. Belisarius

    DIY IT Supply South Australia

    Hi guys, this shop has some case fans I am desperate to acquire, and was wondering has anyone done business with the store, does it have a good/bad reputation? thanks
  7. Hello, Has anyone purchased these items listed above in the title? Namely the Netgear 802.11ac standard R6200 or R6300 router and A6200 adapter? I'm just planning on purchasing them and giving wireless a go finally after deliberately staying Wired over the years, due to numerous complaints about the technology over time (i.e signal issues, data flow speeds not matching claimed, USB adapters playing up etc), niggling little issues etc. Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated
  8. Belisarius

    Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 case

    Yeah I looked at the 600T, it has a lot of nice features, and what I can gather though, it is a few kilos heavier even than the Chaser MK-1, so it's fricken heavy, sort of like the old Antec cases I used to have hehe. I mean it does look ok the 600T, it's the kind of case I normally would go for, safe looks, rounded smooth styling, suave sort of sophisticated finish, and fits in with most scenery. That's what i'm saying, I want something a bit different personally :). But yeah it's gonna be a bitch to move still, if I need too, not like my TT Tsunami atm, full aluminium and weighs nothing. Anyhow I've ordered this along with my parts for my 2nd PC :).
  9. I certainly can't find a female USB connector to plug into this card with a 19 pin connector on the other end, I've looked high and low. Nor an adapter to suit this, so might just have to leave the front USB 3.0 unplugged till I get a newer board with support. As you say, really there are limited devices that take advantage on the market at this stage anyway.
  10. Belisarius

    Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 case

    Well Nes, I actually did want a black Lian Li PC-8FI (only the Red variant is stocked with the big spider side window), but noone stocks it in Australia, it's a special order, and came in at $280~. I was thinking then about a Lian Li PC-7FNWX, but all the Lian Li cases can only carry a 290mm long Gfx card max. which sort of limits them. They are light, Aluminium, I like that (I have a Thermaltake Tsunami aluminium case here still, I love it really, but it's getting old, it has a few scratches and I'm tired of looking at it after 4-5 years now lol), but they are a tad boring to look at, I generally would go with a subtle sort of case look generally speaking, recently I've sort of thought differently for a bit of a change. The Corsair 600T or the Coolermaster CM Storm Sniper black edition were other cases that I was thinking of, that have similar requirements, but theyre pretty boring to look at.
  11. Belisarius

    Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 case

    Yeah mate I watched the Vortez review. It's for sale at ITSDirect up here in Qld, and also PC Case gear has it up. I rang Umart today and the salesman said they will sell it for around $179~ but wont be available till after 25th May, cause that's when they arrive to wholesaler I guess. But I think I'm going to get one. :)
  12. Belisarius

    Where to Buy OnLine

    I used to buy individual components from different shops back in a day, when the price wars really started, but it's just not feasible anymore, as the postage for each item far exceeds the saving generally. Just something to think about that's all, best buying bulk from one location that is reasonable is all i'm elluding too. That said: I have dealt with Umart Online in Brisbane predominently. MSY Slacks creek is also reasonable to deal with in the past. But the closer to you the better, else "postage/freight" will start to kill any savings. Also with regard to your PSU, you can use this tool here: http://www.antec.outervision.com/ for a rough estimate of output required. I throughly recommend the X650 Seasonic, rock solid, Gold accredited. I used to use Antec, but have seen over the past few years so many fail sadly for whatever reason. Also with the new "Rating" system (which I think is good for consumers to know), some just don't stack up price - quality ratio. As Nesquick said, best off buying a decent PSU now, and they will last for years instead of putting components at risk.
  13. Thing is mate LGA2011 boards and Sandy Bridge CPU's will be ridiculously expensive for the first 12 months if not longer, I guess it's upto the individual, but for me with the Aussie dollar high atm, and the LGA1366 CPU's reducing in cost markedly and the boards as well, for me personally I just upgraded from my Core 2 Duo and Pentium D systems I built 5 years ago approx. Win 7 loads almost instantly lol, so funny hoping on the new machine I built a month or so ago (my brother uses it) and then pop back on my work Core 2 Duo E6600 system I am still using till my parts arrive this week for the new PC upgrade, just no comparison in speed in any facet, even with general operation, nevermind Revit and games. Upto the individual and how much dosh ya have though hey ;), or whether you will spend the money regardless of having enough dosh or not lol
  14. I see this is being reviewed atm by Atomic, I am seriously considering buying this for my next build in the next week or so for a few reasons: * Work perspective: The docking feature on top of the case. I am in the civil engineering field and this is an excellent feature for storing jobs quickly on offsite HDD drives, with a quick file transfer each evening to keep data safe in the case of a main HDD failure. * Gaming perspective: At the moment, I have my old Core 2 Duo rig I built 5 years ago still in a TT Tsunami case, it has a reasonably solid door and hinges and I constantly hang my headphones over the open door :). The headphone hanger feature is a nice addition on this case. * Sheer space for future proofing over the next 2-3 years. The massive space for Graphics cards is ideal. Some have to remove precious HDD bays or most are around the 290mm max. mark which may mean a new case in a year or two with every increasing card PCB length size by the looks. * The HDD bays are a plus, wont use all of them however. I am an avid WoW player and have put off making movies for ages, but am wanting to get into that facet, and so a couple extra 2TB HDD's may need to be popped into the equation :), as well as a an extra storage drive for work, and my everyday drive a 600GB WD Velociraptor, so looking at 4 drives internall minimum. * USB 3.0 front headers are a bit of an issue unless I buy a $400-600 X58 board sadly. From what I have breifly seen MSI, Gigabyte and ASUS offer on their newest incarnations the 19 pin internal header on their boards. ASUS on the Rampage III Black edition - $599~, Gigabyte on it's "G1" series of boards all $350+~ and MSI on the X58 Pro-E USB3.0 edition which I cannot find retailed here in Australia. There probably are others, but personally due to having limited problems over the years I prefer my ASUS boards, and I'm not paying $600 for a board that will be obsolete in 6 months time, nevermind the $600 in the first place for a solitary component. So although a good feature on this case and the fact they provide the 19 pin male connector to the ends of the front panel ports, not many mobos support it on the high end. I posted another thread asking about people's experiences with a possible PCIe riser card dealing with this issue. * The cable management is mandatory really these days, almost any case worth anything has sorted this for enthusiasts. The cooling is pretty mandatory as well, although this particular case being a tad larger has more options. The styling would not be to everyone's liking, however for me personally, it's not as over the top as some, and a change from my normal "suave front" e.g. TT Tsunami that I have atm, isn't a bad thing for me personally. Anyone else looking at this one?
  15. As the title suggests, can anyone recommend a good internal PCIe x1 card to cater for an internal header to connect the front USB3.0 ports to? I have breifly looked at this: Sedna Model No. :SE-PCIE-USB3-4 PCIE USB 3.0 4 Port Adapter ( 2E2I ) http://www.sednacomputer.com/ {edit} (on the right hand side initially, under "USB 3.0 Series", then scroll down, third from left under subheading "USB3.0 Adaptor cards") Has anyone had any experinece using a card like this, the extra curricular cables required (as I have no idea, or whether it's possible at all tbh), as the cases with USB 3.0 ports on the front now come standard with the {edit} 19pin male connector ready to go, it's just not many mobo's of the X58 variety support that feature sadly unless it's $400+ and I cbf paying that for an X58 board that will be obsolete in like 5 months time with the new X79/Sandy Bridge release as I understand it. Anyhow any comments of enlightenment will be greatly appreciated. Be aware I haven't been involved in PC hardware for quite some time, and recently only pieced together a rig, after 5 years off remotely following the PC parts scene/technology. cheers