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  1. Penniless_Prophet

    Spartacus..blood and sand!

    You should see the first couple of episodes...its pretty much what you described. All in all its like Rome (HBO show) meets Gladiator with art direction of Kill Bill
  2. Penniless_Prophet

    You know what i hate?

    "There is lots of fish in the sea" yeah but I want that one u dumb f***
  3. Penniless_Prophet

    Spartacus..blood and sand!

    Alright I'm using your opinion to go for it. If I find at the end I've wasted 45 min of my life....well then sir I hope you're ready to give compensation seeing as how you had no disclaimers as to not being a TV review critic! :-P
  4. Penniless_Prophet

    Fable II

    see above post. Crucible mission is def buggy!
  5. Penniless_Prophet

    Stalker phone calls from an unlisted number

    Get your lawyer to subpoena your call records. Pretty sure it will come up in those. The problem is what do you do once you have the blokes number? not much i can think of that won't get you in trouble. In most cases the cops advise you to just change numbers.
  6. Penniless_Prophet

    sword fighting xbox 360 game

    fable 2?
  7. Penniless_Prophet

    Islamic Values

    I always think when I see this of "The grass is always greener....", So let me help you play your idea a little father along 1/ Do you think religion will go away? NO people will just start doing whatever they feel their God has told them to do. All of a sudden polygamy is cool because its cool in their religion and sexual abuse is cool in their religion to. Seriously if your a scientist you got to go with the "Might makes right"scenario as that is the essence of evolution. What do you plan then? 2/ Ban *ALL* religion. This is an all-time fave of mine. How do you plan on doing that exactly? Maybe you should throw ppl in prison for their thoughts? An excellent idea, one we must explore, in the future. Your solution reflects poorly on your mental skills. Do try and sharpen them before you decide to comment on areas with greater depth then the puddles you normally play in.
  8. Penniless_Prophet

    GOW2 Horde

    I would ask what tactics you find work best? Like do you stay in that little square with only the two entrances? Or do you push out into the cemetry area? I have only had 2-3 goes at it but level 2 was all I was able to do....
  9. Penniless_Prophet

    Another 360 Price Cut

    See a lot of people talk badly about the Wii, but one thing I notice is that there isn't a mass sell-off the of the thing. I mean if its soo shit why aren't there a bunch on sale? I understand if you don't tend to entertain people a lot in big groups then the Wii doesn't have a lot to offer, but if you do have a lot of mates and/or a number of females amongst the group then the Wii owns the 360. (I don't even think of the PS3 as anything but a cheap Blu-Ray player which still isn't worth it in my lowly opinion). Hardcore gamers (of which most of us here are) = 360s Big Groups/ chicks = Wii What will absolutely kill it, is if/when 360 brings out its own motion sensitive device. That will be the coffin of the Wii and why MSFT still hasn't done it remains a mystery to me... PP
  10. Penniless_Prophet

    Need an artist

    Looking for an artist to an A3 sized picture in a newspaper cartoon style for me. Happy to throw a couple of $100 at it. If anyone knows an arist who would be interested PM me. 1/ Need to see their portfolio first to ensure style requirements 2/ If they are interested in US politics a major plus Cheers PP
  11. Penniless_Prophet

    Fable II

    Totally agree, Ialso have to say more then the camera thing in co-op i found the game to be extremely buggy. Especially towards the end of the main quests. One case involved me falling through some gap and everything was just grey background with my character in the falling position and I couldn't do anything excecept for expressions. Then there was a case where i finished the crucibal a second time and upon finishing with a perfect score in 7 rounds my only two options were 1/ leave 2/ go back to mad-dog to restart the crucible? stayed in my quest options as well Retarded, but was a good game especially for $80
  12. Penniless_Prophet

    Downsides of a bad job

    I think it's great and I'm loving it. Maybe you should just HTFU and get another job. +1 Dont like your job? there are plenty others around Don't agree with that one, recently had a look around for curiosity kicks and there weren't many jobs around at all. At least not many i thought were interesting. I understand where the OP is coming from it feels like a betrayal of trust that they decided to feed you to the wolves with a role that is shit house. Having said all of that, I think you have to vote wit your feet in this case when you have tried every internal avenue and there is no support for your cause its time to change. I think you may find a smaller company a better place to work for as your superior will feel a closer question and debt to help you grow within what they need you to do.
  13. Penniless_Prophet

    Should i tell him?

    i reckon you throw the bottle away buy him another one and keep it to yourself, if he asks about his bottle say you stepped on it or something, why are you pissing in a bottle anways? the tree is too good for you? man even a wall would be better. Bottle is for car trips only.
  14. Penniless_Prophet

    Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

    I had a look at this and realised its just totally out of whack, like all the models they just look too similar. I don't know I personally like the Soul Calibur style of fights. But hell as long as it ain't tecken i'll have a go
  15. Penniless_Prophet

    Gears of War 2

    I have no idea how he is playing it. All I know is I want it. Looking forward to it like you have no idea. My mate and I co-op the whole game this weekend. He with his little poincy sniper rifle and me laying waste until my whole screen is blood red! Oh yeah this shall be good.