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    Window 10 AV included

    Logan Booker on lifehacker says that Security Essentials is "lagging behind other options — including free ones" (http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2015/07/microsoft-comes-last-in-latest-enterprise-antivirus-and-security-tests/) but in true Gawker style there are no numbers to back up the claim and the link doesn't go to anything relevant. Multiple clicks eventually yields an article from 2012. Does anyone know where I could see some research comparing the free AV offerings properly?
  2. atillo

    Let's all play nice (men only)

    OK, I forgot to check back last night so now I have to respond to a page and a half at once ... As has been pointed out I can't help to redress the gender imbalance in Atomic myself as I am myself in possession of a penis. While clearly not malicious I do find the assumption that anyone wanting some regular female representation in the magazine must themselves be a woman to be symptomatic of the boys club problem. I am aware of the previous female writers for Atomic, that probably makes me more aware of their absence now. I don't think they were ever token females, even when they wrote specifically about the female gaming perspective, so I'm disappointed that some commenters here believe that any new female writer would be. However, if the good female gaming writers are too busy on new media to want to work on a dead tree publication I can't blame them and I certainly can't blame Atomic for not hiring a poor quality writer who would simply enforce the stereotype. I'm just surprised that's the case. SquallStrife, just to be pedantic, it's not a ratio when one side is zero. I don't know of any statistically sound studies on harassment in games and any individual items cited can always be discounted as outliers and unusual and the usual false equivalencies applied. Nevertheless, here are a few to chew on. None of these are just women being abused as would anyone be who wanders into certain public servers. These are all about abuse in terms specifically related to their gender. http://www.notinthekitchenanymore.com/p/wh...s-about_27.html http://arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2012/02...munity-back.ars - this one is particularly bad given that it happens at a professional tournament from the leader of her own team http://fatuglyorslutty.com/category/sandwich-making-101/ - these are hilariously stupid when you are reading them by choice, I imagine they become more than a little wearing when you just want to play http://kotaku.com/5782957/im-an-anonymous-woman-gamer I'd keep going but I already feel a need for a shower. Unco_tomato "the majority of female gamers play on a console or portable device" as an argument against there representation in Atomic? Lord save me from "real gamers".
  3. atillo

    Let's all play nice (men only)

    Good article by David Hollingworth on the stupidity of the casual homophobic insult and why it should stop. However the credibility of Atomic as preacher of inclusive gaming is a little tarnished by the all male line up of contributors and editorial staff. Despite the shifting overall gender balance in gaming it is still a fact that any player that is discovered to be female on many public servers is harassed incessantly. Any that dare to complain in public are then bombarded with false equivalencies along the lines of "I was once called a camper, that's exactly the same, HTFU feminazi". The lack of any ongoing female voice in a major magazine like Atomic only perpetuates that boys club mentality. If you can dedicate 8 pages to defending the gay community from idiots maybe we can get back at least one page a month for 50% of both the world's population and its gaming subset.
  4. atillo

    Intrusive DRM

    while this is true the pimple faced 13-17 year olds without jobs are also voting with their inability to pay for someone elses work. edit: obviously there are other demographics that pirate but I view this group as the majority due to their economic situation. I remember waiting like 5 months with my playsation before I could buy a new game when I was that age. You admit they are unable to pay, they aren't choosing not to. In other words, if they can't pirate they still can't pay so the industry won't be any better off. So this isn't about saving the game industry, this is about punishing people with looser morals than yourself? That's your prerogative but don't slip it into an argument about best business practice as if they're the same thing.
  5. atillo

    Stealing geek's identity!

    Well, he didn't have to tell people that his opinion is not derogatory or misogynistic, so I guess it's not. Wait, did I read somewhere that pedantry was being reclassified in the autism spectrum? How am I to know what you have and have not read? I know I'm fairly fucking clever, but I ain't a fucking psychic. On an unrelated note I wonder if posting a rhetorical question causes a massive conflict between the pedantic (mustn't answer) and entitled (must get the last word) parts of the autistic brain.
  6. atillo

    Stealing geek's identity!

    Well, he didn't have to tell people that his opinion is not derogatory or misogynistic, so I guess it's not. Wait, did I read somewhere that pedantry was being reclassified in the autism spectrum?
  7. atillo

    Stealing geek's identity!

    I agree. So Pluto is not a planet now? Yeah, I can see that being a huge help. Not. So dinosaurs and birds have a common ancestor now? Yeah, I can see that being a huge help. Not. Newsflash, updating the DSM to reflect the last decade of scientific research will not change your child's condition. The fact is that all research on the biology and causes of Asperger's show that it is a specific variant within the autism spectrum and the boundary is quite arbitrary. Aspie's don't like being redefined within a broad spectrum because one of the Asperger's symptoms is a view of themselves as a unique precious little flower. Ironically this is one of their common characteristics with other high function autistics, such as HFA and PDDNOS. As for their parents, well there is a genetic component after all. If you have an opinion backed up by zero facts and you have to tell people it's not derogatory or misogynistic then guess what, it is.