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  1. UberPenguin

    Piledriver and Trinity

    Well its an improvement at least. I mean those figures are actually pretty good considering that the top end Trinity has a lower tdp WITH a gpu to heat it up and suck some more power, so maybe vishera wont be as anticlimactic as bulldozer.
  2. UberPenguin

    AMD HDMI sound

    So my brother-in-law just bought this amp http://au.yamaha.com/en/products/audio-vis...s-amps/rx-v471/ Its a yamaha rx-v471 and considering that its a pretty decent little amp I thought that we should stop using the xfi gamer that was in the HTPC and go ATI hmi for direct bit streaming. The sound is GREAT. There are no two ways about it, it has a very pure and crystal clear sound. BUT there are a couple of things that we miss that I just cant figure out how to get working. Mostly the ability to upmix stereo sound sources to 5.1 or stereo surround (stereo across the front and rear speakers). There are options in the amp but these affect all types of input on this channel not just the stereo choices so I was hoping that there would be some kind of software choice to force the option in stereo only?
  3. Ivy has a big boost over sandy, I dont think it beats llano but still a huge improvement over sandy. Trinity will offer +%50 and more (as far as current hype mill suggests) over llano - baring in mind we are just talking about mainstream gaming performance/graphics the CPU component on Ivy will kill trinity. you certainly won't be able to do this with Ivy - http://www.tomshardware.com/news/AMD-Trini...Demo,15009.html
  4. Llano is an older architecture, if you want an ultrabook (or ultrathin) specifically and not a normal laptop then waiting for Trinity would be your best bet. The long and short of it all these days is that AMD laptops based on the fusion CPUs are just better for gaming because the GPU has a lot more grunt. I talked my sister into buying an E-350 fusion netbook and she can run Mass Effect 2 and dragon age on it pretty well (at the lowest spec) and that’s just a netbook. The A6 llano I'm using to type this is actually a pretty damn good little gaming laptop (medium-low spec depending on the game) with a good battery life. But it looks like trinity will add an extra 50% graphical improvement over llano. There was a demo released recently of desktop trinity running Dirt 2 on medium eyefinity across 3 1600x900 screens, and on full settings on the single screen laptop. Really if we are talking gaming performance with battery life AMD has got it in the bag. BUT if you want CPU grunt, like you do a lot of video editing and don't want to wait longer for it, Intel has the clear win. For the conceivable future Intel is going to kill AMD on the CPU power side of things and AMD will destroy Intel on the GPU side of things. So the way I see it is that at this moment in time and most likely for a while into the future GPU is far more important factor for gaming. Even severely dated CPUs can provide great gaming experiences if the video card is up to scratch. EDIT this is a pretty good comparison of the starcraft 2 performance between desktop llano and sandybridge http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/A8-...-Review/1470/13 Trinity and Ivy are going to be much better then these two but as you can see if we are talking integrated graphics and gaming AMD takes the cake at this point in time
  5. Or if gaming is what matters a Llano or trinity would be good. The integrated GPU kills the Ivy's but the cpu is slower. Essentially if you want gaming performance without a designated GPU go AMD fusion. If you want CPU power and not so much GPU power go Ivy.
  6. UberPenguin

    Piledriver and Trinity

    Even the cpu seems to improved somewhat and at a lower TDP. I'm really looking forward to real benches of these guys. WRONG EDIT
  7. UberPenguin

    PC - Alan Wake

    http://www.lensoftruth.com/alan-wake-xbox-...arison-screens/ - Here's a side by side comparison of the pc vs xbox versions if anyone is interested. I think, considereing that this was essentially a low budget port, the difference is pretty good. Apparently (by reading around as I haven't bought it yet) its a very well done port (control etc)
  8. UberPenguin

    Piledriver and Trinity

    As much as I'd love to believe that the 17w trinity will have 2 modules I'm pretty sure that it will have 1, maybe the 35w will have 2 modules?
  9. UberPenguin

    HD7000 rumors

    If that 7770 bench is true that would put it almost up to the 6850 in terms of 3dmark score, no? and 6850s are a great budget 1080p gaming card. I'd say that is a sizeable leap for a budget card.
  10. UberPenguin

    Piledriver and Trinity

    We all know how the IvyBridge Trinity ulv fight is going to go down - Intel wins on the CPU front, AMD wins on the GPU front. Frankly I can't see Intel truly catching AMD on the gpu side of things and for me that makes the AMD HSA chips a much better overall choice. what i think is very strange is that the lowest wattage trinity is going to be 1w less then current upper end brazos. doesn't that kind of make the E-350 redundant?
  11. UberPenguin

    xbox 720 specs

    @Nesquick there's no way they could build that system and make enough of a profit in their $400-$600 console price bracket. It would be great for pc gamers but theres no way that they could do it. Maybe a 7770 but the next gen consoles are going to be looking at 1080p and then they'll release the xBox 1440^3 for 4k. Microsoft doesnt want to be left behind with the tablet gimmic, and if WiiU and Playstation Vita are already doing it Microsoft will feel they pretty much have to. Of course I think they should make a better console to begin with and then add the touch remote as an extra but what do I know about making a console?
  12. UberPenguin

    Piledriver and Trinity

    Llano would do that for you, so trinity should be overkill. I'm seriously impressed with my friends A6 llano in terms of performance and battery life, which for a full blooded laptop is pretty damn good. The trinity I'm most interested is the ultra-low-voltage thin notebook design, with a trinity processor that should have enough power for medium spec gaming and a long battery life in a thin format - its pretty much my idea of a perfect laptop.
  13. UberPenguin

    xbox 720 specs

    Latest rumour about the xbox next (720 or whatever it will be called) is a touch screen controller much like the WiiU's supposed touch controller: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/33536...troller-report/ If this is true then it could be a 6670 like card in order to keep costs down. Having what is essentially a tablet in every controller does ramp up the price and they have done some pretty amazing tricks with the 5 year old hardware so maybe a slower newer piece with specific coded games will work fine at 1080p with good details. I mean we don't really know what DX11 is actually capable of because there haven't really been a great deal of developers working with pure DX11 engines
  14. UberPenguin

    Piledriver and Trinity

    they're so close to releasing a stock 4ghz processor lol Back in the bad old days I remember upgrading from a 486DX 66Mhz to a 486DX 100Mhz and thinking it was the bomb. those TDP's look pretty promising for piledriver lowering bulldozer's TDP
  15. UberPenguin

    Project: Un-Named (For Now)

    being taken from a rather aged system that case has a few design flaws have you thought about remedying them? psu at the botrom, 120mm-140mm fan intake/exhaust, cable routing, alternative layout, space saving... So I suppose what I'm asking is what is it that you want out of the build? I mean other then just the fun of building a case what is it you like in cases and how can you get it out of what you've got?