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    Possible SSD Issue. How to test?

    Sorry for the lack of replies. Seems after the weeks it took me to get hold of this computer again to test, the SSD totally gave up the ghost. Memtest runs fine on this PC, but I can't even get it to mount as a USB drive on any windows 7 PC, and my Windows 8 tester reports it needs to be initialised, but says it isn't ready.. Mystery solved, although I'm genuinely interested in tools available to test SSD's.
  2. Having some serious issues with the following PC. It was working fine for the first 8 months of its life, and then started having stability issues with random restarts. I re-installed windows with the latest drivers, which seemed to work alright for a fortnight, but now the computer is just randomly crashing and restarting again. I suspect the SSD The PC has the following components: Hard Drive: Kingston (SV100S2/128G) (latest firmware) Motherboard: Asus P8H67 I DELUXE H67 B3 CPU: intel i5 2500 RAM: Corsair CM3X8GS 8GB DDR3 kit Can anyone recommend any software to test SSD's? Unfortunately I don't really have the spare parts these days to do the old component swap elimination test. Hoping there is something similar to memtest for SSD's. I know there are issues with this model of Kingston SSD, although I have been using one in my own PC for longer with no issues. Thanks for the help
  3. sicarius123

    Laptop Upgrade, SSD?

    The speed boost from putting an SSD in my Vx6 is fantastic, definitely far more noticeable than any other upgrades I've done in the past. Plus now it's near silent, no noise unless the fan kicks in.
  4. Plenty of us have good enough hardware to run Windows 8, however from the developer preview it was a bit dull with a mouse. I am looking at putting a touch panel such as the 3M 12.1" on my Asus VX6 (Basically a 1215n) and I'm hoping those with knowledge in these conversions can chime in. 1) Where is a good place to buy these kits/screens on a singular basis? Finding a lot of minimum 10 item order sites. Wanting capacitive multitouch, minimum 2 point touch, but 10 would be golden. 2) Are there any good sites/blogs to follow for information on converting a laptop to touch screen? 3) Who here has converted their laptop, and what gems are you able to share? Looking forward to replies.
  5. sicarius123

    Windows phone 7

    Mac client is a simple file manager isn't it? Since there is no Zune. Not sure if there's any kind of "jailbreak" similar product for PC though. Personally I like Zune, shits on iTunes.
  6. sicarius123

    Windows phone 7

    Because Micro USB is incapable of being bottom centre? DLNA provided by some manufacturers on some phones is a massively rubbish implementation.
  7. sicarius123

    Windows phone 7

    Bah, was watching some Zune HD TV-Out videos recently, Microsoft really dropped the ball on that one with WP7 and not having a universal adapter. They could of at least said everyone needs to put their charger centre of the base so they could sell some accessories like apple.
  8. sicarius123

    Windows phone 7

    There's not many ways of buying genuine unlocked phones anymore are there? Even WP7 bought outright unlocked from a carrier will still get its updates as that carrier does because it is loaded with that carriers ROM,
  9. sicarius123

    Nokia going WP7

    Have you seen the actual from Nokia WP7 concept? I'm sold on it! Best looking phone I've ever seen.
  10. sicarius123

    Nokia going WP7

    It'll be coming in the March update, along with IE9 mobile with HTML5 support. Still crap it wasn't there from the start, but still quicker than IOS gaining it.
  11. sicarius123

    iPhone + TomTom car kit = overheating

    Mount it to the dash in front of the centre aircon vents instead of to the windscreen? I'm actually surprised IOS has this safety feature, considering mine has got so hot running TomTom before it melted my Apple charge cable. Mount it to the dash in front of the centre aircon vents instead of to the windscreen? I'm actually surprised IOS has this safety feature, considering mine has got so hot running TomTom before it melted my Apple charge cable.
  12. sicarius123

    Nokia going WP7

    If this results in a 32GB phone in the next few months I'll buy two. Very keen on getting a WP7, the only things holding me back are the current hardware, lack of copy & paste, tethering, a good nav app like tomtom on my iPhone, and the current 8GB phones. The current lot of WP7 hardware really screams of the manufacturers testing the water, they're boring devices with the minimum specs required. If they release some more 8GB phones however I have a feeling I'll have to sign my soul away for another two years of iPhone. I also don't think there's space for two mainstream open source OS's in the market, most people don't want that kind of freedom on their phone, and most who do have already chosen Android. Meego looked good, but also very quirky and european, it was always going to be an enthusiast OS.
  13. sicarius123

    Looking for a Netbook.

    Little bit above your budget, but I've been recommending people the Asus 1215N lately, looking at just under $600 imported with international warranty from the USA. So far everyones loved it, although they have been people who needed a primary computer and the choice was between a high end netbook or a low end low quality laptop. 1.8ghz dual core atom d525 with ion2, it's a netbook fast enough to do pretty much anything you need a computer to do these days besides gaming and professional photo/video work. A slower netbook you'll use for one off things like your holiday, but the speed will frustrate you for day to day duties. The D525 though will get a lot more day to day use because it wont frustrate you using it, personally I think it's worth the extra money.
  14. sicarius123

    Hardware Bug in intel 6series chipset

    I'm glad the faulty ones are still being sold. Will most likely buy an Asus tomorrow, and use the CC exchange when it's available. Can't wait 2 months for a new PC, but wont be using the SATA 2 ports anyway.
  15. sicarius123

    Hardware Bug in intel 6series chipset

    If your retailer wants to play ball. I can't imagine the plethora of cheap asian PC stores being too happy about it. A few comments in that thread linked from people saying their store would take the mobo now, but wouldn't extend their return policy to april.