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  1. imek

    PC & Tech Authority iOS currently 32bit

    Just an update that the new version has come out just a few days ago, thanks for the quick resolution :)
  2. imek

    PC & Tech Authority iOS currently 32bit

    Zinio reader is already 64bit, however my subscription is through the iOS application specifically. Thanks for looking into it Nich.
  3. Just wondering if there's plans for an update to the application to 64bit?
  4. imek

    umm. so what exactly happened here?

    Can't quite remember when I joined... but I always somehow still come back... and post in these threads...it's becoming a recurring theme to just be posting in threads about people posting :P And just having the forums online is enough for me to return.
  5. imek

    Atomic 3.14 Changelog

    Looking good, was surprised to see more activity now as well. Now to go and find my avatar to upload again..
  6. imek

    New magazine idea utilising Atomic..

    Catweazle: Was more me poking a joke at myself as to which username I keep (since around the NEXT group of forums and such I'm known as thebigm, whilst on other areas on the internet, imek. Maybe I'll just go to my 3rd alias :P), have been working at Web Hosting company for the past 5 years, so it is possible, just as you mentioned can be messy and require a bit of manual labour :) And with posting in multiple places, important to get all view points for discussion across since not everyone will be posting across the pond per se, so I shall continue to cross post until a merger takes place :P
  7. imek

    New magazine idea utilising Atomic..

    Looking at all this cross... cross.. membership bases I feel like I've dropped into a blackhole or something with the recent news of things going on. So since I seemed to have lurked here more than I actually can remember (can't remember the date, and forum user data not showing me the info of actual join date... but must be ~10 years, also was once active in #atomicmpc long ago...) and also somewhat lurked on PCPP forums too (at least I can get my date there... coming up to 12 years...) and was once an active member on Hyper prior to the issues that arose and membership splits with at least 12 years there too (but actually posted there, then moved onto PALGN, which has then split again, but that's another story). I feel that I should say hi to everyone again (Hi David, I still remember the day I met you at a press briefing at Luna Park for a Forza or V8 competition that was going on... I have a odd memory that retains things quite a lot with meeting people and hi too NEXT people, I did work experience back in the day when Adam/Fahri were the IT admins in like 2004 and met quite a few of the team there at the time. Lunch time as the intern was awesome with the 2 hour co-op 8 player Halo multiplayer games that went on). I had a point in there somewhere in that backstory... I think along the lines of it would be nice to have a more active community again but a merger of sorts will cause some issues as Mac Dude has said (for one, how do I merge all of my accounts together!?), but in reality it's more of keeping the community alive, when either time constraints or losing the feeling of belonging to the group has come and gone with the various declines in members posting across all three has come through. I would have to agree with everyone that a new entity would be created and archival of all three be into various groups to consolidate the maintenance/patching that would need to take place. And then on that, allow specific themes for people that want an "Atomic", "PCPP", "Hyper" or the "I belong to All..", ok maybe the multiple themes would be wishful thinking and a touch of nostalgia for me.
  8. Having not used either, I can't comment on the overall build, but the V2120 does look nicer in my eyes overall.
  9. imek

    E3 2011

    Still making my way through the Conferences/Games announcements (basically a busy week at work leaves me little time to watch/keep as up to date as I used to), but so far Bioshock Infinite looks good as does Rayman Origins from what I've seen.
  10. imek

    What do you do with your 'old' parts?

    Hoarding/pass me downs to relatives/GF or secondary machines (really, its' at the point of 3rd/4th machine now)... I should probably look at selling parts if I wasn't lazy.
  11. imek

    [Syd] CSE Revue @ UNSW

    Sadly, I'm working on assignments / have to be up early on Thursday, so next year for me :(