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    Warhammer Online: Age of Rockening - A Player Registry

    Ironclaw Daedal Dwarf Ironbreaker Lustria - Soon to be moved to Ironclaw Vantrax Human Warrior Priest
  2. Cal-MB

    Stargate worlds.

    Oh really? (or should that be "O'rly?") Tactics huh? http://au.gamespy.com/pc/warhammer-online/913667p1.html That also tells me that it is instanced too. And - unless they have made a major advance with AI - how will this differ to any Single Player FPS on the market? Where does it tell you that it is instanced? Everything can be broken down that simply. -_- Also tactics are HOW you get said "thing" and get away with it. How does it differ from any Single Player FPS on the market? For a start it isn't an FPS. Second do you play with your mates online in these Single Player FPS'? Thirdly, Not a lot about the game has even been realeased, it's still in Closed Beta. Not even Closed Beta yet, starts at the end of this month - well the invites start to get sent out. I got an email about it earlier in the month saying starting next month Id be getting download links and beta keys. Ill let you know how it shapes up.
  3. Cal-MB


    I can't remember the last time a Linux distribution was unix certified. Darwin 9/Leopard is. Linux is all about every retard and his dog wishing to design things a completely different way. Linux distributions cannot be Unix certified, they come close but have too many core differences now. OSX was based on FreeBSD with several leading developers being hired to work on it. Think of OSX as FreeBSD with a Mac interface. OSX is certified BSD isnt, its a cost thing. Linux is about choice in how you want your desktop to work, KDE or GDM, RPMS or Apt, you have many options but usually one is preferred by the community (in this case GDM and RPMS). Early on every retard and his dog did odd things, modern Linux is becoming streamlined and more professional with coding standards being followed.
  4. Cal-MB

    Desktop Linux

    In my opinion linux distributions have largely been a pair of options, debian based package management through aptitude or RPMs. KDE or Gnome, etc etc There are always other options but at the end of the day linux will never grow as much as it could until it has one clear definable destro. At this stage Ubuntu is very close to being that. For the moment we will continue to have problems with a poorer user interface for a desktop system than OSX or Windows, hence Ubuntu focusing on an interface overhaul for 10.4. At the end of the day one package manager, one desktop manager, one common system will have to win out. When that happens Linux will grow significantly with the others being options, but not the preferred distribution.
  5. head on to freenode to the #ubuntu channel on IRC, they can sort you out. That being said use shift to bypass squid as said before.
  6. Cal-MB

    Welcome To Linux (etc.)

    There are three basic flavors of the Open Source OSes. Unix: This is not free usually used for corporate servers, most common is Solaris BSD: A derivative of Unix developed by Berkley University as is the basis for numerous Unix like OSes, as well as OSX Linux: OSes based around Linus Torvalds Linux kernel, with a desktop manager of GDM or KDE. Most common are Ubuntu and Fedora followed by SUSE and Gentoo. Gnome Desktop Manager was based around trying to make Linux more like windows, KDE is still considered the true linux desktop manager even though its popularity is now fading. In my opinion an introduction to Linux would best be done through Ubuntu as it has XCE, KDE, and GDM options. It also has the largest support community and is reported to have the user numbers of all the other distributions combined. It also has a version that can be run from inside Windows. If you do use the default Ubuntu install Compiz, Emerald, and AWN for a nice dock too. FreeBSD would by recommendation if you preferred to try a Unix based distro as it is the version the OSX was directly adapted from, and arguably the most popular.
  7. GDM + Compiz + Emerald + AWN Anyone needs help setting it up just ask:P
  8. Cal-MB

    Warhammer Online Kicks Off Sunday

    From the website: Starting Sunday, September 14th all Collectors Edition Pre-Order players will be invited to join us as we kick off WAR and officially end Open Beta. On Tuesday, September 16th all Standard Edition Pre-Order players will join the ranks of Collectors Edition players as we prepare to release WAR to the world next Thursday, September 18th. Our Servers: Darklands (Oceanic) IronClaw (Oceanic) Runefang (Oceanic) No word on rulesets yet. But hey, the are located in Aus... what more can you ask. Whos playing?