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    Dragon Age: Origins

    Snape kills Dumbledore! Oh wait....
  2. Wilkshake

    Dragon Age:Origins

    Same. I get through the bit with the knights without any trouble, but when I go down the hill the townsfolk all get massacred and then I follow them into deathness. I suppose that's what I get for playing on hard on my first play through.
  3. Wilkshake

    VeeToo Roll Call

    1955 And still alive
  4. Wilkshake

    Good Game now has "Mass Appeal"

    The episode on Monday was probably the worst example of TV this year. This fact was further emphasised the fact that they played a Golf game on the Wii with a guy who writes books (none of which are video games) and proceeded to have said author to rag out on video games. Two strikes down, one to go imo.
  5. Wilkshake

    DJ Hero

    Like I really need _more_ plastic instruments cluttering up my living room :P
  6. Wilkshake

    Good Game now has "Mass Appeal"

    Overall it felt very meh. The producers/ABC haven't really handled the whole change of host all that well. Boning someone in the middle of the season because they wanted a 'refresh for 2010' and Jeremy's travel plans didn't fit with the shooting schedule for the 1h Christmas special reasoning as quoted from Amanda Duthrie seems a bit rough, or at least that's the latest explanation coming out of the ABC. Found it a bit forced on both sides, and generally three steps back for no steps forward.
  7. Wilkshake

    Atomic Photo-a-Week XXV

    Down at the beach
  8. Wilkshake

    Remember when the exchange rate was so good

    Bobby Kotick strikes again. Activision is the new EA.
  9. Wilkshake

    The best game ever, now free!

    FINAL LAP! GO FOR IT! ahhh, so many memories :)
  10. Wilkshake

    Harvey Birdman loved by real lawyers

    Rumpole > *
  11. Wilkshake

    Brutal Legend Demo Out

    I have to say that the best musical moment that I've had thus far was the escape from Lyonwhyte's castle with "Through the Fire and Flames" in the background.
  12. Wilkshake

    Left 4 Dead 2

    I very much doubt that it would be that easy. Would probably have to be some kind of DLC to "unlock" the non-Michael Atkinson version of the game. Reason I guess that, is after the Hot Coffee incident, I doubt the OFLC would look to kindly to a game that was shipped but the "naughty" bits were only coded out.
  13. Wilkshake

    Modern warfare 2 - 11/10/09

    Im hoping steam have it so i don't have to support the outrage that is the games industry pricing in Australia. Don't you remember the debacle that was the Steam Pricing for MW1? http://www.ausgamers.com/news/read/2573336 http://www.kotaku.com.au/2007/11/call_of_d...bles_overnight/ Activision in the new EA and Bobby Kotick personifies greed.
  14. Wilkshake

    Your scribblenauts solutions

    Anything that can't be solved with ANCHORMAN isn't worth solving.
  15. Wilkshake

    Any awesome bosses need an awesome employee?

    I'll second 1shots advice that you should have gone right straight into Centrelink. Given the time frame that it can sometimes take to get your payment off the ground, and the fact that your benefit only starts from the day you get in contact isn't going to help your current financial situation. End of the day, Centrelink doesn't care if you're on benefit for two weeks and then have to cancel your payment because you find work.
  16. Braid knockoff anybody?
  17. Wilkshake


    Sickness Benefit is only for those who have a temporary medical condition that's stopping them from going to work and they've run out of sick leave and they've got a job to return to once their right to return to said work. DSP on the other hand is purely based on the medical condition. It's not really my area of expertise but it's my understanding that it's based on a numerical score, but also that the condition is permanent, stabilised, going to be effecting the person for more than 2 years and that they're not going to be able to work more than 0-7 hours per week because of it. That's stemming from the Welfare2Work changes that were part in parcel with the WorkChoices legislation from the previous government. End of the day, it all comes down to legislation. Centrelink can't go out and grant payments to anybody willy nilly. If the legislation says that you must be X, Y and Z to get payment ABC, you can argue till you're blue in the face if you don't get it but at the end of the day, if you don't meet the criteria of the legislation then you don't get the payment. If you think the legislation needs to be changed, then your local member is the person to speak to about getting the legislation changed. NB. Yes I do work for "The Man"® but the above is my own opinion and not that of my employer.
  18. Wilkshake

    Looks like arson!

  19. Wilkshake

    Halflife complete pack insanely cheap.

    I say that anybody that doesn't already own HL1/2 by Monday should be extradited to Libya
  20. I don't believe in atheists
  21. Wilkshake

    RIP John Hughes

    "Who?" most of you are collectively asking right now. Well he's the guy you have to thank for writing, directing and/or producing some of the greatest films of the late 1980s. Uncle Buck She's Having a Baby Planes, Trains & Automobiles Ferris Bueller's Day Off Weird Science The Breakfast Club Sixteen Candles Home Alone 1 & 2 and most importantly... Ferris Bueller's Day Off. John Hughes, slackers everywhere salute you!
  22. Wilkshake

    The Secret of Monkey Island SE

    You do realise that you can hot swap between the new graphic talkie version and the classic text blocky graphics version on the PC version by pressing F10. Not too sure if you can do the same with the 360 version
  23. Wilkshake

    iphone OS 3.0

    But the only reason I have at the moment to JB the phone is for the SMS tone. Not really fussed about changing the background image/colour or the number of icons on the dock.
  24. Wilkshake

    iphone OS 3.0

    Well I'm not too sure on the comparative speed increase since this is my first iPhone. I'm enjoying I thus far but annoyed about the lack of options for the alert mesages. (Ignoring jailbreak options for the moment)