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    iphone OS 3.0

    I bought my 3GS from the apple store in Sydney yesterday. Was cheaper to get it from there than to sign up for a new contract with my current provider. In fact I'm posting from it right now!
  2. Wilkshake

    Riding along on my fail bike honey...

    Looked more like his pants got caught in the front wheel.
  3. Wilkshake

    3drealms shut down?

    TF2 was announced in 1998 and released in 2007. Sure 9 != 13 but both are longer than your average development cycle. I very much doubt the source code will be released. What too many dollars have been sunk into it to just let it go for free.
  4. Wilkshake

    3drealms shut down?

    Apogee haven't shut down, just 3d Realms. Is it any wonder that this has happened. After probably hundreds of millions of dollars being sunk into a vaporware product, looks like Take2 finally told them to gtfo. The only companies that seem to be able to get away with "When It's Done" are Blizzard, Bungie and Valve. TF2 was ages in the making but at least Valve were smart enough to do other things as well than just sink all their chips in one big money sink.
  5. Wilkshake

    Dole withdrawn for under 20's.

    Gosh you guys are a bunch of nubs. Try reading the policy correctly. http://www.coag.gov.au/coag_meeting_outcom..._communique.pdf - Page 4 Kids will have to stay in school until they complete year 10 and they've turned 17. Anyone under 20 who has not completed year 12 must be either studying or in a training program to qualify for youth allowance. So, if you're a dropkick, deadshit who leaves school the second you turn 16 so you can claim unemployment like your defacto parents if they happen to be together, then you get (deservedly) nothing. IMO, it's about bloody time.
  6. Wilkshake

    PSA: The Orange Box - $9.99

    L4D did come down in price when the survival pack came out.
  7. Wilkshake

    PSA: The Orange Box - $9.99

  8. Wilkshake

    Drug checks for welfare?

    I for one would not want to be administering that. I vote robzy for the job.
  9. Wilkshake

    Just received the 100th edition

    Hmm, I might have to go visit this thing you call a newsagent to check this out. FTW! http://www.atomicmpc.com.au/News/13129,we-are-atomic.aspx
  10. Wilkshake

    Max Payne 3 Announced!

    I was about to go buy MP2 on Steam, but then realised we have the gimped version of Rockstar on Steam here in Australia :|
  11. Wilkshake

    Unemployment? Pfft!

    I can tell you, that people are still quitting their jobs. Yep. With all the economic doom and gloom people are still finding it fitting to chuck their job in and try to claim unemployment benefits. Whilst not an official term, I think the wider community labels these people "Dumbarses".
  12. I work in a growth industry in a recession. Yay me!
  13. Wilkshake

    Trogdor ATTACK!

    Trogdor was the cause of the Victorian Bushfires. True story.
  14. Wilkshake

    Rat leaves the sinking Telstra ship

    Word is a $30 million dollar golden handshake. I'm so pleased to see that douchebag gone. I literally yelped with joy at work today when I saw the news.
  15. Here's the situation. Computer boots up for about 5 seconds, then turns it self off again for roughly 4 seconds, before turning on again for 5. Rinse and repeat. No post beeps at all. I'm guessing that it's a mobo issue (Gigabyte P35-DS3P) and that it's finally bitten the dust, right? If that's the case, what socket 775 mobo would people recommend as a replacement? Running with a Q6600, GF8800GTS with 2gb RAM at present.
  16. Wilkshake

    Maybe dead mobo

    Yay that worked. All it needed was a reset on the bios, and everything appears normal again. Thanks heaps!
  17. What a douche. Needless to say I'll be sticking to threadless for my t-shirt based witticisms
  18. Wilkshake

    Do you invert the Y axis?

    My preference is inverted all the time, but I can cope with non-inverted if I have to.
  19. My wireless guitar which came with Guitar Hero:WT bit the dust, and so I had to go through the process again of sending in a piece of equipment for warranty (red pad on the drum-kit died two days after getting the game). And so I sent off my guitar, lucky that I already had both my GH2 and 3 controlers working. I arrive home this afternoon to find a large package waiting for me. I lift it up, but it seems a little bit too heavy for one guitar. The label on the side says that it's a wireless guitar, so the weight still perplexed me. I open it up, only to find that the boffins at Activision Support have sent me another drum-kit, complete with pads, cymbals, stand and microphone. I would have thought that someone would have taken a look at it before they decided to stick in in the post back to me.
  20. Wilkshake

    Games that deserve a HD remake

    Jones in the Fast Lane lol just kidding. But seriously, I can't believe that nobody has mentioned Commander Keen. If there's a game that deserves a HD remix, it's that one.
  21. Wilkshake

    Send in a Guitar for Waranty, Get a Drum-Kit Back

    Drum kit broke in november and took them a month to send another one back. Guitar was sent about a 10 days before the 2nd drum kit arrived.
  22. Wilkshake

    The Australia Day debate

    I think I saw in one of the related news articles that he was talking about having it changed to February 13. Yeah that'd be fantastic. Give every Aussie male an excuse to get pissed the day before Valentine's Day. I'm sure that'd go down real well with the ladies, Pat.
  23. Wilkshake

    Tomb Raider: underworld - mini review

    Audiophiles can't tell the difference between Monster Cable and coat hangers. HDMI cable scam used to fool in-store customers?. That is why you fail.
  24. Wilkshake

    Going commando

    Never. My boys need a house.
  25. Wilkshake

    11th Doctor announced

    http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?showtopic=7963 Already with less polly poll.