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  1. Wilkshake

    Unskippable: Eternal Sonata

    Yeah I gave up after 2:30 waiting for the funneh.
  2. Wilkshake

    Matt Smith is 11th Dr Who

    Fits so well, since my first reaction to hearing his name was, "Who?" Frankly looks like Emo Boy to me rather than Dr Who.
  3. Wilkshake

    why are people so dumb?

    Pot, meet Kettle.
  4. Wilkshake

    $5,000,000 in 12 minutes

    The Newcastle fireworks weren't that much better. 10 mins at 9pm and 5 at midnight. Mangaged to get this shot at least.
  5. Wilkshake

    Bike Hero

    Despite being on the internet for so long now, I'm still impressed with the awesomeness that some people come up with.
  6. Wilkshake

    Top 10 Beards in gaming

    That may have been selected if you saw it ingame. I'm pretty sure I saw it at the start of Blue Shift.
  7. Wilkshake

    Banned Xbox 360 commercial

    This lady > everybody else in that commercial.
  8. Wilkshake

    Top 10 Beards in gaming

    First one that would come to my mind is Gordon Freeman. Although that's more of a goatee than a beard.
  9. Wilkshake

    Guitar Hero

    I know there's some functionality in Lips (the 360 Singstar rip-off) where you can use songs from your own playlist in the game. You don't have the words come up on screen and you have to sing through some of the music to make it register properly. I suppose it's only a matter of time before someone cross-breeds Audiosurf with Guitar Hero/Rock Band
  10. Wilkshake

    Guitar Hero

    nope. the track list is limited to what's on the disk plus and DLC you buy.
  11. Wilkshake


    Hit and miss, but didn't expect more for a first show. Having the same skit three times does not equal three times the funneh, fyi
  12. Wilkshake

    Centrelink registration

    Quarterly systems release. Expected that things will be borked.
  13. /Pulls out Periodic Table of the Elements. I might be wrong, but aren't elements != chemicals? If so, I'd like my million pounds please.
  14. Wilkshake

    What is your family crest?

    Trout slappers eh?
  15. Too late. They're already living in Broadmeadows, Watergardens and Frankston.
  16. Wilkshake

    World Tour has arrived

    Up strum died yesterday. Only registering about every 5th strum. another RMA for me. still waiting on return on drums :\
  17. Wilkshake

    And that's the end of that chapter...

    Bad luck mate. Kind of makes me glad that I work in a growth industry during a recession :P
  18. Wilkshake

    World Tour has arrived

    I'd be surprised if you can manage to finish any harder song on Hard or Expert difficulty, then. I only ever strum up when there are 3+ notes in very quick succession. I can finish almost everything on expert (fuck the intro to Demolition Man). I'll join the up-strumming crew. I guess being a bassist has some bearing on that. I'll only strum both ways when it's a Foo Fighters song of a whole bunch of repeated notes (see Knights of Cydonia in GH3)
  19. Wilkshake

    Black Mesa trailer released

    Funny that since it's a re-hash of the original Half-Life but redone to make full use of the source engine. l2knowwhatyou'retalkingaboutbeforemakinganarseofoneself
  20. Wilkshake

    World Tour has arrived

    Red Drum pad has died. Not registering at all. Off to Activision support I go :P
  21. Wilkshake

    Bike Hero

    Looks like even Activision got trumped:
  22. Wilkshake

    World Tour has arrived

    Finally got my copy of WT (the complete pack) and Rockband last night. Busted it out with three of my housemates and had an absolute blast. Just about the most fun that we've had around the TV :P That said though, few niggles here and there. I don't like how the guitar sounds like I'm playing an extended session of Diablo. The clicker sounds too much like a mouse click for my liking. I also have a feeling that my orange cymbal is borked, but yet to do some more testing on it.
  23. Wilkshake

    Bike Hero

    Needless to say, I also bah-humbug'd at that news :| fsking viral marketing.
  24. Wilkshake

    Adelaide Tap Water is...

    I thought the same when I was in Adelaide about 12 months ago. Was there for about 5 weeks and eventually got used to the taste.
  25. Wilkshake

    Undead troubles?

    Vampires != Undead