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    Post Your Desktop. V3.0

    http://www.users.on.net/~wilkshake/atomic/desktop1.jpg And that's Y'z dock at the top on the right hand side monitor
  2. Wilkshake

    Windows LIVE Messenger Broken tonight?

    Miranda > * Seems to be working alright for me to log into the Messenger network.
  3. Wilkshake

    "Purchase Paid Subscriptions"

    Oh I'm sorry. I was lead to believe that the forums were "tested" before being released. My bad.
  4. Wilkshake

    Atomic "Get Fit" Group: Week 42 Weigh in

    FYI: the links to the previous threads don't work. Change 'www' to 'archive' and they do though.
  5. Wilkshake

    I think I've opened a can of worms here

    Creative use of forum mechanics ;)
  6. Wilkshake

    Atomic Authors

    Courtesy Go find some.
  7. Wilkshake

    Userids Changed

    I've just noticed, since we now have the whole "member number" underneath our avatars. Now from v1 and 2 my userID was always 1955. Now it's showing up 1798. Just curious is it a case that everybody has been shuffled up and that there were 150-odd userIDs lower than 1955 that had been banned/deleted/slipped into some database void?
  8. Wilkshake

    Video Thread

    and while we're on the Chuck Norris Theme: And one for 1shot: edit: fixed links.
  9. Wilkshake

    Richard Cranium

    I would have said that about most of the moderators. I kid, I kid ;)
  10. Wilkshake

    The Atomic Spore Thread

    Go get it from Big W. Only $79
  11. Wilkshake

    Not Just Lolcats

    I wouldn't mind seeing embedded Youtube links where appropriate. saving having to load up a whole tab just for one video.
  12. Wilkshake

    One Thing I've Always Wondered About Poor Spellers.

    I have to listen to people massacre the word 'participation' all day every day at work.
  13. Wilkshake

    And What Are You Watching?

    Torchwood Season 2 Season Finale
  14. Wilkshake

    Maybe Something For The Faq, Or A Global Announcement.

    Couldn't they do those fancy-smancy roll-over spoilers that I've seen in other places on the internets?
  15. Wilkshake

    Is This How The Forums Are Gonna Look From Now On?

    I clicked the survey option and got: Yay
  16. Wilkshake

    Large Hadron Collider

    Clearly the LHC is being run by the computer from Portal. The Higgs Boson is a lie!
  17. Wilkshake

    Xbox 360 Live Gamer Id Database V3 Edition

    Wilkshake's Gamer Card
  18. Wilkshake

    Avatars Do Work Ppls

    Yeah I've turned on viewing avatars, but doesn't look as if they've all come across. @Athril: That might be why. Uploaded avatars haven't come across, but external ones display fine.