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  1. 23 hours ago, chrisg said:

    The control systems that now allow SpaceX to pretty much routinely recover the stage one boosters simply did not exist in the Mercury/Gemini/Apollo eras or spaceflight may have taken a completely different path forward.

    And all automated (apart from a small manual test) all the way to the front door of the ISS.

  2. 1 hour ago, Ben Mansill said:

    Good onya Wilks - nice to see you again matey 🙂


    Man - look at Ultra Violet - Atomic really wasn't leading the charge for combatting objectification of females. That's a bit cringy - but hey... at the time...

    For reals. But 20 years is a long time. I remember some of the stuff that the other guys got up to at uni would never fly today in retrospect.

  3. Sad to see the end of things, but at the same time so many good memories over the years.

    • Atomic m33ts down in Sydney and getting to meet so many fellow atOmicans
    • Becoming a Superhero (for only Ben knows reason why)
    • Toyota Forklifts
    • Getting to write the atOmican column and have my Sim City 4 review published
    • Superhero naming battle with Funnelbc right up until the deadline. I think I still have the GeForce 3 sitting in my spare tech box in the garage with my PoTM glow-wire.
    • Noddy doing the Teapot on Sunrise Video 1, Video 2

    It's funny looking back at my ten or so years on Atomic and being able to realise how much of a dickhead I was at the time (then again, what early 20s male who thinks he knows everything isn't a dickhead!). At the same time though it's still a part of who I am now as a late 30s, married, mortgagee, Dad to two girls.


    Thanks to all who have been a part of this journey as it moves off into the green sunset.



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  4. On 10/14/2018 at 8:17 PM, chrisg said:

    There's a new strategic bomber in the works, as in initial concepts, a new marque of submarine at build stage, first of a new class of carrier in build,  the F-35 is bearing fruit at last, but most of the effort from the industry and DARPA is on UCAV Tech, but nothing to what the Russians are up to - maybe the regime will go broke, again.


    Wasn't there a full grounding of the F-35 the other day?

  5. I've had a similar issue. Starting up the console from the controller, but the lights on the controller continue to flash.


    To solve it, I just keep the PS button held down until the XMB comes up. Usually by then it's recognised the controller and I'm right to go. Whilst the PS3 is still on (say watching a movie) it's just a short press on the PS button to get the controller to come back on and be connected.

  6. Just got back from it, and I'm ready to go firebomb a florist.




    That aside, the 3D was pretty cool, and worked with the 3D glasses over my normal glasses well. Sam Worthington channeled the fuck out of Ewan McGregor, Sigourney Weaver's looking pretty hot for an old bird, and I feel like I just sat through a three hour commercial for Greenpeace and World Of Warcraft.

    Lol. Pretty much sums up my opinion of the movie as well.


    Oh and to get into the glasses discussion as well, I've got a congenital cataract in one eye and didn't have any problem watching the movie with the polarising glasses on.

  7. I call shenanigans.


    It's too hard to see what's in front of the guy. And from what you can see, the unit is standing straight up, despite everything else about Natal has it sitting horizontally.


    And if it is, going on how finicky it seems to be for the guy to even turn on the mini-teleporter, I'd hate to see what it'd be like in an actual firefight with enemies.

  8. I never had to do that. I was a Superhero!

    Haha oh that's right, if you spammed enough you got super special ranks and free access to post in the general section of an internet forum.

    Joy =3


    Quality > Quantity

  9. I'm a size 14. Cry more.

    Where do you go to buy your shoes?


    Seriously, i need to find mor place's that cater to people with flippers for feet.


    I just go into any shoe shop, not bother about looking at the styles and say, "What have you got in a 14?" Makes it much easier than looking for something I like, then trying to find it in a decent size.

  10. If the employer is not going to be cough up the certificate, Centrelink can do without it, but the preference is to have it.


    Since you're not 21, you'd be looking at Youth Allowance, and there's a whole lot of other things like independence, parental income etc, which would need to be take into consideration to work out how much benefit you'd be entitled to.