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  1. Finally got my copy of WT (the complete pack) and Rockband last night.


    Busted it out with three of my housemates and had an absolute blast. Just about the most fun that we've had around the TV :P


    That said though, few niggles here and there. I don't like how the guitar sounds like I'm playing an extended session of Diablo. The clicker sounds too much like a mouse click for my liking. I also have a feeling that my orange cymbal is borked, but yet to do some more testing on it.

  2. Don't worry.


    The Oceanic servers are so Queued up the wazoo (1000+ queue with 1h+ wait-time) that you'd hardly be playing the game anyway if were able to install it.


    Blizzard have f'd Aussies over since Day 1 of this game.

  3. Wilkshake: Too bad mine isn't under warranty anymore

    Are you sure that it's not under warranty?


    March 23, 2006 (Launch Day in Oz) + 3 Year RROD Warranty = March 23, 2009 for RROD failures. Or did you get it from OS, and hence your warranty no longer being valid?


    Edit: Or is it the case that it's only a 3-light RROD that's still covered, not 4-light RROD?

  4. I'll be getting the GH:WT bundle and waiting until EA get around to releasing RB2 here. That way I can just hire RB1, import the tracks into RB2 and play away.


    Activision have dropped the ball in terms of DLC compared to EA and RB, so it'll be interesting to see how they go with GHWT

  5. :)


    Now, now Wilks... I had thought you had matured... 2001 is not a movie for everyone, you have to understand before you can enjoy... :)


    Thats one of the problems with movies, they don't challenge often enough, they feed brain-pap - pre-digested baby food.


    Sorry Manta, but whilst I do not rate it as high as others Citizen Kane is a movie I watch every decade or so, because it is supposed to create thinking - not mindlessness, as most movies do today.


    I do have to confess that I actually like REALLY bad movies, more because I drift off into WTF!?!?! land :) Not so bad :)


    If I had to nominate one, it would be "Soul Plane," but then again, I have it on DVD ... So bad it's good :)



    I would say the same goes for Blade Runner. /shrug. Comes down to personal opinion.


    I know what you mean about really bad movies. I'd say it's kind of a cyclical thing. Take for example Snakes on a Plane. What I would consider one of the best worst movies of all time. I love it, but then again, other people might be as inclined to share that opinion.


    Weekend at Burnies 1 & 2, Under Siege, Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs and others all fit into that same category.