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  1. Animated avatars are a most definite no. Please do not use them. We will be removing any such avatars we see and warnings will be given. I think it's quite clear that we don't want them, given the fact that you have to circumvent the admittedly piss-poor protections we have against users uploading them, but really, this isn't something that should be an issue. It's simple courtesy.

    Creative use of forum mechanics ;)

  2. Open up your "My Controls" page and you'll find a link under the Options heading to "Purchase Paid Subscriptions"


    I certainly hope this isn't a sign of things to come. It's been tried before and frankly failed miserably from a community point of view.

  3. It really seems as if the main game review websites are giving Spore a very good score. The general consensus so far from the actual buyers is not so good.


    I think a lot of gamers might be disappointed as it is aimed at the casual gamer and is too simplistic.


    I will be getting a copy tomorrow. I hope I have not wasted $99

    Go get it from Big W. Only $79

  4. I've just noticed, since we now have the whole "member number" underneath our avatars.


    Now from v1 and 2 my userID was always 1955. Now it's showing up 1798. Just curious is it a case that everybody has been shuffled up and that there were 150-odd userIDs lower than 1955 that had been banned/deleted/slipped into some database void?

  5. Actually... yeah.




    Neck and neck as of hitting reply :)

    I clicked the survey option and got:


    FastCGI Error

    The FastCGI Handler was unable to process the request.


    Error Details:


    * The FastCGI process exited unexpectedly

    * Error Number: -2147467259 (0x80004005).

    * Error Description: Unspecified error


    HTTP Error 500 - Server Error.

    Internet Information Services (IIS)


  6. OOOkies.


    I can see davids AV but no one else's including mine which it 'looked' like it uploaded correctly?

    Yeah I've turned on viewing avatars, but doesn't look as if they've all come across.


    @Athril: That might be why. Uploaded avatars haven't come across, but external ones display fine.