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  1. Gas Lee

    Where does everybody live these days?

    Traitorous? No, lurking is just business as usual for Brisbane.
  2. Gas Lee

    Home Server advice

    If you've got a little more space, my two cents is oldish workstations, I'm in the middle of replacing my home server with one of these: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Lenovo-S20-Xeon-4-Core-3-06GHz-W3550-12GB-Ram-500GB-SATA-Q-FX1800-DVDRW-Win-7Pro-/182689607042?hash=item2a89262d82:g:DzEAAOSwwn9ZeYa0 Plenty of these sort of thing floating around in Dell / HP / whatever your flavour preference, I got mine cheaper with a lesser quadro and less ram and then bumped it up with spares I had under my bench (Xeon X5650 FTW!) These are *not* the cheapest examples, just a flavour: Dell: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dell-Precision-T5500-6-Core-48Gb-Ram-/152708659540?hash=item238e253954:g:nAcAAOSw4P1ZwEFm HP: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HP-Z400-WORKSTATION-XEON-QUAD-CORE-2-93GHZ-DVDRW-PC-DESKTOP-/263224795313?epid=24004961214&hash=item3d496ba0b1:g:7boAAOSw0h9Zsnlx and don't worry about performance, for application like transcoding that scale up to many threads nicely, the X5650 in my one takes the i5 4670K in my gaming rig out the back and slaps it silly while consuming barely (6 watts) more power.
  3. Gas Lee

    New car time (also, ow)

    Shame thats an auto, it's in amazing condition. 4G63T or even a hot G54 would be a lot of fun.
  4. Gas Lee

    New car time (also, ow)

    Too many dollars, interesting otherwise, but what I want right now is an australian made ute. LS or barra powered.
  5. Gas Lee

    New car time (also, ow)

    Cefiros are great, float like a maxima, sting like a skyline. I miss mine sometimes. I do suggest you seriously look in to something LS powered though, they're cheap these days and anything the Barra can do, the LS can do better. The only real reason it's taken so long for me to get another one is that I want a manual in a car that isn't red or black.
  6. Gas Lee

    New car time (also, ow)

    big, comfy, rwd and loves the mods? I feel like I've driven you around in something that meets those criteria.
  7. Gas Lee

    RaspberryPi3 Power droop fix.

    I've got 4.94v at the gpio header on both of the Pi and 4.8v(!) at the headers on the arduino. They don't seem to care, none are what I would call heavily loaded and nothing is overclocked, but this is the other part of why I'd like to move away from usb power supply.
  8. Gas Lee

    RaspberryPi3 Power droop fix.

    The UBECs aren't 100% efficient, but they do a conversion on the input wattage to get the output wattage so 12v1a will turn into more like 5v2.2a. I've been planning an upgrade of my Pi stack to eliminate the USB power supply and a couple of those UBECs looks like the way to do it, I'd like to bring the stack input voltage up to 12ish with the end goal of being able to run the stack off a solar panel in the back yard (charging something like an old car battery) so the input flexibility of the UBEC is going to be super handy. (edit: I've been looking at switch mode UBECs)
  9. Gas Lee

    RaspberryPi3 Power droop fix.

    Have you thrown a multimeter across the 5v pins in the GPIO block? Just wondering if the full juice is making it to the pi, maybe this pi has a shady polyfuse / microusb.
  10. Gas Lee

    RaspberryPi3 Power droop fix.

    So, my clamp meter wouldn't read the current consumption of my SBC stack on the DC side (it's a 400 amp unit, meant for cars), but I've now plugged it into my Killawatt and can report that the entire stack consumes 20 watts on the AC side. If we totally ignore the efficiency of the USB power supply that is 4 amps being consumed by 3 single board computers, a network switch and a software defined radio (SDR I know consumes about 600ma/3w) This makes me wonder what your pi is pulling to make your supply droop on the voltage.
  11. Gas Lee

    RaspberryPi3 Power droop fix.

    This is one of my toys: http://imgur.com/WXyjL5T Pi3 sitting at the top, not actually plugged in, mostly runs Retropi Pi2 next, connected to the SDR at the top of the stack tracking aircraft via PiAware / Flightaware Arduino Yun handling routing / firewall duties for the stack, stack has no physical network connection, it all routes via the Arduino wifi. PiB+ being my linux terminal server / IRC lurker 5 port switch 5 port usb charger from Bunnings. The Bunnings charger supposedly does 7a across 5 ports, I need to throw my clamp meter at it to see what the actual consumption of the stack is, but it's running everything (switch included) and not getting warm so I'm fairly pleased with that I'm looking for a SBC to live on the shelf the Pi3 is sitting on that isn't a Pi, just for interest sake, maybe something powerful enough to give me a remote gui or something with sata to be a file server for the stack.
  12. Gas Lee

    RaspberryPi3 Power droop fix.

    My Pi3 runs pretty happily from a 2a charger, but it's an above average one meant to charge a HP Stream 8. Just remember that if you're applying power via the pins in the gpio block you're avoiding the polyfuse so it will let the magic smoke out if you get it wrong.
  13. I think I'll stick to flying the little CT and staying as far from controlled airspace as I can manage.
  14. Gas Lee

    Chinese PC's

    Beware the J1900, if you're using it as a straight NAS it will probably be fine, but if you want to virtualise they are a pain. mine has been totally awful, won't run ESX at all, and I don't recall having any luck with hyperV either. On the upside it is very frugal, ~30 watts at the wall when working with two hard drives and one optical. went down to half that when idling.
  15. Gas Lee

    The end of an era, thanks Core 2

    Just to buck the trend, my ESX host is an old Dell optiplex 755 with a C2Q engineering sample that reports to the OS as a Q6700 http://imgur.com/shsLmFN plenty of life in the Core2 family.