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  1. hulkster

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Absolutely. Going to be an interesting rest of 2020.
  2. hulkster

    Pet Peeves !

    I recently washed my phone. Accidentally. It's not waterproof at all. :( Does that count as jewellery...
  3. Sent my partner flowers today. She said " What do i have to do for these? Spread my legs? I said " Why? Dont you have a vase big enough" ..
  4. hulkster

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    Am I too late to throw insults and stamp my feet because others have a difference of opinion? Hope not. Cause I love stamping my feet. I wonder why we dont have any new members joining....
  5. hulkster

    rude bastards. Must be a full moon.

    The one at home is getting a flogging lately.
  6. This week has been one like no other in recent memory for me. The amount of whining whingy fuckers either in store or on the phone complaining about either bills or my service guys turning up 10 minutes EARLY to fix their fuck ups is ridiculous. There has to be something in the full moon crap. Geeez I need a fucken break before I go apeshit on one of them. Biting ones tongue isn't good for ones health .
  7. hulkster

    Annual Leave. When and where.

    Now that Id do if I could. !
  8. I, as most workers get 4 weeks a year. But due to my role in the company I can never take more than two weeks at any one time and cant take time off over the xmas break. So I normally take a week at a time when I can, usually in winter and don't do much at all with the time off. I am taking a week in Feb ( because if I don't Ill blow a fuse) and pissing off to melb for a few days. Just curious about others and time off. How much, how long in one stint, and what do you do with that time off ?
  9. hulkster

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    The end near the wallet.
  10. hulkster

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    That's because you have a face like a half melted poly waffle..
  11. hulkster

    Trump: The third POTUS ever to be Impeached

    Like this one.
  12. hulkster

    My leg and the last 2 months

    Mate, your attitude to what you are going through is just plain amazing. I couldnt handle it like you seem to be.
  13. hulkster

    Trump: The third POTUS ever to be Impeached

    Many years ago, another life time really, when I was an astronaut (I'd show pics but some cunt stole my spaceship and all the pics were in the spaceglove box) Lucky for them I wasn't close by because I am a black belt at lots of things and I would have kicked his arse one footed. I am also a Para so if I did kill him I could bring him back to life. Lucky for him. Anyway I am a tad off topic, what I was going to say was when I lived in the white house do military recon for JFK I noticed a big red button on the desk. JFK said because I had the clearance I could push it if I wanted to, but no one else was allowed to, as long as I took him in my invisible plane I had designed. I said no. Sadly. But he did give me an honorary degree for being nice. He was a good president. I was meant to be in the car with him the day he was shot. I, being a para, would have saved his life, then jumped out of that car and gone and kick Oswalds arse all the way the jail. ( I am also an undercover FBI agent, I'm that far undercover the FBI don't know I exist.. )
  14. hulkster

    My leg and the last 2 months

  15. hulkster


    I agree.