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  1. hulkster

    It's that most wonderful time....

    Its not like xmas is a surprise.. Same day, every year. BUT you still get the Numpties that expect we retail people to bend over and cop a verbal shafting because they have left everything to the 24th and its everyone elses responsibility to sort out their stupidity.
  2. hulkster

    My leg and the last 2 months

    Fuck. Yes that does suck. I sook about my health. I'm lucky really All the best mate.
  3. Not sure what I'd do. Good and bad for both. BUT teenagers are really arseholes of things and getting worse
  4. hulkster

    trulicity. Anyone been on it ?

    Nor did I till 55
  5. hulkster

    trulicity. Anyone been on it ?

    Seems similar to Trulicity. Same concept, similar side effects.
  6. My Doctor has me on Trulicity Injections ( once weekly) to help with my diabetes. ( Type 2) One of the side effects is loss of appetite. And I mean LOSS of appetite. I am struggling to eat half what I normally do, I'm down 7 kilos in 2 weeks ( which is a great thing). I am also finding I don't want alcohol at all which for me is a big thing. Id normally kill a bottle of jacks and a carton of coldies in 3 days. In the last 2 weeks I've have had 2 beers. No urge at all to drink alcohol. Weird but good I'm not complaining at all !! I'm feeling pretty bloody good but I've read feedback from others on it with all sorts of issues due to the drug. So just curious if anyone here has been on it before and how it affected their weight/alcohol consumption.
  7. hulkster

    11 11 11

    11 oclock this morning I closed my office door and had a minutes silence to remember those that gave their lives so would get to live in a pretty awesome place. I was told that whatever channel our tv was on at work they continued to play whatever the fuck was on. No minutes silence, not even an acknowledgement of the day. I had 3aw playing ion my laptop and they did have a minutes silence. ABC had birds chirping apparently. Fuck, its only a minute.
  8. hulkster

    Ramping. This cant be good.

    The population continues to grow and continues to age. I just dont get why the health system in this country isnt a priority. It will have to be one day, there will be no choice.
  9. hulkster

    Ramping. This cant be good.

    When I said i feel terrible it wasnt because i was sore, it was because i was the reason 2 paramedics and an ambulance werent going anywhere.
  10. hulkster

    Ramping. This cant be good.

    https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-06-17/ambulance-ramping-hits-10000-hours-at-hobart-hospital/11215264 How is ramping any good for anyone or any hospital. Been going on for years and we still have no fix for this fucken mess. Paramedics are worth their weight in gold but how they put up with the conditions thrown at them is beyond me. Same with ER doctors and nurses. The whole system is fucked with a huge dollar shaped dildo. Couple of years ago i fell off a ladder and hurt my back . Had an ambo ride to the Launceston General Hospital and once there i has on a stretcher with the two Paramedics looking after me in a corridor outside the ER. They couldn't leave me until i was handed over, and it was a good 40 minutes till that happened. So, we had two paramedics and an Ambulance doing nothing because the hospital couldnt take me. I felt terrible tying them up but what could I do. I couldn't move. Surely something has to be done, and fast.
  11. hulkster

    Customers. Thanks for coming

    You have a lot more people relying on you and your skills. They shouldn't balk at a callout fee. Our customers, on the other hand, don't need things fixed NOW. they just think they do. Its not life and death lol
  12. hulkster

    Customers. Thanks for coming

    We get the " fix the bastard ASAP" . Or we get the " oh that was easy, I COULD have done that myself" . BUT they just don't wanna pay or not pay the full amount. Fuckers.
  13. hulkster

    Customers. Thanks for coming

    Yep, I think hammer has met nail. Some can turn it on like a tap. A bit like blokes turning on the "angry face", now that makes me laugh. Im 6'3 and 110 kilos so "angry face " over the phone turns into calm quiet dude in the shop.
  14. hulkster

    Customers. Thanks for coming

    I am not sure why of late it is getting worse. People want stuff fixed/delivered straight away but don't want to pay for it. Perfect example we have about a 5 day delay getting to customers at the moment, it will get longer as it gets warmer. Had one customer on the phone in tears about needing a repair done for an upcoming event so we shuffled around other jobs, paid the guys overtime to sort her out and not a word of thanks, just a " Thats dearer than I wanted to pay, and I thought it was bad business to have your guys here after hours when we were trying to have Dinner..." WTF