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  1. hulkster

    I'mmmmmm BACK!

    Mattteeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!
  2. hulkster

    Ladders. They hurt

    Last year I fell off a ladder, twice, in about 20 minutes. The second time I landed face first on the deck unable to move with my 31 kilo staffy trying to hump me. Was a great moment . Not. Trip in an Ambulance and stay overnight in hospital then sent home of some bloody good pain killers. Fast forward to Saturday just gone, again on a ladder, again fell off but this time onto my butt. Knee one way, ankle the other. Nothing broken but bloody sore still. I'm 55 years old now and have found ladders aren't as fun as they use to be. I have been told once you get to 50 keep away from ladders. Anyone else have ladder issues ?
  3. hulkster

    Had a spare few minutes

    It started with Ben and a great idea Probably after a wine or a beer He started a mag and a forum for all That’s when it started and its been a ball There was Mael, virt, grams and more Since day one watching door Keeping out spammers, wankers and bots And more than a few, actually lots Flouncys baby started to grow Thousands of members we got to know Some young, some old, some crazies too But all entertaining for me and for you Along with moz, chaos, morris and others We had dads, mums, sisters and brothers All types came to watch and learn As atomic grew and and we all took a turn To make the mag and site our own We punched the keyboards or even our phones The topics were wide and there were heaps We laughed and joked, complained and we weeped We saw people leave throwing ted out of bed Only to come back and start a new thread We have others that leave without a fuss But always come back because they miss us So although much quieter than we once knew Atomic still lives because of people like you Its still a place we all remember and love It seems to fit us all like a glove I’m proud to have been a part of this place Its special, its different, it is in your face It was there every time we wanted to vent We wonder were the last 18 years went Lots has changed but some stay the same Still a place where you look for a name Be it Leo or scruffy , rybags or nic Every one here is here for the kicks So please feel free to add your own verse You can type it nicely or you can curse Remembering your time with the laughs and the fears The place called atomic that’s been here for years.
  4. hulkster

    Trust issues not helping me move on.

    Thanks all for your thoughts. There is no right or wrong answer for me here, just me talking to you guys about whats going on with me. I have built the biggest and thickest walls and dont like the idea of letting someone in only to have to rebuild new walls. I doubt it will happen with this person but I also doubted it last time, and the time before that. I do love my current way of living, love my time at home on my own and really dont want to give it up at all. If it comes to the crunch I think Ill put my sanity first and go through the last 3rd of my life as a single guy. No hurt that way.
  5. I'm having trouble letting someone in fully. My history with relationships hasn't been great, probably mostly my fault. I have always been weary of people in general, but after a few relationships that went pair shaped I have major trust issues. First marriage at 19 ( Yeah, I know) ended after finding my wife with another guy. One two year relationship ended when I got home to find the house empty, except for a spoon, bowl and fork. That morning she got her licence back ( after losing it for 18 months) and was the same day we registered the XY falcon I had been building her over those 18 months. She wanted it in her name so we did, she dropped me at work and that was the last I ever saw her or the car. Second marriage ended 4 years ago after I walked out after 21 years. I since found out she had met her new husband in the last 12 months of our marriage and that's when things changed for me. Had a two year relationship with a women that was living with her Husband. Told me they lived separate lives etc, separate bedrooms, separate everything. And yep, I believed her until her husband followed her to my place and found out about me. All made sense later on, all the secret squirrel stuff. They were definitely still sharing a life. Another relationship cost my about $12,000 in cash loans to a long time friend that later become a partner. Was told afterwards by her sister she set me up. There are more, but no need to go into any more details on my stupidity. BUT, I have met a very nice girl and I've been with her for the last 12 months, we have fun, we care about each other. She has her house and I have mine. We spend most weekends together. She has recently mentioned maybe one day moving in together. That scares the shit out of me. I love our time together but I LOVE my time too. I guess I'm just waiting for the day it goes pear shaped and that is unfair to her and probably me. Currently on medication for my bi-polar but still have issues and not sure its helping with my decision making. Letting her all the way is the hardest part for me but I think she needs me to. I have no real question, just venting I guess to strangers
  6. hulkster

    The most special people

    First logged on about 18 years ago, different time back then. The internet was still a baby that we all enjoyed but as its grown its turned into not such a great entity in my eyes. I have recently learnt to put my phone down and only pick it up when it rings or if I need to ring. Sitting on the couch reading stalkbook stuff is something I once enjoyed but now find it more annoying than fun. Still haven't made the move to delete the account as it is a good way to keep a track on my kids ( another story) . These forums have and will always be important to me for many reasons. I modded here for a long time, seen lots come and go, I've upset people that I really regret and have had more than one hissy fit. Not proud of those but dealing with lots of issues at the time made me do and say things that I will always regret and it probably cost me a few friends here. I cant change that but time moves on as we all do and I still find myself dropping in here every few days just to see whos around and what's happening with the forums.
  7. hulkster

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - My thoughts

    My son has it on playstation. Looks awesome. Im after a new game myself and have thought about it for my xbox.
  8. hulkster

    Did something just happen?

    Good news all round.
  9. hulkster

    Where does everybody live these days?

    Live in a little place called Blackwall in Northern Tassie. Being a single guy and one income I bought a small place I've been renovating over the last 2 years. Couldnt afford one already renovated but I have been enjoying doing the work myself.
  10. hulkster

    Forum downtime / new feature testing

    It's pretty.
  11. I thought as we get older we are meant to slow down and ease into old age. I was always scared of aging. I'm 54 and busier than I've ever been. I live alone in the little place I bought a couple of years back after my divorce and have spent most weekends working on the house or in the yard. Work is still very busy and my two grown up kids still give me reason for worry most of the time. Ive just started restoring another old holden to sit along side "Betsy" and I am also doing a bit of backyard bodywork to help pay for the house renos and car resto. I find myself in bed most nights by 9:00 and asleep by 9:01 I am doing what I enjoy but am also starting to feel all 54 years. Still haven't had my Knees replacements done and not sure I can go much longer before they will become a priority. My back will never be good but isn't stopping me do what I want to and in general my health seems ok now. Looking forward I cant see myself slowing down intentionally, but as I get older I guess the body will start dictating what I will and wont be able to do. I enjoy life, drink too much, carrying 15 kilos too many, but basically getting older isn't as daunting as I once thought.
  12. hulkster

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    For some reason I watched episode 1 of Mcleods Daughters. I am now up the season 8 episode 3. Didn't watch it back in the day, but am now. 14 years on. I have no life :(
  13. hulkster

    Automotive Paint Technologies

    Did my apprenticeship on Acrylic and enamel. Then came 2 pack. Still do a few backyarders and still mostly use Acrylic and the occasional 2 pack job. As for the new stuff I have no idea.
  14. hulkster

    Online or bricks&mortar ...

    I'm an on-line type of guy. Mainly because it"s easier. Life is far to busy to try and get around to different places paying bills. :(
  15. hulkster

    After 17 years, it's time to look back...

    Those were the days lol