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    HTPC using HDMI output only

    Problem solved and lesson learnt replaced cheap HDMI cable with good brand and all problems went away
  2. Vipercat

    HTPC using HDMI output only

    I am using the Gainward 210 the same as in the KITLOG I have tried to connect directly to the TV but still no joy my next thought was does the length of the HDMI cable affect it at all Also i have noticed that if i clone the display then try to identify the display i get both 1 and 2 on the monitor only Interestingly if i bypass the amp and go striaght to the tv i get nothing at all on th tv
  3. Vipercat

    HTPC using HDMI output only

    Well I have just built myself an HTPC using almost the exact same specs as the KITLOG in issue 113 minus soundcard,speakers,wireless card & drive but added the Silverstone MFP51 with remote and external drive and windows 7 64bit Everything went well after I took the cover off one of the Ram chips to fit it under the heatsink, Windows installed itself perfectly without a hiccup and downloaded all the latest drivers so far so good, I used the onboard SPDif output and plugged it into my graphics card to transfer the sound via HDMI When I attempted to setup the TV (Samsung Series 6 46 inch 100hz)* using the HDMI output of my graphics card I had quite a lot of fiddling and the only way I could get it to display was to extend the desktop from my monitor plugged into the DVI socket and set the frequency at 24 mhz (why cant i set this higher) If I try to clone the display I only end up with the monitor If I try to disconnect the monitor and just use the TV I get no display at all but if I plug the monitor back in even if its not turned on and boot up I get windows on my TV So why cant I use just my TV as the monitor I have tried making it the default display for windows but if the monitor is not plugged into the DVI port then the tv wont fire up * my TV is setup through a Sony Muteki system so the HDMI output from the computer goes into the DVD input on the AMP the out to the TV and yes i have checked to see if i have all the latest drivers
  4. Vipercat

    Rename files from text document

    Will this work if I use the Powershell program that comes with Windows 7 GC TestFile.Txt | % { if (test-path "$($_.Split("`t")[3]).dat") { rename-Item "$($_.Split("`t")[3]).dat" "$($_.Split("`t")[0]).mpeg" } } to scared to try incase i stuff something up
  5. Vipercat

    Rename files from text document

    Well so far i have managed to use a program called SciTE to change all the spaces between the columns to commas and even managed to import the result into excel using the commas as delimiters (or something) Now in the excel file i have 4 columns A has the song name B has the artist C has the time info D has the file reference, I even managed to save it as a .csv Thats where it all goes a bit pear shaped I have never used command line programs before so im not really sure what to do with the code that has been posted here or what part of the program i should be using (Python 2.6 IDLE, Module Docs, Python command line) I have tried to copy and paste the code but it just shows me a list of errors that i dont understand how to interpret so im probably using the wrong part of the program I have also just downloaded C# 2008 Express so i will open that up and have a go at that. Looks like there is going to be a bit of a steep learning curve ahead Thanks for the prod in the general direction i will now see what lies ahead, also if you know of any good tutorials that would aid me please share Again thanks for taking the time out to help
  6. Vipercat

    Rename files from text document

    Where do i need to create the source and target folders and where should the text file be ? I have not used python before so im not sure what im doing
  7. Vipercat

    Rename files from text document

    Yes the text file looks exactly like that so if i was to import it into excel i would need to insert tabs myself as there are differening numbers of spaces
  8. Vipercat

    Rename files from text document

    This is what the text file looks like 7 Things Miley Cyrus 03:29 107 EMI HE7.09 99 Luft Balloons Nena 03:58 095 WAR C27.10 99 Times Kate Voegele 03:27 112 UMA HG6.07 A Girl Like You Edwyn Collins 03:47 126 MDS R06.08 A Little Bit Pandora 03:35 132 UMA H23.01 A Little Less Conversation Elvis VS JXL 03:02 115 BMG H68.03 A Matter Of Trust Billy Joel 04:00 110 SON C59.11 A New Day Has Come Celine Dion 04:20 092 SON H65.20 A Woman Like You Mondo Rock 04:03 169 MUS R06.01 About You Now Sugababes 03:32 083 UMA HD5.08 The song name always comes first and the reference to the file comes last and spacing is done with the spacebar not tab the other thing is the file uses "_" between the second and third number but the text file uses "." instead
  9. I am trying to find out how to rename files on my pc using the names strored in a text document eg. the file on the pc is called "C07_08.dat" the text file has the following line "3am Eternal KLF 03:15 121 BMG C07.08" i want to change the name of the file "C07_08.dat" to "3am Eternal.mpeg" What I would like is a batch file or something that will see the text "C07.08" and find the corresponding file "C07_08.dat" and rename it "3am Eternal.dat" or if possible .mpeg. I could probably import the text file into excel if that makes it easier can anyone help ? I have over 1800 of these files so I dont really want to rename them all one at a time.
  10. Vipercat

    90 L.E.D.s and one keypad ?

    I am in need of some help I want to make a board that has the numbers 01 to 90 arranged in a 10 x 9 grid with a light(led) behind each number that can be switched on or off individually from all of the others Esentially it will be for calling bingo numbers out and when that number is called then that light is switched on for the hard of hearing to see Now I can make the unit itself no problem but as far as the electronics goes im a bit stuck. I could just get a power supply and run 90 leds off 90 switches and 90 resistors and then just flick on the corresponding light, but it seems to me that i should be able to use a simple keypad to enter a two digit number and have it turn on that way . Im told the way to do this is by using a PIC and multiplexers but I have no knowledge of how to program such things or make the circuit board to accomodate the multiplexers so two questions 1 Can it be done with the keypad ? 2 Who do I approach ? Thanks for any help
  11. Vipercat

    Lost your key - too bad

    Some time ago I bought the game Oblivion - The Elder Scrolls IV by Bethesda and published here by 2K After moving house and building a new Vista Pc strictly for gaming I attempted to install Oblivion on the new system but I had lost the manual that comes in the box This manual contains the Cd key needed to play the game and so could not be installed :( I wrote to Bethesda and told them of my problem and they told me to contact 2k so I contacted 2k and told them the same story, I have the original disks and original DVD all i needed was a replacement cd key The response I got was sorry losing the cd key is the same as losing the cd and so if you want to play you will have to buy the game again. What really shits me the most is that I was able to get a replacement key for quake 4 all i had to do was provide the serial off the disc so now they expect me to go out a fork out more money to play the same game again but if the cd key had been faulty then they would have replaced it Why dont they print these cd keys on the disc instead of on the manual that can be seperated from the game or even inside the case that you keep the disc in would be better I know that from now on I will be avoiding anything from the 2K publisher almost makes you want to go and get a warez version just to spite them
  12. Just curious as to how windows Live OneCare stacks up against other antivirus programs, i mean surely if anyone knows how to protect windows then microsoft should ... shouldn't they I am currently using Avast on Vista ultimat 64bit