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  1. Amiga4eva

    What was the first game you ever played?

    Vampire on the C64 I think. Maybe.
  2. Amiga4eva

    What are your unusual talents?

    I'm a decent writer, although I don't think that qualifies as unusual.
  3. Amiga4eva

    Business Analysts

    Though not a Business Analyst myself, I'm often finding myself hiring them, or hiring people with other job descriptions who also need to fill the role of BA at some point. Two things come to mind: 1) The role of a BA is to ask questions. Ask and ask and ask and ask. Then ask some more. Then, after you've asked a zillion questions, build the functional requirement. I hire based on the person wanting to ask a million questions and being unafraid to do so. The technical stuff is just icing on the cake. 2) Worry less about the software and even less about the hardware. Worry about what the business user/department/entity requires. What process needs to be fulfilled? How do you close the functional gaps? What is the business trying to achieve? What is the end goal? Then draw on the technical resources to help fill in the application or infrastructure specifics.
  4. Amiga4eva

    PS3 Borderlands 2 question

    Thanks mate. I get it. Of course, I'm console-retarded, so I'm going to ask if I make a new PSN account, I can't use a character from the other account - right? Basically, I want to still use my guy I've invested time in within this 2 player game, but also play my own solo game with him.. as I can't always get player 1 to be in the same room with me gaming as often as I like, but I feel like I can't play Borderlands 2 without them, due to this issue where they must be the one to start the game etc, and then I join.
  5. Amiga4eva

    PS3 Borderlands 2 question

    Question for Borderlands 2 players who play the PS3 version. I have two local players playing through a game using characters on the same PSN account. When Player 1 starts the game, it's at the right spot, and Player 2 can join. Significant progress has been made in this game, right into some of the DLC. Player 2 can leave this game and Player 1 can continue the game solo, but Player 1 cannot leave and allow Player 2 to continue that game solo. If Player 2 starts a game without Player 1, they start right back at the beginning of the game (as though it's a new instance of the game) but at the right level, with all their gear etc from the 'other' game. If Player 2 saves at any point in this 'reset' solo game, will it affect the game that Player 1 has in progress? (and Player 2 can join?). (Yes, yes... I realise this is starting to sound like one of those, "If train 1 leaves at 5:00PM travelling at 120Kph....." things, but anyway..) Basically I want to know if I can play a game myself separate from the game being played together, without interrupting the game being played together with myself and player 1...
  6. Amiga4eva


    Atomic Forums. 2013. That shit cray.
  7. Amiga4eva

    Non-Atomican Atomican

    You have a 4000? GIMME! O.O I currently have 2 x A500's 1 x A600 1 x A1200HD 1 x Amiga CD32
  8. Amiga4eva

    Non-Atomican Atomican

    But are those quotes authoritative? What gives them so much weight in your eyes? My post isn't smart. It's simple. You are only feeling unable to fit in because of your own construct - in your mind - of what it is to be an Atomican. As far as I know there is no one definition that sits above all others, and if there is, it's probably just a popular opinion rather than cold hard fact. So relax a little. There's all types here, trust me. All types. Good, bad, nerdy, non-nerdy, girls, guys, fornicators and procrastinators. We're all here. So chill out. PS - What you want, ideally, is an Amiga 1200 or 1200HD. You get the benefits of an AGA chipset that's (mostly) backwards compatible, a more modern design and slightly less bulky than the 500, 1000 etc (but if portability is a real concern the 600 is a great catch). Whatever model you get, grab yourself a HxC Floppy Emulator as well. Rip the floppy power and data cable out of the guts of the Amiga and plug it into the HxC, viola! The entire Amiga library of games and software can be yours on flash card. Knock yourself out big guy.
  9. Amiga4eva

    Non-Atomican Atomican

    Yes, by virtue of the fact that being non-atomican is impossible because there is no concrete definition of what being an atomican actually is. You cannot be the opposite of something that has never been quantified in the first place. Therefore, everyone is an atomican. There are just a lot of people who don't realise it yet. I rest my case.
  10. Amiga4eva

    Post pic's of yourself.

    Good lord man, has anyone told you that you have a Great Old One hanging from your chin? O_o
  11. Amiga4eva

    Post pic's of yourself.

    As a nemesis to all the beards in this thread, today someone stole all my facial hair O_O
  12. Amiga4eva

    What do you for exercise?

    Gym 3 to 5 times a week, for between 30mins - 45mins sessions on my lunch break from work. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I'm getting there. Mainly weights, and a bit of a jog on the treadmill either at the beginning or end of the session.
  13. Amiga4eva

    Post pic's of yourself.

    As - quite obviously - do you :). I suffer the same feeling that it's cliche to like Dragons, but I've loved them forever. With a declaration like that, I feel there's no wiggle room. Consider me unwiggled. Dragons are awesome. The End.
  14. Amiga4eva

    Post pic's of yourself.

    I suffer the same feeling that it's cliche to like Dragons, but I've loved them forever. I have statues everywhere, books and pictures of them. I think just because the cliche exists, doesn't mean I can't love them :). Not sure yet if I'll extend it all the way down... I'm unsure if I got new work done if it would blend okay? I plan to work on my other arm next, for a Hunter S Thompson inspired bit of work, again as a half sleeve type of thing.
  15. Amiga4eva

    Post pic's of yourself.

    Thank you kindly... :) Better pic here -