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    SFIV = February

    can you modify the DS3 and just buy sanwa parts and make that a joystick? I was thinking doing that...do you reckon it's possible? I got the x-arcade now, with a lot of adaptor. :( lol it's ok for SFIIHDR, I haven't notice the lag that people been talking about. (well I hardly go online with SF2HDR) Still waiting for my copy of SF IV
  2. tefu

    PS3: Is it worth getting one? PART 2

    EB had a good deal too, I bought mine for $698 with 3 games. 3 weeks ago PS3 good for - streaming media (use TVersity) - DVD upscaler (this is awesome, I still can't believe my DVD looks so much better in here) - Games - Blue Ray - Playstation Home (Second life, if you are into it, still on Beta and it's free) - Internet Browsing :D - HD audio - games on DTS sound, nuff said Bad - something wrong with their wireless - keeps getting disconnected from EA or playstation network, even when streaming media thru wireless, it stuttering sometimes. But when you hook it up with CAT5 cable, it works fine so I assume Sony needs a better driver for the wireless - expensive games - games are not in full HD (1080p), they are in 720p, still a HD. But I was hopping it will be on 1080P
  3. tefu

    Prince of Persia 2008

    I have finished the game. Graphic 8.5/10 It's beautiful, the cartoon looks are very good. The engine doesn't use much resources compare to the new games (e.g. stalkers, crysis, far cry 2 etc). I was playing this on 1900x1200 resolution and it's quite smooth on X1900XT Crossfire Gameplay 7/10 Good puzzle. Very repetitive though after a while. As said before, POP was very agile, specially on the last stage... you cannot make a mistake or you will start all over again. I've had to do it 4 -5 times. Due to console conversion, it's very annoying when you do the fight, it shows you the button colour (XBOX 360), instead of the key from keyboard. I keep missing the combo or block due to this. Combo is very hard, but once you master it, it's beautifully done Storyline 9/10 Story quite good, even though you have to listen to the 'T' for it, you don't have to, it can be skipped. The ending quite disappointment, it kinda let you hang in there. It didn't tell you why he's done it at the end. Playability 7/10 Once finished.... I don't think you will play again.around 10-12 hours gameplay Overall 7.9/10 My suggestion, if you want to play this game, get it on console. Finish it and sell the game
  4. I like it, makes it really smooth :D
  5. tefu

    Monitor upgrade...

    Thanks guys, I ended up got the 2709, it's a reconditioned from grays online... not too bad actually for 625 bucks (delivered). wish that has motion flow.... :( than that will be perfect.
  6. tefu

    Monitor upgrade...

    what's the different apart from the size from 275T and T260? T260 is cheaper but the spec looks a bit better, from contrast etc or should I just buy 32" SAMSUNG LCD TV....??? my friend told me to get that instead of pc monitor....
  7. tefu

    Monitor upgrade...

    I am upgrading my monitor,I have dell 20" at the moment, looking to upgrade to 27" or 24" with HDMI connection (for the PS3) any recomendation, had a look on DELL 2709W but there are few reviews saying the sides a bit darker... and noticable. Samsung 275T - no HDMI connection but it has HDCP (dunno how this work, apparently you can use adaptor from DVI to HDMI) not sure how good are they when it comes to response time, if you compare it with LCD TV with motion-flow feature. or maybe I should just get DELL 3008W, it has a good review by atomic but the price difference quite steep. or prob stick with 24" which has better response time and contrast? Can anyone see the pro and cons getting 24, 27 or 30"? also any recommended model?