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    Windows folder restrictions

    Excellent, all sorted. Was getting worried there for a while but thanks for your helps. I did that take ownership option on my menu and that's got it set, let do me it all in bulk too. Very good, thanks.
  2. nitro.vo

    Windows folder restrictions

    Sweet, well I can access the folders, however I can't open my photos. Access denied/ don't have permission to view. I've tried setting the owner on them too, but doesn't work.
  3. nitro.vo

    Windows folder restrictions

    Sweet, will try that. I think with my external hdd files, it was created under my laptop username and I secured it when lending my hdd out, but since getting it back I can't get the access back. Will let you know how I go, cheers dude
  4. Hi guys, Weird issue I've got. I've got a drive in my PC, found from an old PC so I made use of the extra hdd. It was working fine, I filled it up and used it constantly for a couple of months til it was full and I moved to another drive. Now when I try and access any folder on that drive, it's telling me I don't have folder permissions to access it. I've got folders of my photos and recorded music that I really need to get so i can at least back it up. I think it started happening after my win7 was corrupted and I had to rebuild the boot table or whatever it was. A few instances of repairing my windows start up as it wouldn't boot. I'm admin on my PC and always have been. no new accounts have beeen created on my windows. I've also got a folder on my external hdd that this is happening to, more important files I need. Windows says I do not have permission. I click on allow access and it fails to give me access. I've fiddled with the user profile accessability on the drive, the individual folders, the parent folders. It looks as though I should have full permissions with the folders. If there is no windows type of fix, is there any programs I can use to remove the restrictions or anything? It's really frustrating! Thanks in advance for your help and time.
  5. Good Ol' Mr Friendly has inspired a return to atomic but I'm really only interested in the photography forum so I might stick around :P Anyway,I ended up winning a lensbaby Tilt transformer for my m4/3rds GF1. It allows me to whack on some Nikon and Canon lens'. Thing is, I'm not skilled in the art of these lens' at all. I've chucked on my girlfriends standard lens, think its 28-55 or something, can't quiet remember at the mo' I couldn't figure it out, I think I need to play with the manual focusing stuff some more but I can't think what I could really use this adapter for. From what I understand, I'd be able to use canon/nikon lens to take tilt shift pictures? It came with no paper work or explanation so I've got no idea what to do with it. It's worth a small sum so I may sell it if I can't find a decent use for it otherwise I'll look into some 2nd hand lens to use with it, if someone could make any reccomendations? Thanks guys
  6. Hey guys, I've got a need to learn some photoshop skills, just basic things so I can find my own way after that. I'm looking at short courses, tafe offers them for about $400 for a few classes. Seems quite pricey, especially for tafe. I know tafe courses can be hit and miss so I'd want to know i'd be learning good shit and not wasting time and money. Has anyone done any of these courses? I want to try earn some money from my photos but don't feel confident charging people if I can only add a quick filter or something in a wizard-guide type application. There is also the option for private courses but they'll cost even more. Also I want to learn more about manual settings etc. I guess like a general digital photography course.. I know most manual things in my camera so it's not worth doing a short course on just that. I've bought guides, tried following videos etc online. I hate learning stuff with software that's complex to me unless I've got someone physically showing me. could someone guide me in the right direction? Thanks
  7. nitro.vo


    wow, that video is mind blowing. Those cars, tjhe lights.. it doesn't look like society.. I fuckin' love it!
  8. nitro.vo

    Am I as cool as Nitro?

  9. I've been working on cutting through a bush path, one I used to go down when i was a kid which would lead to a river. I'm trying to clear a path before it gets too hot and it's plagued by snakes. Is there any tips I could use to avoid snakes, as they scare the dick off me when in the wild. I'm trying to clear the ground path as much as I can, so I can at least see where I'm walking. running into a snake is my biggest fear of this little expedition.
  10. She played a backyard gig at this chicks place I went to tafe with. In tafe all she'd talk about was Amanda Palmer. Thought it was neato that she got her to play a private gig for her. Seems like a good person.
  11. Hi guys, For xmas, I got myself a pana GF1. I love it to bits, but haven't quite learnt full manual control and mostly stick to the scene settings or auto. My mates (metal) band has asked me to take some photos for them as they have no official band photos, just live shots. So we'll be going to this abandoned tram shed, http://www.sydneyarchitecture.com/GLE/GLE39.htm Can someone give me some tips, ideas or suggestions for taking some sweet shots? I've just got the pancake lens on my camera so no zooming or anything like that. Will take my tripod too. This is my first 'project' and i'm pretty excited just to go to that place and take some photos and get some experience, but it's all new to me. Thanks for your input guys. 'ppreciate.
  12. nitro.vo

    Working in the u.s

    Nd travel around. I could only find info on visas for aussies with a specific trade/ already have a job opportunity. Has anyone got any experience or advice for this sort of thing? Appreciated holmes
  13. nitro.vo

    Commodore lock issues

    Been having more issues with starting my car. Narrowed it down to my immobiliser being rooted so I'll get that checked out. But my car doesn't usually start now unless I lock my door then unlock it.
  14. nitro.vo

    Commodore lock issues

    Righto, Tried breaking into my car, couldn't do it so I gave up and called NRMA, signed up for 2yrs of roadside assist for $240. Spewin' at that amount right before xmas. Had no other choice and as logic pointed out, parking fine was min $200 and I'd still be car-less. So 2 NRMA guys rocked up, thought it was a dead battery, telling me i left my lights on (I didn't). They tried jumping my car, made no difference. They thought it was deadlocked, but then decided my lock was fucked in the key-hole (lol) They broke in using an inflatable thing to pop the windows and used wire to pull the lock. Once it was unlocked, my remote was working again, so for some reason my remote stopped responding until the.. i don't even know. So it seems to be ok, but the keylock doesn't and probably hasn't worked since I bought it as I've never used it. I'll get the remote checked out when I get my airbag failure checked out. p.s Anyone know what sort of place I'd have to go to for an airbag check? I think I read it has to be some certified Holden place or something? Thanks yo'
  15. nitro.vo

    Commodore lock issues

    I'm sorted, $240 later (NRMA) I'll elaborate when I get home. Cheers and thanks for the input fellaz. Appreciate it.