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  1. milamber_of_the_assembly

    What's on your mind?

    Happy new year! <M>
  2. milamber_of_the_assembly

    What's on your mind?

    Might be. I'm one of the callers for the QLD timezone countdown. Depends on whether I get called by the production team. Stream is live.twit.tv if you have nothing to do and want to watch. <M>
  3. milamber_of_the_assembly

    What's on your mind?

    Making sure the background doesn't look completely like a bomb hit it for the TWiT 24 hours of New Years. <M>
  4. milamber_of_the_assembly

    What's on your mind?

    Scanning old family photos. Then backing them up to the internet. In an encrypted blob. Because cloud. <M>
  5. milamber_of_the_assembly

    Child car seats

    I'd say turn them around when the chair manufacturer says. Wife and I had the same argument, both times, and it came down to activity, both of them wanted to see where we were going. Facing backwards is safest, but if the child is actively trying to change their seating position then it is probably time to change the seat around. We stopped putting our youngest (21 months) in backwards when he was 12 months old. Getting him into the seat facing backwards by that point was like putting a very grumpy, fat, pink, upside down banana in a seat from the angle he had to be in to get over the support straps. Turned the seat around, had the quietest car trip ever, because he was so amused watching the things go swooshing by outside. You have taken the biggest child car safety step, you have a car seat full stop :-) <M>
  6. milamber_of_the_assembly

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I finally bought something! And I bought lots :D 4x of these babys (1 of them is already working on my NAS) New router for better wireless. Hopefully it will eliminate that fucking annoying AirPlay lag between the phone and the stereo And another WAP, so I can have full signal anywhere in the house except the toilet (because I guess the toilet is a faraday cage or something) <M>
  7. milamber_of_the_assembly

    Statewide Telstra Outage

    3g Phones and ADSL went out on 26 for nearly 26 hours. Went out again on Sunday night, and stayed out until about 1pm on the 29th. I never worried about ours too much, we had working landlines even if it was flakier after 1pm on the 29th. Had a couple of Optus people that wouldn't shut up about the fact they still had coverage. Had to remind them that they only had coverage because Optus finally got off their ass and ran a fiber up to Rocky. Had it been a year earlier they would have been fucked too. <M>
  8. milamber_of_the_assembly

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    See that picture? I have one of those Megadrives sitting in my cupboard right now, not working. Oh how i wish i could figure out what is wrong and bring it back to life. That and the 30 odd games i have for it. One day....... <M>
  9. milamber_of_the_assembly

    Overdue and I can NOT wait...

    My sister was a week early and I was a week late, 25 years ago. With my kids, the second son was 2 days overdue but the first was spot on. Just the luck of the draw. and congrats! :D <M>
  10. milamber_of_the_assembly

    Folder options under windows 7

    On the Desktop if you Right click > View > Auto Arrange Icons. If you untick that option does that help? <M>
  11. milamber_of_the_assembly

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    That image on the front of the bluray is from an old 3D tech demo that came with some older AMD or Nvidia cards, I'm sure of it! Yep, it is still available here For reference this is the sushi.ini file i used to get it to work on my 16x10 1680x1050 monitor. but it DOES NOT like dual monitors. (keeps loosing focus) //============================================================================ // Sushi.ini - Engine initialization //============================================================================ // $Header: //depot/3darg/Demos/R300/Animusic/Rel/Sushi.ini#37 $ //============================================================================ demoName = "RADEON 9700\\nAnimusic's Pipe Dream\\nIn Real-Time" logo2 = T resolution = 1680x1050 multisampleType = 4 fullScreen = T aspect = 16x10 vsync = T numBackBuffers = 2 forceColorClear = F music = T soundfx = F cycleAllModes = F //launchMode = T //avi = T //aviFPS = 29.97 Also, my current Nvidia GT 460 OC doesn't even increase power usage to run this demo now, all it needs is a puny 256Mb of RAM and Direct X 9 (chortle) <M>
  12. milamber_of_the_assembly

    Speedtest.net - How fast is your ISP?

    1 door away from the exchange. 800m of cable between the exchange and my modem it used to connect at 20Mbps but now it seems to ony connect at around 16Mbps. i'll have to look into that later
  13. milamber_of_the_assembly

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Does that hurt your wrists to rest them on it? I find the edges of the Mac Books hurt my wrists after a while. <M>
  14. milamber_of_the_assembly

    Post of the Month!

    I was planning to write this post from the machine in question, but it just crashes IE every time I try and get to the forums. Surprisingly it loads the front page (badly, there is about 10 pages of space before the content) Thanks guys, now I guess I'll have to cancel that order for the Turtle Beach ones I have at Hardly Normal :D Did anyone sense some Steve Ballmer in there? I was going for a cross between him and 'but wait there's more!' <M>
  15. milamber_of_the_assembly

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    i for one would like to see a comparison video on youtube. pretty please with sugar, sprinkles, viagra and sexy women on top! <M>