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  1. gamble

    New Gaming Build

    My house was robbed and my pc's and many other thing were taken Yea it was a quick buy and didn't do any research on them. But was only slight higher than 2x8gb kit with better timings. I've seen how quad channel can sometimes give a boost in games depending on if ttop or daisy which I'm trying to figure out which this mb has. I thought Gamers Nexus had a dual vs quad on both types but can seem to find it. Wanted to play with quad channel some too as all my gaming rig have always been 2x8gb lately.
  2. Ordered a bunch of stuff, look forward to putting it all together once it all arrives. CPU Ryzen 5 3600x (Should be all I need for gaming mostly) MB ASUS TUF x570 Wifi (Looks to have good vrm) RAM 4x8 G.Skills Ripjaws V 3600 c16 -19-19-39 (Hope that I can tighten the timings, was on sale and thought I read of advantages of running quad) GPU RTX 2070 Super (Blower style, HP Omen series I believe. Got it off ebay for around 5700XT prices so thought I'd go with it. Plus was having crashes with 5700XT when playing World of Warships and it was pissing me off a bit. Other games worked fine though.) SSD 1x NVMe SX8200 Pro 512gb, 2x SSD Mushkin 1tb (Wanted to get different sizes/qty but did it this way to get more paid back) PSU EVGA SuperNova 1000 PQ (Overkill but was on sale) CASE Phanteks Enthoo Pro Tempered Glass (Went full size to make it easier to work inside) LOOP EK Classic RGB P360 Kit (Pump looks to be only ok but not a d5. Might look to add a gpu block later. Ordered some extra fitting and a drain valve) MONITOR LG 32GK650G-B G-Sync 31.5" 2560x1440p 144hz (Was 50% off and wanted to try g-sync monitor, its also flat which I wanted to go back to.) Some things I had to order a certain way to get depreciation value back from insurance, like the water kit... I couldn't piece it together and needed to be a single item purchase. Basically, they say it's worth for example ~350 but its 5 years old so we will give you ~125, but if you buy it again and turn in receipt, we will give you up to $350-125(that was already paid). But my old 3700x cpu, they didn't depreciate it much and gave me nearly the current price it is going for, so I just got a lesser priced 3600x that was on sale this last week and used that money on other parts of the build. Tried to get everything on sale for this build and play the numbers game. I did order a cheap gpu AIO water block but not sure if it will fit what I have or if it will do good. Im going to test with the blower first then try it out later. It has aluminum and copper mixed so it wont last all that long but it was cheap to play with and might be able to use parts of it later or just connect the block part to EK kit but yea need to check on that. http://www.idcooling.com/Product/detail/id/134/name/FROSTFLOW 120VGA Should be a fun build, can't wait to run it thru the benchmarks
  3. Video is all you should need to upgrade, still a great cpu that you could OC too. Looking at most charts, even a rtx 2070 Super should be just fine for 1440p with mostly ultra settings. https://www.techpowerup.com/review/msi-geforce-rtx-2070-super-gaming-z-trio/29.html https://www.techpowerup.com/review/msi-geforce-rtx-2070-super-gaming-z-trio/29.html Might be the better buy for cost/performance.
  4. Well I came across a possible deal on ebay for a rtx 2070 super... It was priced at around the 5700xt range... Thing is, it is a HP 2070 Super per the listing... I cannot seem to find any pictures or model information on this card. I bought it on a chance that it really is a super model even if a blower model. I can find a few image of a HP 2080, which per my listing looks the same. Another weird thing is the images he uploaded had a few benchmarks but they mentioned 2080S... So, there is some variables with this purchase, fingers crossed
  5. I'm think of going hard tubes next... ^ It looks great. I do like the ease of use on flex tubes so not sure yet. I like the open case but I think it might be somewhat loud, no?
  6. Nice score, AMD seems to like this bench. Core clock is up there! How's temps at high clocks on gpu/cpu?
  7. Yea I agree on the gpu. Probably will go cheap even a 580 would probably do. Not sure if I will go tiny or large. I did find that most of the time I wished I had more room to get cards in around tubes and such. I side upgrade more than most just to play around. Probably go full size atx. I haven't built a ground up pc in years. It has always had repurpose of parts. I can't really say what I want to go with until I get some $$ from insurance. Ill probably go with AMD again but might see what Intel is priced out now a days too. The thing I like about Intel is being able to OC. With Ryzen, it is all just with Ram and Infinity to gain. Ill probably go water again with either setup... I have not researched AIO or separate kits from say EK in a long time. Anyone have any good links comparing? Probably will not put the video card under water since most run pretty cool now. -- My sons pc was taken too, so will probably use my 2600x and Hynix ram that they didn't take. He had an Asrock itx Fatality mb and a smaller mid atx case. He loves rgb so will configure something for him on that too. Son's PC: CPU: 2600x (reuse) Cooler: Need a cooler since I dont have one anymore, the wraith was great since it had rgb. If I go with AMD on my build, I can use it. RAM: 2x 8gb EVGA SC 3200 (reuse) Case: Looking for something with a window and RGB lights, mid tower PSU: 600w or less (550 B3 from EVGA he had before) semi or full modular GPU: 580 or 1060 (had a 580 before, guess this will depend on ebay as used is fine) Fans: If case doesnt have fans that are rgb SSD: 1tb SSD, nvme will probably cost too much and this should be fine. Any SSD would probably do. MB: probably b450 or cheap x470 For this build, I do not want to go highend but more for the "bling" factor with lights. The last case had a horrible layout and was difficult to even close the right side with all the psu cables and such (DIYPC Crystal-D2-RGB Black). He might want the same case though as he keeps saying he doesn't want a new pc but wants his old one... Any suggestions on the above?
  8. House was robbed.... Glad you make these part list, great reference... Sucks as I finally had everything the way I wanted, now not sure what parts I'll go with for a new build.
  9. gamble

    Fan arrangement

    I use to have that card and it ran cool when set in MSI Afterburner to 65% fan curve at 60c. Might try that, it was pretty quiet to me at that %.
  10. gamble

    Fan arrangement

    Looks like you can add one more to the front of the chassis. You would want to have that flow "in" like the other front fan. Do you have the fans connected to the motherboard or with a fan controller? If so, they might only be set to a low setting like silent and if the CPU is cold, it might not be requesting for the case fans to rev up. Like I have my case fans set to my cpu temp (cpu fan optional port), they dont go up unless the cpu temp does but that might hurt if my cpu is running really cool and my gpu is being pegged. Manually setting the low side fan curve for the case fans (from say 300rpm to 700rpm) might be the way to go or move the fan setting to standard or turbo from silent. Is your gpu blower style? You could try to replace the TIM too on the gpu.
  11. Do you have to buy it? Any demo? Didnt find one in a quick search.
  12. Yea nice that you mentioned as others might learn from it we all do something like this at times... On water I see spikes to 67c at times but I have my fans for rad on low, you are still running really good temps for sure
  13. gamble

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    Yea, it almost appears that it was near the end of the life for that mill's teeth... Still really surprise at how much that helped, possibly mount pressure and TIM helped too. Looks like Ive reached the limit of the chip at around 2070mhz stable before crashes. For now Im just going to keep it at 2025mhz with +30% powerlimit, as this is the sweet spot. It will run about the same temps as stress testing but will fluctuate to seemingly to maintain 70c core and 90c junction. Still having some driver issues when trying to manually set the fan curve so I just let it do its thing but thought it was interesting how the fan was curving differently than stress tests as games do not stress it as hard. I see the fan kicks on in games up to 50%, temps will start to fall, fan curve would lower and repeat. Id like to be able to kick the fan curve to 50% at 60c and just let it run cool as 50% fan is low noise level. I might just lap all heatsinks moving forward, definitely need some lower grit to start off with or you spend hours like I did
  14. gamble

    USB dropping out with wheel

    Might be port going to sleep/suspend mode: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.windowscentral.com/how-prevent-windows-10-turning-usb-devices%3famp
  15. Sounds like a bad mount or maybe you can change the fan profile. You can try the wrath cooler too to compare. It is quite a good cooler actually and use this on my sons pc.