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  1. Yea it is a bit nerve racking... If you got that other chip then you would have a backup just in case. There is also delid kits you can get used off ebay really cheap that makes it much easier. Your cooler might or probably need to have different offsets for mounting.
  2. gamble

    H80 test with water in\out temp

    At that price you could buy a full block for the card and know it will work?
  3. gamble

    H80 test with water in\out temp

    Right on, hopefully they can make something somewhat cheap. Might need some 90 degree fittings to fit in case?
  4. If you download msi afterburner, use the oc scanner built in to get a free performance boost. Plenty of YouTube videos on how to run this and works with rtx cards. Nice to see you are getting some extra legs on your cpu.
  5. gamble

    H80 test with water in\out temp

    maybe use thermal pad over the hbm area and regular tim for the core area. Maybe that would help from chipping ... maybe not though lol
  6. gamble

    H80 test with water in\out temp

    Kinda why I asked bc I wonder if you could use the h80 on the VII with a bit of zip ties magic
  7. gamble

    H80 test with water in\out temp

    It seems the washers help with mount pressure give some c. It sounds like rad is the biggest down fall? Delid should do tons, id say probably a good 7c. I did the razer way but see there is some cool delid kits for a few bucks on ebay used. How you liking the VII? Did you get it under water? Seen some crazy bench scores from some with those beasts.
  8. https://www.anandtech.com/show/14327/samsung-to-end-b-die-ddr4-memory Kind of suprised. You think they end a different and keep this.
  9. gamble

    AMD Zen

    Well there is already a 2700x, question is what will the do to make this 50th anniversary 2700x special
  10. gamble

    AMD Zen

    Yea read that makes no sense as maybe some special etching? Lol Yea you're right unsold 2700x... Maybe binned but it so close to 3000 series release not sure why anyone would go that way
  11. gamble

    AMD Zen

    It will probably come down to power requirements with the new release. I get MSI's position but they should at the very least have support for their top end boards with next gen release. Or, have limited support and updated cpu verifications... Meaning X board will support up to the 8 core new cpu's but maybe not 12 core and their top board might support 12 core but not 16 core, or something like that. Possibly they could also have support for all with limited core boosts/clocks or disabling new features, like when xfr2 was not available for X370 when 2000 series released. Asus has already released a bios for upcoming on my board, I believe for X370 too, it would leave a sour taste in consumers if MSI don't show some support for older gen board if amd is playing that song from the beginning.
  12. This was interesting... I would have thought that gsync would have come out ahead but they reached a different conclusion. I bet a few years back it might have been a different story though. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-gsync-vs-amd-freesync-test-comparison,39042.html
  13. gamble

    AMD Zen

    What would be really interesting is if you could run the same timing and clocks between systems with the same sticks. x470-I looks like has the 2 ram slots, guessing the x570-I will have the same and looking at page 4 on the techpoweredup link, should give better results for OC on ram. I had no idea it was better to have 2 slot vs daisy chain on MB's and how t-topolgy was better for 4 sticks. 2600 is a great chip, Im using 2600x and its solid for everything I do. I really just want to get my hands on a chip with higher clocks. There seems to be some good price drops here and there on the current 2000 series chips. My sons 2200g was great for general gaming for roblux and minecraft but once he started playing fortnite it was a bit choppy, threw in a RX 580 used off ebay and it is an impressive system for the price. He will be getting my 6 core eventually once 3000 series releases. That RX 580 pumps out good frames and the Nitro version stays really cool once I played with the fan curve some. Crap overclocker though, hey I had test this out I cant help to wonder how Intel responds, should have new products only a few months after 3000 launches with 10nm? I haven't seen any delays on that, but want to support AMD, not because I dont like Intel products.
  14. gamble

    AMD Zen

    Such a well written procedure for tweaking ram timings. Im going to try to get some more out of my ram. It is 3466 sticks but Im stuck at 3266 and would like to see if I could follow this guide for more performance. Anyone going with 3000 series when released? https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/AMD/Ryzen_Memory_Tweaking_Overclocking_Guide/