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  1. gamble

    AMD Zen

    10% average would be great with a bit more clocks.
  2. gamble

    AMD Zen

    If would be amazing if gaming was +5 on ipc and with like you said some more clocks. Seems like clocks is the biggest thing from gain more ground in gaming. AMD is pretty good about price for the amount of cores you get. Hoping there is some OC fun to be had as xfr really does good job but would like more headroom.
  3. gamble

    AMD Zen

    Right! Crazy how small the chip was... Some found this in between the layers of the pcb.... We were all discussing it at work.
  4. gamble

    Nvidia - Turing/Volta

    Well Im glad I cancelled my preorder.... Just wanted to get in line if it was going to be a good upgrade going to the 2080... But would make no sense for that small improvement and not getting a good price for my current card. Id probably consider it if I was buying new or doing a major upgrade though. Used priced on the 1080 ti are crazy good right now as people keep dumping their cards. Looking at the games I mainly play, there would be no noticeable benefit it seems. Is DLSS only for RTX lineup or will it be for previous gen? I guess if many devs implement DLSS then there might be a good boost after awhile. https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/NVIDIA/GeForce_RTX_2080_Founders_Edition/33.html
  5. gamble

    Time for upgrade soon

    I believe that specific set of Flare are to play nice with Ryzen cpu's, which probably have an XMP profile too I would think. The other has RGB tho The 1080 Ti is temping many right now for the low prices... The 2080 non ti might match its performance but those reviews should be out within a week. 1080 Ti might be the way to go to save a bit and get nearly the same performance of the 2080 non Ti if shows up that way as some of the leaks show. Also, Intel might be releasing its new chips here soon too "9700k" (solder tim/ihs). But the 8086k is probably not worth the extra over the 8700k as both should OC the same. AMD 2700x might be something to consider or the 2600x and non x, all of which might go a bit lower if Intel releases something here soon. Usually, the MB are cheaper too on AMD side. Or, you could buy the monitor and card now (or wait just a tiny bit longer for reviews on the RTX2000 series) and see if that does it for you. Im running 1440p and with everything on ultra in BFV demo I was between 80-110 fps usually but my card is OC some but the cpu (2600x, 6 core) is running stock.
  6. gamble

    Nvidia - Turing/Volta

    This guy is an editor! sooo funny wow, the comments are on fire... he even called out another writer for Toms...JustBuyIt
  7. gamble

    Nvidia - Turing/Volta

    Seem like we should be comparing RTX 2080 to the GTX 1080 ti? and the 1080 ti is dropping in price... I don't know if it is really worth it. Not only that, right now almost all are 800US+. Ebay has tons of 1080 ti for under 550US some as low as 500. Then there is the shrink to 7nm what next year? So, I watch bunch of videos and some say they shifted or changed the naming (the confusion with Titan X, Xp all that) with this line up as the 2080 ti is the Titan and 2080 is the ti... but yet they did this to try to say the 1080 non ti is the comparison card at this price point? Im not sure how good the DLSS is going to be but does seem to give a good boost if the title supports it. To be honest I did pre-order the RTX 2080 but might cancel as I wanted to get in line if it was a good card... Waiting on leaks and some numbers before cancelling as there is a month to wait. I could sell my card being the Strix version it looks like around 575 - 625 currently only and this card was RTX 2080 was 800US, same price I paid for the 1080ti... Im still up from selling my Vega 56 for double what I paid, which I was able to get the 1080ti then... Looking more like a side grade at this point but like to play with new stuff for the fun of it. Probably just cancel and wait till next year but will hold out for awhile for more info.. https://www.extremetech.com/gaming/275961-nvidia-claims-rtx-gpus-are-much-faster-than-pascal-by-deliberately-comparing-the-wrong-cards
  8. gamble

    Nvidia - Turing/Volta

    https://wccftech.com/nvidia-geforce-rtx-2080-gaming-performance-benchmarks-2x-over-gtx-1080-4k/ Some performance #s from Nvidia...
  9. gamble

    Nvidia - Turing/Volta

    I watched some of the reveal, but didn't catch it all... Was interesting with the ray tracing stuff but what about performance on the current games? Whats with the new measurement tool they using to measure performance, Im assuming its just for ray tracing. Then theres the new twin cooler, probably much quieter.
  10. gamble

    Nvidia - Turing/Volta

    Really like his videos
  11. gamble

    Nvidia - Turing/Volta

    Prices dropping so much... Ebay has 1080 ti used going for crazy prices... Rtx series should be here in a few days. Some reports the rtx 2080 at 8% faster than 1080 ti with price of 800us. If true then 1080ti might be a great bargain as everyone starts to dump them.
  12. gamble

    Project Darkling

    What kind of probe you using? Did it help for benchmarks running as a dedicated physics cards? I think in the nvidia settings you have to point to it if you want it to be dedicated, you probably already did that just surprised it did not give any improvement.
  13. gamble

    Dropping out

    Power cycle the modem before launching a game. Ask for a replacement modem if they own it.
  14. gamble

    AMD Zen

    Glad there's 2 true players... Im hoping AMD keeps it up but supposed Intel new chips with solder, more cores and high clocks will keep it interesting.
  15. gamble

    Dead VGA?

    Try installing older drivers... Few other suggestions for the same code 43: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/861231/geforce-drivers/nvidia-amp-windows-10-how-i-solved-the-code-43-error-/