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  1. gamble

    AMD Zen

    52 CU's x 64 = 3328 cores? (guessing) vs 5700 xt that has 2560 cores. Could be quite powerful.
  2. gamble

    AMD Zen

    Hmmm might try this out:
  3. gamble

    AMD Zen

    Lot of good stuff!
  4. gamble

    Regular laptop or 2-in-1 ?

    We bought a Acer Chromebook Spin 13 with a i5-8250. It's touch screen, has a pen and powerful cpu but runs on chrome os... Maybe look at a Surface pro or Lenovo Yoga c930 if you will be using more Microsoft stuff for a 2 in 1.
  5. I have the sx 8200 pro, I really enjoy mine. Really as long as it is pci gen3 4x nvme or up you will not be able to tell any of them apart. Gen4 is great because the read goes up, which to me is more important. But the price/performance is key too. They all write about the same unless there is really large files... I want the read speed after write is done. Below is a decent list: https://www.gamingpcbuilder.com/best-m-2-nvme-ssd/
  6. gamble

    What's on your mind?

    I think the box is the only place I post lol, I think the green room maybe 5 times Glad you did, enjoy your rig!!!!!
  7. Which docking station you use? I went all nvme/ssd's in my current rig but have been looking for external enclosures for my sata 3.5" 2tb drives (backups, video and photos).... theres lots out there and I have been trying to decide but these things (docks/enclosures) have limited reviews... I like the docking station idea so I can flop them in and out. I did see some with 2 slot docks built-in that looks like for replication. Undecided still Dont mean to hijack but kinda on subject as op might need a new dock or enclosure.
  8. That's got to be a wonder experience over the lappy! The gpu should do fine at 1080p for most things and like you said you can upgrade in the future when needed, or overclock it when you need to (or now for the fun of it ) WoT should run in the 70~80fps range I would think at ultra. The 2600 is a great chip, the price is hard to beat. Probably fine but you might want to check the ram is running at the bandwidth in the bios and set it to docp (xmp). If it wont take 3200, you should be able to run it at 2933. I mention as I had issue with running over 2933mhz. It might do the 3 post boot when you first set it, if it is not already. Enjoy!
  9. gamble

    AMD Zen

    HWiNFO64 v6.22-4460 seems really accurate to me as far as clock, temp and volts... in Win10 pro that is... Maybe give this a try for for Linux: https://github.com/ocerman/zenmonitor
  10. gamble

    Logic's woes.

    If the fans are still connected the headers, you can unplug them to see if the sound and wifi come back, possibly they are shorting something somehow? Maybe even just unplug everything attached to sound card first and reboot, check if wifi is good after reboot... if no wifi then remove sound card, check if wifi is good... If not, remove wifi card and put sound card back in, see if sound card is good. This way you can see which one is causing the problem, if it is that. With the fan headers going out too, I wonder if the board is going. Almost sounds like a short though, like something is touching maybe from the case... maybe that coolant is running on the backside of the mb somewhere? But yea your plan looks good.
  11. yea if the gpu only upgrade works out for you, dad and you are both happy If not you could still upgrade the rest while already having the gpu purchased.
  12. gamble

    Nvidia - Turing/Volta

    2060 KO has 2080 die...
  13. Stock Ram 3600mhz/1800mhz Infinity (1:1) it is usually 71-72ns on latency. 3733/1867 (1:1) give 68ns latency. I tried a few things, set my ram to 3600mhz and then the Infinity to 1867mhz... My latency went way up to 78ns. I might play around with removing 2x sticks for some comparison tests...
  14. When I was building my rig, I went with 4x dimms and a 3600x to try 4x dimms as I always do 2x8gb... It was that or 3700x with 2x dimms to keep in my budget. I remember Gamers Nexus mentioning some advantages with 4x but really from my old rig to this one, it feels the same when gaming. Possibly, since I have 4x dimms is why I cant go above 3733 as the article mentions that 3600mhz could be stressful on the controller. Really curious if 4x dual rank sticks are any different from 4x single rank dimms.