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  1. gamble

    Project Darkling

    Nice OC! Do you think the dimms are getting too hot? Maybe a small fan over them might help with timings or bandwidth? My chips get up over 50c without the fans and then get errors/shutdown. Latency is pretty amazing wow. If you raise the trfc or disable gear down maybe that can help too?
  2. Should be a great pc and can sell old stuff to help pay for gpu .. would love some pics when you complete your build.
  3. gamble

    Project Darkling

    What TIM did you use under the ihs? Did you do the float or seal it back on? PS. loved the throw back pics
  4. PSU will be fine but it looks like the 750w is only $20 more. There has been many good reviews on the 5700xt PowerColor Red Devil, but it is mostly black with some red.
  5. gamble

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    Looks like PowerColor released a good cooling card for the 5700xt, red devil series. The cards still do great against nvidia for the most part if you find them at the right (correct) price.
  6. gamble

    AMD Zen

    Pretty much. Ryzen 1000 series I was able to do 4000mhz, Ryzen 2000 series 4150mhz and this one is probably closer to 4300mhz but takes some volts. Only the 1700x did I keep it OC'ed, the last two did better leaving them on their own
  7. gamble

    AMD Zen

    Tried to OC some more but really takes too much volts to run stable with anything over 4300mhz. It really just does a good job by itself. Im seeing 4275 to 4325mhz in BFV running ultra without ray tracing and vsync off. In general it runs games at 4250 - 4350mhz depending on the map or game. Its a bit strange how its hard to run over 4300 all core OC when it will do it by itself. below is after an hour, it will hit bounce around those clocks but not lower. Without OC I can set my fans on low for the rad and pump at 1350rpm. This then hits up to 70c but usually in the lower 60's. Light desktop stuff, at least half the cores will hit 4400 quite a bit too. Yea OC just still not worth it, waiting for another bios to give it a go.
  8. gamble

    AMD Zen

    Yea, like Tomb Raider and Last Light... I just didnt want to bother changing the range to show this better, I was just done messing with it at that point The other charts seem to show this much better.
  9. gamble

    AMD Zen

    yea that is strange at those different res for Tomb. As cheap as some of those older cpu's are now, for a gaming rig running 1440p or 4k you cannot go wrong with many options, just gpu bound mostly. Save the money for a good gpu and psu.
  10. gamble

    AMD Zen

    Looking here it's only 3% https://www.techpowerup.com/review/amd-ryzen-5-3600/16.html
  11. gamble

    AMD Zen

    Yea at 1440p it was going to be small jump just thought it would be a bit more. Im sure on productivity suites it would be large gains but being mostly a games test here, all GPU limited. 1080p would have saw probably a few more percent in games but 1440p is what I game at and wanted to check as most reviewers did 1080p.
  12. gamble

    AMD Zen

    New found appreciation for those that do reviews... this took quite some time to run, plot and chart... I was going to do loose 3733 vs 3733 tight timings but I dont think it would be worth the time as this took hours and the difference is small. If I ran 1080p, the difference would be more pronounced Im sure like reviews have done. Besides TimeSpy and FireStrike, all were ran at 1440p and the same GPU clocks. Stock XMP profile 3200mhz vs Tight timings 3733mhz both were 1:1 ratio with Infinity:
  13. I actually like that case it is so different. Freaking hard tubes look great, probably be my next project with a new case in a year or so. Look forward to seeing what you can push that 7700k too
  14. gamble

    AMD Zen

    3600 is a killer chip for the price. I might have gone that way if it was released and reviewed at the same time as the 3700x/3900x. Yea that kit will be just fine... So, I just bought one of these ram coolers since it has a pwm, was cheap and can angle it. I thought my ghetto fix with the foam would be enough but I cant take it and the leds are sooo bright, Im just done with the Gskill one... https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32750671016.html Product Dimension 157(L) x 64(W) x 102(H)mm Box Dimension 145(L) x 68(W) x 50(H)mm N.W. 185g G.W. 225g Memory Type DDR DDR2 DDR3 DDR4 DDR5 Voltage 12V Fan Speed 500-4000RPM Current 0.22A Bearing Type Hydraulic bearing Air Fow 6.8-19CFM±10%(single 6025) Air Pressure 0.59-4.36mmH2O±10%(single 6025) Cable Longth 20cm Connector 2510-4 pin(PWM) Noise Level 10.8-32.1dB(A)±15% Accessories Extended cable 10cm with 4pin connector - 1, Extended cable 6cm with Molex (M&F) 4pin connetcor - 1, Screwdriver -1 Gskill cooler has 22dB (fixed, cannot adjust speed) and 8.6 CFM vs this one that has 10.8dB on low with 6.8-19CFM... Just hope the sound pitch is different. I like that I can angle it too.
  15. gamble

    AMD Zen

    Or do all 3 But Yea big gains from timings. Running 1440p res my gain are even smaller of course for games. Seems like some games like it and everything seems super quick all around with tight timings. But did have to put ras back to 32 as it errored at 2.5hrs in Aida, memtest passed 1700% and p95 was good over 8hrs. That is why I test so much as I want 100% stable. That was a really good review and liked how he tested several cards and highlighted stuff when talking and comparing. -- Sucks about losing 4.0 in upcoming bios but I currently don't have a use for it. Just knowing it can and they won't, is just strange from amd. Installed latest chipset drives but monitoring software (msi afterburner and hwmonitor) is reporting wrong clocks vs Master.