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  1. gamble

    AMD Zen

    https://www.techspot.com/amp/article/1809-amd-intel-radeon-geforce-config-test/ Interesting article, 3x gpus with 2x cpu's.
  2. gamble

    Radeon VII (VEGA 20)

    Im gonna guess putting it under water? But man I can't believe you got that in there after seeing the pic!
  3. Great results! Looks like that card has lots of potential. Look forward to seeing more After the new board I was able to run my ram at it's rated speed of 3466 but it requires 1.58v so running it at 3266 16-16-16-36 1T. Did a compare of the last few cards below. I know your 1070 was a better OC'er but threw it up mine as well. This is with my 2080 running as has much as it will go +165 (1995 to 2085c) / +1300 8300m. Power limit is what holds it back, the temps with fan at 70% never hit over 67c so I dont think water would help out much for gaming or benching. Especially since it runs sub 60c for much of the bench runs as they are short. I can game at this setting but run around +70 2000c/+1000 8000m for daily as there just isn't much gain past that it seems. FireStrike: https://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/18631627/fs/18632700/fs/14716114/fs/13625478/fs/12182486 Graphics Score: 2600x/Rtx2080: 29187 1700x/Gtx1080 Ti: 29677 1700x/RX56(flashed to 64): 22098 1700x/Gtx1070: 19865 -- TimeSpy: https://www.3dmark.com/compare/spy/6510932/spy/3321791/spy/2719676/spy/1480735 Graphics Score: 2600x/Rtx2080: 11975 1700x/Gtx1080 Ti: 10418 1700x/RX56(flashed to 64): 7203 1700x/Gtx1070: 6340 Superposition: 7555
  4. gamble

    Radeon VII (VEGA 20)

    would that put too much pressure on only one side of the hbm, it might chip the edge? Just seems like it would be difficult to lap to have a step up over hbm. If lapped enough, possibly a thermal pad over the hbm and normal tim on the block... Maybe tape off the hbm portion on the block to ensure it is an even step.
  5. gamble

    Radeon VII (VEGA 20)

    Block: https://amp.tomshardware.com/news/bykski-launches-radeon-vii-waterblock,38744.html
  6. gamble

    Radeon VII (VEGA 20)

    Right on, should be fun card to play with!
  7. gamble

    Radeon VII (VEGA 20)

    Yea, the time tweaking/modding is the best part! It is as much fun as using it for gaming and productivity to me I probably have done more side grades than most people, as long as I can get in it for nearly even, because I want to play with something new and see how it performs.. Hell, I know for the most part how it will perform, I just want to play. If it costs me $50 to side grade for a new card or part after owning the old part for a year and has relative close performance, its like buying a new single player campaign game lol... Side note, my MB died.. Pissed me off wanted it to last till the new x570 boards released... I picked up a C7H board and Im playing with ram timings since it has much better options (like built in Stilts timings in the bios)... Ill post some results once I get everything benched/tested in the other thread we had going for ram timings.. So far all my synthetic scores are up over the Biostar, even up over when I had 1700x even thou I have 2600x now... Bios is quite good and stable
  8. gamble

    Radeon VII (VEGA 20)

    Very impressive results! I might have been a bit harsh when this came out... It might be a tweakers dream card, some blocks from say EK really might open it up more. Looks like they have progressed quite well on the tables and power. I wonder if these will be what to expect from water or if some lottery luck.
  9. I tried it out with my freesync monitor / nvidia card, and it flickers in menus and in game on the white areas. It was driving me crazy and I've turned it off. You might be able to OC the monotor and adjust the range so you have a better experience on low fps scenes. Maybe you can change the ms response from high to med or low. Not sure if you have that option but mine has Overdrive for lower response and support told me to try a lower setting with Freesync enabled. Also read somewhere that lowering from 8bit has helped some.
  10. gamble

    AMD RX Vega announcement.

    http://www.staticice.com.au/cgi-bin/search.cgi?q=CQ32G1 AOC model looks good
  11. gamble

    Radeon VII (VEGA 20)

    might as well remove the games or have the option to, reduce the price by 100 and let the miners and gamers fight it out over msrp... 1080 ti is kinda a steal now second hand. 2080 and VII are just too high priced and only makes sense if buying new. VII going to use more power and have some driver issues it appears from the reviews for certain games. Im always rooting for AMD, maybe Navi will look better for the mid range.
  12. gamble

    AMD RX Vega announcement.

    You could probably overclock the monitor too and get a bit better range depending. Blurbusters has UFO test and other tools and lists: https://www.blurbusters.com/monitor-list/ultrawide-monitors/ Tools: https://www.monitortests.com/
  13. gamble

    AMD RX Vega announcement.

    I cant see myself going over 32", maybe 34" on an ultrawide as it is quite large sitting in front of. I really like 1440p as it seems to be the best compromise and can still get high fps. But I think 3440x1440p would have been better over 2560x1440p that Im running. I personally like 1800r but did take a bit to get use to from flat. Might check user reviews/comments to see if it runs gsync as good as freesync before buying.
  14. Nah I was just joking about Vega 7 So, I have been playing around some more, I have noticed that when I change the power management under control panel from Adaptive to Optimal, I can run higher clock yet still on the core. Kinda sucks since I should have checked that first but this really only improved benchmarks a bit. The memory has topped out at around 1300 as 1350 would bench only halfway thru. I can game with Civ6 or BFV at 2100mhz without or very little throttle, it is nearly flat lined. Im going to push it higher today or tomorrow to see what it's very top limit is. Of course, benchmarks, especially newer version will hit the power limit and still drop down at time to 1995 for certain frames in Timespy. Even with these high OC, it is still only on par with 1080 ti on most as they trade blows. And after all this Ill settle for probably 2055mhz/16000mhz on everyday use. I really want to upgrade my CPU to Ryzen 2 when it is released, I had $ set aside for this in case they launched after CES... Bring on the 12core 5+ ghz cpus! Ill take some screenshots as to what I see on the throttling for the core vs power limit if someone would like to see them on certain game/benches.