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  1. gamble

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    Hmmm I'll try that volt as I'm running lower clock and should not need as much. Using FireStrike extreme stress test. I'll try 2000mhz to at 30% and 1.18v too.
  2. gamble

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    Gigabyte released a new bios for my card that give +500rpm on the fan. Ive been doing lots of testing and comparing different results for temp, junction temp, volts and clocks. Basically, if I set higher than 20% on power limit, then it will hit junction temp quicker and will fluctuate the core and volts more. Ive tested with Firestrike stress test that does 20 loops which give you gaming boosts. Red highlight is stock: Core: 1800 to 1900mhz, lots of fluctuation. Volts: never reach 1.2v Power: 0% offset Core temp: 67c Junction: under 95c Yellow highlight: Core: 1920mhz to 1965mhz, very little fluctuation and usually around 1950mhz Volts: 1.181 to 1.2v little fluctuation Power: +20% Core temp: 72c Junction: under 105 to 109c Green highlight: Core: 1900mhz to 1964mhz, fluctuation Volts: 1.16 to 1.2v fluctuation Power: +15% Core temp: 71c Junction: under 105 to 109c It seems for this card to get the most consistent core clock, mainly due to temp of junction, +20% on the power is the best. This runs the core the closest to my target gaming clock of 1950mhz. It also allows for the voltage to run much flatter. Over +20% power just means Ill hit 110c on junction, but +20% is 105 - 109c most of the time and basically the thermal limit before measures kick in to cool it. Sure I can do +50% on power and run the core clock higher but it will jump all over the place for core mhz once it heats up. +50% is great for short runs like benchmarking as it will not get that hot for too long so it will run the +2050mhz. It is when you try to do anything longer, like gaming, that it will cause much more drops in clocks. I find that the yellow to be the overall best for everyday on this particular card. If I had it under water, I could get the junction down and probably run it closer to 2100mhz without fluctuations but I dont think it will be much of a performance gain in real world, probably under 5%, more like 3%. Glad GB released this bios update for a bit higher fan profile as Afterburner and Wattman just do not work right when trying to mess with fan profiles. Any really cheap waterblocks for this card? Everything Ive seen just doesn't seem worth it being over $100 US. At that point I should have got a 2070 super, so that is why I hesitate to even get a block. Maybe a universal? But would again need to be cheap or second hand....
  3. gamble

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    5700xt vs 2080 both OC'ed Metro Exodus: This card Im quite happy with. For 1440p gaming and being close to more expensive cards, its a good buy. Really think I should have got the 5700 and did the bios mod. Just wish I could play with the fan profile without the flickering. Im sure that will be fixed eventually. BFV runs really good and Metro runs good... I didn't run ray with either of those games when I have 2080 as it is taxing so just another reason why it didnt hurt much for me to down grade.
  4. gamble

    AMD Zen

    wow he spent some time working on that breakdown and nice results. I like the aida stuff so I can compare against. I wonder why he didn't do 1:1 for his 3600 c14 test, it made his latency horrible. The two 3800 c12 and c15 test are quite amazing. 4000 test @ 2:1 not quite as good, copy is up but at the expense of latency. Looks like he got a good set of kits!
  5. gamble

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    Ive been playing around with my RX 5700XT and it seems to be a great card, especially for the price. I can OC it decently but much over 2000mhz it doesn't seem to add much do to temp. The memory I can max at 925-950mhz which from what I read is rare. The core temp is under 70c and usually around 65c but the "hot spot or junction" gets up to 110c with OC and hovers around 100c with a mild OC. This will throttle the card at that point. It not like there is an issue as most cards will hit this, just it needs to be under water to really unleash the true potential. BFV runs smoother and just as many frames as my RTX 2080. Even though the RTX 2080 does the same frames... the 5700xt runs better and literally can tell and feels less choppy. Im running the same settings. Issues: This one is known but if you use MSI afterburner and try to use custom fan curve, it will make the screen flicker. Another issue I ran into a few times is running less intensive games like World of Warships, it will sometimes try to jump the clocks way too high, like 2400mhz which will crash the game.. possibly since I had afterburner running so testing without it running. Its strange since that game usually runs really low clocks as it just doesn't need a lot of gpu. My hope was to be able to get 9500 graphics score with Timespy and I have been able to get this with ~2050mhz core and 950mhz memory. Firestrike it does really well but cant match the VII or 2080 still: Timespy: https://www.3dmark.com/compare/spy/8679648/spy/8030996 FS: https://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/20068095/fs/20572601 Ill probably end up replacing the TIM to see if that helps some but really it is running well and seems they built it into it to hit those temps to give best clocks and noise level, this was a good article: https://www.extremetech.com/gaming/296577-why-110-degree-temps-are-normal-for-amds-radeon-5700-5700-xt Edit: Running BFV for hours at stock settings gives 65c with junction usually under 90c. That give around 1875 to 1925mhz on the core. That is with fan on auto or 1950rpm gaming.
  6. gamble

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    Nah, 5700 xt does good with 1440p especially with the games I play. Feel like the 2080 is going to lose value here soon... A bit of me wanted an all AMD rig too
  7. gamble

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    I purchased a RX 5700 XT Gigabyte Gaming OC and should be here late this week. Something new to play with and pocket some extra cash from my RTX 2080 sale. Looks like similar heatsink as on my 2080 Gigabyte. Only could find a few reviews for it, one being from Gamers Nexus, looks like a good card. https://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/3509-gigabyte-rx-5700-xt-gaming-oc-review-benchmark
  8. does she have another parts left? If just for browsing the internet and solitaire,, grabbing an ssd will seem like a huge upgrade to an aging pc. Dasa parts guide does have the cheapest gaming rig sticky thread, 1st page. But you could get away with all used parts possibly it sounds like. Like on the below cpu, ebay you can get it used for probably under 100... Get a small ssd with 120 - 240gb... Can grab even slower/cheaper ram and psu, but a good reference is below: CPU AMD Ryzen 3 2200G 4 Core with Vega 8 Graphics $153 (Or 2400G $220 if you can justify it) ($100 ish on ebay) https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AMD-Ryzen-3-2200G-3-5-GHz-Quad-Core-Processor-Vega-8-Graphics-YD2200C5FBBOX/383140975703?hash=item5934fb5457:g:knoAAOSwvPpdc1S1 MB 320M $70 (Make sure the BIOS has been updated to support The CPU) -OR- B450M $109+ (If you wish to OC 2019 update) RAM 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4 3000Hz $96 (A 1x8 GB kit would be significantly slower due to single channel, but would allow future expansion to 16G (Used on ebay Id check, even 2400 speed ddr4 if just browsing) PSU Corsair CX450M Bronze 5Y $79
  9. Mostly on reboots and cold start, it at times, with 3200mhz it would hang. Even though it would pass all tests in windows, possibly since at the time i did not have an option for dimm boot voltage on my biostar mb.
  10. You could sell some of your old gear to help bring the price down for a new card too.
  11. My 2600x could only run 2933mhz even thou I had higher kits... 3200mhz was somewhat flaky... Sometimes it would run it. You could set XMP/DOCP then set it to 2933 or possibly 3200mhz thou and still have a kit for future 3000 series. Basically what Dasa said. But the 2000 series some have issues with even 2933, I did until bios updates and was stuck on 2666mhz for a good while. With 3000 series I can clock up to 3733mhz with no issues but very little real world difference from 3600 to 3700mhz. Depending on the board is t-top vs daisy, some like 4 dimms vs 2.
  12. This is too funny, especially at the end:
  13. gamble

    AMD Zen

    https://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-ryzen-3000-boost-frequency-bios-fix,40308.html Looks like another bios coming to fix clocks.
  14. gamble

    AMD Zen

    Might be just in my case... But maybe it is wide spread as survey shows... Either way those results are just to telling that something is not quite right. Still a great product for price/performance but why even say 4400mhz if most will get 4300mhz? They could just say 4300mhz is top boost for 3700x and if you got over that you would be less concerned and have a great product either way. If that were the case people be like I'm getting waht I'm supposed to be getting and a few would say Im getting even better, much happier users I would think... Need to keep these tech companies honest to advertised and commend what he and hardware unboxed is doing.
  15. gamble

    AMD Zen

    Beat me to it ^ Only my older bios hits 4400mhz,which is what I run as the 2 newer do not. I actually feel lucky though after seeing this.