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    AMD Zen

    Ouch, that's like a 1/3 more per core compared to 3900x! It is linear compared to the other threadrippers.
  2. You will probably have better support with a x570 board long-term. Remember that Ryzen needs bios updates and it might be better in the long run to go x570. If you look to upgrade later with the next Ryzen release, possibly x570 will have more features that are supported. I nearly went for a Asus crosshair hero vii x470 again but the Asus TUF x570 wifi has been great for cheaper price. If planning to keep 3700x for 5 years then B450 or x470 could save some. Idk if anyone can really tell the difference from a good Gen3 pci x4 nvme vs Gen4 nvme besides stats. (I wasn't planning on using wifi/Bluetooth on my pc but it has been amazing for transferring files and other things)
  3. Depending on what you will be doing with your PC, you might be able to snag a 2000 series cpu until the next wave hits of the 4000 series and save some $. Even a used eBay deal for a 2600 or 2700. It will still be fast and offsets the price for another year for cpu. Edit: PSU, target a 600w which should be enough for almost any build unless you go 2080 ti
  4. gamble

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    https://wccftech.com/amd-radeon-rx-navi-21-gpu-2x-performance-5700-xt-die-size-rumor/amp/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/wccftech.com/nvidia-next-gen-ampere-gpu-50-percent-faster-twice-efficient-than-turing/amp/ Hmmm
  5. gamble

    New Gaming Build

    Final pics with Noctua fans in. Used a Y splitter, 1x on the gpu rad and 1x on the bottom of chassis under the cpu pump/res. I have them set at 1300rpm (1700rpm is the max) running all the time. This speed is really quiet and still gives top temps or 57c when stress testing. The bottom fan should help feed in some air for the gpu when the cpu has low load/temps. Few final pics... Really wish I had some different fittings a few 90 and 45 degree. Ill probably do that when I drain it next time. Glass open, lights off: Glass open, lights on, room lights on: (pics can only do so much.. in person much better) Glass closed: (yea it just looks much better than this shows) This one was just fun, feel like I had plenty of room to do what I wanted with room to change things up in the future. This might have been my favor build as most of the time I would reuse as much as I could so haven't done a complete rebuild in quite some time.
  6. gamble

    New Gaming Build

    Very interesting, thx for the info. Currently have them running at 1.43v @ 3733mhz over +500% memtestpro, guess I should count myself lucky Latency is 68.1-68.9ns per aida64 depending on the run or what I have open. Can't boot 3800mhz with these timings and still can't touch timings or locks requiring cmos reset. Thought about getting another one of those Alsyse* Dimm coolers. It really worked well for the previous kit. Turned off PBO as I was getting nearly the same with it off, with heavy load maybe +25~50mhz. Temps with p95 small FFT (max power) gives 75c after 15mins(spikes to 77c when bench first starts before fans rev up). Usually in the 60s when gaming.. Used Thermal Grizzly for the CPU. Stress testing the gpu usually has spikes up to 57c, a few times Ive seen 58c but mostly for gaming it is 51-53c after hours. It still kinda is surprising that this 120mm rad/AIO combo actually does an amazing job. It was really easy to assemble too. Curious of how it will do with the Noctua... Used Gelid GC Extreme on the core. Ive settled on gpu clocks of +115 2055mhz core/+1000mhz vram(16gbs). My Hyperborea on the gpu rad is acting up, this is the reason I went ahead and ordered a 2x more Noctua fans. RPMs will rev up and down at times.... I wanted another intake fan too so should work out with one bottom mounted under the cpu pump/res. It should help balance since currently there is 4x 120mm fans pushing out over rads but only 2x 140mm front intakes. Side note on TIMs... First time using Grizzly Kryonaut. I really liked how easy it was to apply, seems about the same consistency of Gelid GC. I used Gelid on the gpu since I had a bit left and it kinda thick so I can put exactly where I want it and didnt want to chip the core. Kryonaut would have worked out fine too, but wanted to go with something I am use to. Really both are great products but wanted to support Der8auer as I subscribe to him.
  7. gamble

    New Gaming Build

    Yea looks like Hynix... Not too familiar with DJR version... Thaiphoon shows as M-Die, is that DJR? Is the same rule for volts on Hynix, usually good up to 1.45v with 1.5v if good cooling or is that only for B-die? @Dasa On the previous bios when I enabled PBO, I would see 2x cores hit 4450mhz, 2x 4425mhz and 2x 4400mhz. With the latest bios, 2x 4425mhz, 2x 4400mhz and 2x 4375mhz with PBO enabled. Both gave the same bench results. Timespy was able to break into the top 20 for 3600x/2070 super combo. Only need like 75 more total points for top spot but I can't seem to get much more out of it... Timings just lock the system up even on new bios, can move bandwidth still and 3733mhz seems much more stable. I have 2x Noctua NF-P12 redux fans coming in. Going to replace the one on the gpu aio rad and place the other under the bracket for the pump/res combo. These are the black/grey version not the ugly Noctua normal
  8. Sell one of your cards and psu to help pay for replacement parts? Maybe try your cpu in your bros pc before buying more parts? Try booting with 1 stick of ram in, in different spots. Try to clear bios cmos again by removing the power cord and cmos battery, usually there is a jumper but some have a button you can click.
  9. gamble

    Where does all the coolant go?

    I had a leak around a fitting but couldn't find it until I used colored coolant. Might be small leak that is drying from fans being on. Use something that will contrast well or uv with blacklight?
  10. https://www.anandtech.com/show/7503/the-amd-radeon-r9-270x-270-review-feat-asus-his/17 https://www.techpowerup.com/review/amd-r9-270x/26.html
  11. gamble

    New Gaming Build

    Replaced the stock cooler on the 2070 super today. Did some runs before to get a baseline of possible improvements. Below is the tear down and assembly: ID-Cooling 120VGA AIO: Replaced the fan with a Hyperborea: Fin Density: Block/Pump with Fan: Tear Down: Heatsinks for Ram and VRMs, memory VRM has a heatsink there but forgot to take a pic with it on. I had an old m.2 heatsink from my old build. I used this and then add a bit more thermal pad to make up the gap to cover vrm area better: View: Backplate: Build: ===== Test: TimeSpy Extreme Stress Settings: Core +125mhz / Memory +1000mhz Stock Air Fan: 65% (after 65%, it is really loud with the stock blower) AIO: Set to the highest fan/pump currently but is really quiet. (Note, I only ran the stress test on air for around half the bench and possibly could have gone a bit higher on the core temp. For reference, when gaming I usually only see 71c but when stressing it would get much higher.) Results: Air: Would give 80c on the core and possibly another degree or two higher at 65% fan curve. It would then drop clocks to 1980 to 1995mhz on the core, after starting out at 2070mhz. Water: Would hit 56c but would mostly be in the 54-55c range. This temp was even at the end as I ran it all the way thru. Clocks would start out at 2100mhz, then would nearly run flat 2055mhz with tiny spikes/dips. Gains: -25c Temps! +60-75mhz! So, for benchmarking, those are usually short runs and the temp does not get that high compared to stress testing. Basically, my benchmark score are the same as before but I get more performance from the same setting in real life after things heat up and noise levels are much better. Actually surprised this AIO does such a good job. Edit: F.S. Extreme Stress Test. It is 2070mhz on the core up to 53c then drops to 2055mhz and stays there. Shows that it hit 58c but I couldn't find it, still was at 55-56c at the end of the test but somewhere it hit 58c.
  12. The manual on 2-20, if it is red must be cpu issue, possibly even the heatsink not full contacted causing heat? https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/M5A97_EVO/HelpDesk_Manual/ Rare to see cpu die but it would be easy to check compared to swapping a mb. If you bro has the same cpu type, maybe he will let you try it out or your cpu on his system.
  13. gamble

    New Gaming Build

    Playing around with ram/infinity... Cannot go above 1866 on the infinity and ram I cannot touch timings or it will not boot or if it does there is tons of error right away. I need to flash to the latest bios but was able to move the bandwidth still some. Used my old pc ram to compare against from a screenshot I had previously. Old pc had 2x dimms vs 4x dimms in the current. Old Left: 2x 8gb 3733mhz 14-14-14-34 1T New Right: 4x 8gb 3733mhz 16-19-19-39 1T 3667: Running at 3733mhz did throw some errors too as it probably needed more voltage when running memtestpro, 3667mhz was good to just over 100% test then I stopped it to try other timings/bandwidth. -- I did get that cheap AIO kit for the gpu that I want to throw on 2070 but also ordered some extra heatsinks and need some double sided thermal tape still. The kit actually looks better than what I was expecting. Currently the core only gets up to 71c with fan curve up to 65%, after that it gets quite loud . I have another fan Ill be replacing on the AIO too.
  14. gamble

    New Gaming Build

    Finally have build this new rig, quite happy with the case and everything is blacked out... RGB from the EK kit is nice with the tempered glass on this case... Have to say this has been a great case to work with, all the cable mgmt and being able to remove all the cages. had to move the rad close to the front for cpu pwr connections and there is only a few millimeters from the vrm on the mb area clearance. The monitor is so much better than my viotek was. Gsync works great too, really like having flat screen much better. Pics do not do it justice for how it looks thru the glass. Below is with core @ 2040 ~ 2055mhz / ram +1250mhz: https://www.3dmark.com/compare/spy/8030996/spy/9017762/spy/9895785 https://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/21358942/fs/20068095/fs/20784772
  15. gamble

    Well, you pack of crazy sons of bitches

    Merry Christmas all! Try deep fried turkey, it's super juicy can inject it with flavors too, so darn good
  16. Almost sounds like mb died. Did you do the cmos reset yet as Dasa mentioned?
  17. gamble

    New Gaming Build

    My house was robbed and my pc's and many other thing were taken Yea it was a quick buy and didn't do any research on them. But was only slight higher than 2x8gb kit with better timings. I've seen how quad channel can sometimes give a boost in games depending on if ttop or daisy which I'm trying to figure out which this mb has. I thought Gamers Nexus had a dual vs quad on both types but can seem to find it. Wanted to play with quad channel some too as all my gaming rig have always been 2x8gb lately.
  18. Video is all you should need to upgrade, still a great cpu that you could OC too. Looking at most charts, even a rtx 2070 Super should be just fine for 1440p with mostly ultra settings. https://www.techpowerup.com/review/msi-geforce-rtx-2070-super-gaming-z-trio/29.html https://www.techpowerup.com/review/msi-geforce-rtx-2070-super-gaming-z-trio/29.html Might be the better buy for cost/performance.
  19. Well I came across a possible deal on ebay for a rtx 2070 super... It was priced at around the 5700xt range... Thing is, it is a HP 2070 Super per the listing... I cannot seem to find any pictures or model information on this card. I bought it on a chance that it really is a super model even if a blower model. I can find a few image of a HP 2080, which per my listing looks the same. Another weird thing is the images he uploaded had a few benchmarks but they mentioned 2080S... So, there is some variables with this purchase, fingers crossed
  20. I'm think of going hard tubes next... ^ It looks great. I do like the ease of use on flex tubes so not sure yet. I like the open case but I think it might be somewhat loud, no?
  21. Nice score, AMD seems to like this bench. Core clock is up there! How's temps at high clocks on gpu/cpu?
  22. Yea I agree on the gpu. Probably will go cheap even a 580 would probably do. Not sure if I will go tiny or large. I did find that most of the time I wished I had more room to get cards in around tubes and such. I side upgrade more than most just to play around. Probably go full size atx. I haven't built a ground up pc in years. It has always had repurpose of parts. I can't really say what I want to go with until I get some $$ from insurance. Ill probably go with AMD again but might see what Intel is priced out now a days too. The thing I like about Intel is being able to OC. With Ryzen, it is all just with Ram and Infinity to gain. Ill probably go water again with either setup... I have not researched AIO or separate kits from say EK in a long time. Anyone have any good links comparing? Probably will not put the video card under water since most run pretty cool now. -- My sons pc was taken too, so will probably use my 2600x and Hynix ram that they didn't take. He had an Asrock itx Fatality mb and a smaller mid atx case. He loves rgb so will configure something for him on that too. Son's PC: CPU: 2600x (reuse) Cooler: Need a cooler since I dont have one anymore, the wraith was great since it had rgb. If I go with AMD on my build, I can use it. RAM: 2x 8gb EVGA SC 3200 (reuse) Case: Looking for something with a window and RGB lights, mid tower PSU: 600w or less (550 B3 from EVGA he had before) semi or full modular GPU: 580 or 1060 (had a 580 before, guess this will depend on ebay as used is fine) Fans: If case doesnt have fans that are rgb SSD: 1tb SSD, nvme will probably cost too much and this should be fine. Any SSD would probably do. MB: probably b450 or cheap x470 For this build, I do not want to go highend but more for the "bling" factor with lights. The last case had a horrible layout and was difficult to even close the right side with all the psu cables and such (DIYPC Crystal-D2-RGB Black). He might want the same case though as he keeps saying he doesn't want a new pc but wants his old one... Any suggestions on the above?
  23. House was robbed.... Glad you make these part list, great reference... Sucks as I finally had everything the way I wanted, now not sure what parts I'll go with for a new build.
  24. gamble

    Fan arrangement

    I use to have that card and it ran cool when set in MSI Afterburner to 65% fan curve at 60c. Might try that, it was pretty quiet to me at that %.