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  1. Worthless huh, lol! What I did find is that 939 cpus are selling for a good chunk of change since they are rare... I might be able to get up to $80US or more from what im seeing on ebay. Ill bundle it with my 3GB of ram too. Make no sence why people would choose to get one of these chips than do an upgrade. New 939 x2 US prices on Ebay: 4200+ = $125 or more 4400+ = $150 or more 4600+ = $200 or more 4800+ = $225 - 300 buyitnow I ordered(now broke): AMD AM3 X3 720 2.8ghz ASRock M3A790GXH/128M AM3 (3-way crossfire, horrible color though!) Kingston HyperX 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3 1625 @ 7-7-7-20 (good timings) ARCTIC COOLING MX-2 Thermal I need a new heatsink but will have to wait for now (will my 939 heatsink work?). Has anyone used this grease before? I thought I would give it a chance over S5. I cant wait to get my new parts!!!!!
  2. Thanks for those links Dasa.... It looks like I would gain quite a bit performance. I did the average for the x3 720 and the x2 5400 to see how much performance gain from the link you provided, even though it was a ddr2 chip. I used that one since it was at the same clock rate but I should see a larger spread %, of course, compaired to mine. The average was done on crysis warhead, far cry 2, left 4 dead and fallout 3 with a 27% difference. I would probably see more like 32% or more. That is also not including atleast a 500mhz overclock from stock. But wait theres more, possible unlocking of the 4th core!!! With a good overclock I might see more like 32-40% increase. I wanted to see if it would be feasible to upgrade at this time and AMD just seems like the right choice right now over Intel for my situation. I say that because I can get into ddr3 but if I go Intel then Im looking at ddr2 in this price range. Plus I dont want AMD to go under as they are tryin to win back the people. Master_Scythe, I totally feel the age of this computer and I have that itch to upgrade really bad!
  3. gamble

    Website Feedback

    I like the look... The rays of light on the top sides look good. Maybe make the text that is in the gray box that is at an angle clickable or when you scroll over it give info like at the bottom of the web page. All in all good design, easy on the eyes!
  4. Im trying to find the rate at which gddr3 is equal to gddr5 in 4800 series... Maybe a online calculator or something? Im curious b/c my Asus TOP HD 4850 can overclock about 15mhz over the HD 4870 stock core (750), and my memory can reach about 2320mhz (1160). Does a 2300mhz(1150mhz) ddr3 clock = 900mhz(3.6gbps) ddr5 rate, if not, is it short or ahead? I remember reading somewhere that at the same core clock speed, the HD 4850 and the HD 4870 there was like a 10% performance advantage due to the memory type. Anyone have any links or just know how to calculate this?
  5. So, if I was able to get my card to 1200mhz (2400) I would match the performance of a stock HD 4870? Just trying to see if I was able to get a card for alot cheaper that matches the performance of a higher priced big brother. If thats the case looks like I got close!
  6. I just read that the HD 4850 would need nearly double the bus at 448 bit bus to match the performance that of HD 4870, just as you were saying basicly...
  7. You would think the performance of ddr5 would be much higher when the cores are clocked at the same rate. The latencies must be much slower like when desktop ddr3 first came out. Im going to try and find out the stock latencies for both rams on these cards...
  8. gamble

    MS Expression Studio 2

    Im returning the product and will download Expression for free off dreamspark. I think that this will be fine since Im still learning and in the future, if need be, will upgrade to DW. Adobe has student discounts too... I dont even know why they sell student verions of this software since you can get it for free off MS dreamspark? I got it for like 85% off but still might as well get it for free. Next time Ill ask about this kind of stuff first!
  9. I was just wondering what classes I should consider so I could make a fantasy football website? Im currently taking an html course but this is out of the scope of the class. The site would have to be able to create multiple leagues, create new users upon signup with their own user page(showing the leagues they have joined), and have a drafting pool where once a player is selected it is removed from the pool. It would also have to have stats that match the points system for each player. This is just some of the basic needs but I think you get the idea. Ive been seaching and I think maybe a php and sql or something like this?
  10. gamble

    MS Expression Studio 2

    yea I think I might have over ordered too... I guess it would be helpfull in the future to have the extra features. Right now Im still just in the learning stages. Thanks for the comments!
  11. gamble

    MS Expression Studio 2

    Yea I was thinking we would be using the best software programs, but no-notepad... lol
  12. gamble

    Maxing out my 939 box =)

    I have a 939 @ 2.7 and it is a major bottleneck to the system. I had a 9600gt and upgraded to the hd4850 both were OC versions and didnt see much improvement because of the cpu. I can even run my video card a 760c / 2300m but still not much improvement. 9600gt: CSS 182.59 3dmark06 9243 3dvantage graphics score 4725 crysis 1280 x 1024 everything High no AA = 29.16 hd4850: CSS 176 3dmark06 9855 3dvantage graphics score 6873 crysis 1280 x 1024 everything High no AA = 31.20 Whatever you buy you could use in your next system since the hd4850 will be overkill but would be nice later. I wish I had money for a cpu, mb and ram upgrade!
  13. Its in the mail right now should be about 2-3 days but Im not going to remove the cooler unless it runs really hot...
  14. I just bought the HD 4850 but almost made the mistake of getting the 9800gtx+ because of reviews with older drivers. Look for reviews with newer drivers than Toms as others said. Like in Crysis Toms shows the HD 4850 slower in tests but this review shows it faster with 8.12 drivers. Just watch for the old reviews, and it depends on the games and resolution you use too. 8.12 http://www.firingsquad.com/hardware/sapphi...eview/page4.asp Faster in Crysis 8.10 http://www.pcgameshardware.com/aid,665983/...4850_X2/?page=7 Even in Crysis I ordered the Asus Top HD 4850 that is factory overclocked to 680c/2100m of ebay, it has a larger cooler. Ill write of a review when it comes in. I wanted the HD 4870 but with my old system this probably be a bottle neck already. Either way I think you will be happy but this round Im going Ati. EDIT: I see you got the Asus version too! Both versions at Asus.com look like they have the same fan, Glaciator. Post what OC you can get and some scores like in crysis, 3dmark, CSS and Ill do the same.
  15. gamble

    New GPU Benchmark

    Thats because you ran it at 1024 x 768 instead of 1280 x 1024. I get 41.8 FPS and Score 1053 when I run it at that res too. I bet you would lose about 10 FPS if you changed the res.
  16. gamble

    New GPU Benchmark

    Id like to add that my card's fan is fixed at 40%. I never get over 58c when overclocked playing games for hours. But, during this benchmark it got up to 62c, so it does heat it up good in a short amount of time. I just ran DOD:S for a few hours with every setting maxed out without getting over 56c.
  17. gamble

    New GPU Benchmark

    Slower system results with recommended settings.... DX9 = 31.3 788 DX10 = 28.0 707 DX10.1 = 29.0 731 Vista 64-bit 4200+ 939 socket @ 2.75 9600GT OC 777c/1750s/1050m 3GB RAM 640GB WD