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  1. confined

    Batman: Arkham City

    FYI Arkham City is $25 on Steam today. 50% off. Was going to pick it up on PS3 but I'm sold at that price.
  2. confined

    Batman: Arkham City

    Hmm...Bummer. I was going to pickup AA and AC on PS3. My PC is pretty dated anyway. Probably going to look just as good on the PS3.
  3. confined

    UFC 129: Shields v GSP

    Well, I'm now $433 poorer. Couldn't justify double that for ring side (which is about 10-20 rows back anyway).
  4. confined

    UFC 129: Shields v GSP

    Gotta remember to buy my ticket to this tonight. Just trying to decide whether to splurge and spend a few hundred on a good seat or sit in the stands.
  5. confined

    Getting married this weekend

    Are you making an appearance? Well I only found out when I read this thread, so I guess I'm not invited! I didn't think you'd make it back from Iceland :p It's your wedding dude. Treat yourself and pay for my flight back!
  6. confined

    Getting married this weekend

    Are you making an appearance? Well I only found out when I read this thread, so I guess I'm not invited!
  7. confined

    Getting married this weekend

    sheeeeeeeit congrats man! Whatever I left at your place you can keep as a wedding gift!
  8. confined

    Moving Exchange mailboxes to a new Mailbox Store

    Pleasure. Thanks. I've only been here a week so haven't had much time to overhaul the network, and while I am confident in Exchange I'm a Network Engineer by trade so my strongest suit is Cisco/Linux and some other bits and pieces. What would you suggest re: property quota limit. Just increase the limit to 16k or 32k or is there a better solution? I'm guessing the benefits of multiple mailbox stores would be: - Reduced chance of corruption (?) - Can stagger offline defrags as you will be doing multiple databases - Taking mailbox store offline will only impact some users - If you need to fully backup a store to make changes, you will save time by only having to do a portion of the total mailboxes Why does everyone (else) flip their shit at the mention of an offline defrag? Seems to be widely accepted (on the internet, cough) as being very unsafe, but I've done them before and never had issues. Cheers.
  9. Long time no speak, Atomic. I'm looking to re-create our mailbox store to resolve a few issues. A) Reclaim space in database (I understand re-creating the store accomplishes the same as an offline defrag?) B) Resolve issue with reaching the property quota limit on the mailbox store (I know I can play around in the registry to increase the limit to 32,766 but I don't really see the need) C) Increase max size of the database from 40GB to 75GB (might as well sort this since I will have a free chance to restart ExchangeIS service which is required for this to take effect) My questions are: 1) Is the above all correct (will creating a new mailbox store and importing all the mailboxes 'compact the database' in the process?) 2) What would be the best procedure to follow for this? I was thinking of just adding another mailbox store in the same Storage Group, then just moving all the mailboxes across. Once that is done and confirmed working then just delete the original mailbox store. 3) Anything I have missed or should consider (plenty of disk space free on the partition with exchange db's on it, and full exchange IS backup will be run beforehand) Is it all that simple? Cheers.
  10. confined

    The dollars high so time to shop OS

    Back is Aus I used this mob to get stuff from Amazon for me if there was no international shipping. http://www.priceusa.com.au/ Even with the additional cost of using them as a proxy it can still work out a shitload cheaper.
  11. confined

    [PAC] Tak's Back

    I'd been wondering if you were still alive. :) I won't be going anymore as I am on call that weekend.
  12. confined

    [PAC] Tak's Back

    I'll be there.
  13. Hi All, I'm currently looking for a netbook or a laptop with a screen ~14" or below. Main features I need are - Support for Windows XP (already have a licence, I *NEED* XP for a particular piece of software I am using. Not trying to be a dick, but if I can't get XP getting the laptop is pointless so please don't try to justify W7. It won't work.) - 800 vertical pixels resolution (or greater). 768 is not enough vertical pixels for what I am doing. - SSD hard disk (HIGHLY desirable) - Lightweight It's pretty much just going to be used for updating databases and SSH'ing to stuff so performance requirements will be low. Any suggestions? I've been trying to find something with these kinda specs and haven't had much luck. Bonus points if you can find it from Synnex/Ingram/normal distys, or worst case scenario JB HIFI. Cheers.
  14. confined

    Tom Hanks taking a slash

    THanks, Tak.
  15. confined

    Such a long time,so many people...

    I looked at the forums again a few weeks ago. I didn't realise all the people in the OP left. Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time. sheeeeeeeit