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    Surprisingly no thread on this already that I could see. Beta seems to be in full swing now, anyone else playing? I teamed up with 3 friends yesterday and we played for a few hours, all got to about level 10 pretty quickly. Still undecided if I think I will buy it, not sure I would play it enough, but it's been fun so far.
  2. p0is0n

    50GB Cloud Storage for FREE on Box.com

    Seems to only work for iOS, tried it on android and didn't get 50GB, 10GB for free still not too bad. edit: will try logging into it on an old ipad and see if i can get the upgrade. edit: ok i don't have ios6 and it's not jail broken so i can't confirm or test this just now.
  3. p0is0n

    GPU selection help needed

    Do you use it for gaming, or just to output to a TV? You can get something like this from MSY for about $85 Sapphire 7750 2GB Has vga, dvi and hdmi out. http://www.sapphiretech.com/presentation/p...=1682&lid=1
  4. p0is0n

    Razor chitchat

    well someone has to say it.
  5. p0is0n

    Hearthstone: heroes of warcraft

    Been following hearthstone for a few months but I'm not really a fan, I kind of see it as just a blizzard money generating machine, people will need to buy cards to remain competitive etc. If there was no selling cards, I would be a lot more interested. It is very polished, but ultimately, it's very much like magic but they basically just simplified the crap out of it and added a dash of warcraft. It feels very dumbed down for the masses which is quite typical of blizzard these days. I think it could be a lot more fun if the damage was toned down, and it became less about controlling the board, and the addition of enchantments/instants etc. to spice up the game play. Right now it's basically whoever gets their cards out faster wins as decks are so small too.
  6. p0is0n

    Just a vent about shutting down windows...

    Some people have tasks running on their PCs which require it is left on, most often my PC is doing something so it's running, but if it's not doing anything it's switched off to save power and heat. Setting up a separate low power/heat server to run 24/7 with files and media allows me to turn the PC off a lot more often when not in use. In relation to the OP though, as others have said, windows + L is your friend. Another good one is windows + E (opens a new explorer window) and there are many more you could really save yourself a lot of mouse clicking about. :)
  7. p0is0n

    New/Old Bits Project

    You'll probably only get about 700-750kH/s with something like litecoin which is still kind of profitable to mine, I don't know much about the lesser crypto currencys but more and more keep popping up. I am also mining litecoin with 2x 7970s which give me about 1.4MH/s and generates approx 12 LTC per month which is about $250-300ish at the current market value (~$24US/LTC), this doesn't factor in power use although my cards are overclocked slightly but not overvolted. Bitcoin is not even worth trying to mine unless you have some 600GH/s ASIC miners, which you can get online and will still pay for themselves within a few months. I've also heard talk surrounding name coin, sex coin, doge coin etc. but no idea if they are worth it or not. You can always pick a random coin type, mine up a few thousand just to have stock, then move on to another. There are also pools you can join which pay out on multiple types of currency called multi pools i think. Might also be worth looking at. For me though, I am sticking with LTC as I can actually pay for my power bills with it and some spare change. I am not sure that it's worth building a dedicated mining rig at this stage though. edit: windows or linux doesn't matter too much with cgminer as you can use it on anything, if the machine will be used for nothing else you could go with linux and just set/forget but you probably will want to leave it running 24/7 if mining. If you have a spare windows key though just use what you're more familiar with, I don't think there is any advantage to mining on linux, like no extra performance AFAIK. GL
  8. I don't know why you would need to bother setting RAID or JBOD if you only have 2 disks, just plug it in and it will work. The only way you can lose data is by somehow formatting the wrong disk. This is effectively JBOD anyway but JBOD is a term usually associated with HBA or raid card passing the disk directly to the OS not 'just a bunch of disks' inside your average PC. Assuming you're using windows, once you connect it you will need to go to the computer management MMC and initialize the disk and create a partition, takes 2 mins and should be very obvious which disk is which, so really there is no risk. Again, don't bother with adding it to your RAID controller or anything unless that's the only place you can connect it.
  9. p0is0n

    File Servers & NAS

    I personally think the older microservers are still the better choice for a NAS, compared to the gen8 newer models. If you plan on using it as more of a server, the gen8 might be better as it has things like iLO and a more powerful processor, however for a simple NAS there is nothing wrong with the N40L/N54L and you can actually fit more disks in them with a little effort. There are plenty of guides out there to set them up, kinda like this thread. I use mine for a lot of different things, but mostly it's a central point for storage and backups and does all my downloading so my PC doesn't need to be on which saves on power. You are correct in that all you need to do is install an OS and put in some disks. I'm running ubuntu from a usb on the internal usb port with 7x 3.5" hdds. It can stream to xbox/ps3/xbmc/tablets/htpc so it's pretty flexible as far as a media server goes. Sounds like it would be ideal for your situation. Any specific questions ask away I will check back later.
  10. p0is0n

    Laptop keeps restarting?

    At which point does it restart? During boot up? After 5-10 mins, or just literally randomly while using it?
  11. p0is0n


    if it shows up in a screenshot like that, it's not a physical issue with the screen... as you captured it by capturing the screen. they look like hidden icons to me, they are usually semi transparent.
  12. will try to get some 7970CF scores done over the weekend now I got my loop all sorted.
  13. p0is0n

    Show us your Rig

    well upgraded my machine a bit this week, so figure i will chuck up another pic. added a second cheap 7970 :)
  14. Geno on OCAU noticed his 290s occationally read as 290x in gpux when checking shaders etc. may be something to this. http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showpost...;postcount=2788
  15. p0is0n

    Things that make you go 'wtf'?

    that brings back memories.