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  1. I still think AMD can corner the cheap end of the market, even being as far behind as they are. $200 for a mid-range processor? Bugger off. I paid $150 for my 3800+ at the start of last year, and it's still going great. Cheap to cheap, I don't care if I sit 6 months behind the bleeding edge, I care that I'm not wasting my money needlessly.
  2. Darvids0n

    So... Who's Playing Eve-online?

    Unfortunately, AUD gets me further in the real world than ISK, so I'm sittin on an expired account. BS is where I'm @ though.
  3. Darvids0n

    Google Chrome

    I'm thinking they don't have the community support necessary to test the browser. Features will probably be delayed in being added, and even then it'll just be to keep up with FF/Opera innovations. If they'd come blasting out of the gate with a version of Speed Dial that was actually customisable (a la Speed Dial extension for FF3, Opera's Speed Dial feature), or a builtin debugger similar to Firebug/Greasemonkey, then I'd have actually taken a second glance at the thing.
  4. Darvids0n

    Needing a small ubuntu.

    Sounds like Xubuntu material (http://www.xubuntu.org). Lightweight desktop environment (cp. GNOME and KDE, anyway). Having said that, my P4-M 1.4 lappy with 512MB WOULD run 8.04 like a breeze, were it controlling my fan! 256, though, is pushing it a bit.
  5. Darvids0n

    Which Distro Are You Using?

    Ubuntu 8.04.1 on the desky, hoping Intrepid's less painful to dist-upgrade to than Hardy was >_< Dual booted with Vista Home Premium, of course. 8.04 WAS on the lappy, but for some reason it doesn't control my fan (which leads to overheating) and thus XP Pro SP2 is the go.