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  1. muffie

    John Howard cops a pair of Hush Puppies

    Because we quite clearly only chase down the "brown" ones that overstay...
  2. muffie

    John Howard cops a pair of Hush Puppies

    Yeah, it was extremely cheesy. Thankfully he bowls worse than Howard, if that's possible. It was a cracker of a Q&A though, from David Hicks to children overboard. If only Rudd had half of the backbone Howard has.
  3. muffie

    Australian Iron Chef

    Legally all free-to-air stations must show a minimum of 55% Australian produced content. Our content is mostly shit, and it's less risky to do remake of a popular show. The master stroke here though is that they've done a shit remake of a shit show (US version).
  4. muffie

    Just passed harvey norman tonight new wii console $198!

    Was real temped to get one for the gf, but I might just wait for Kinect, and that way I don't have to fork out for extra controllers / mats etc.
  5. muffie

    The next picture will...

    Didn't have anything tasty, and was bored so took a couple of quick snaps. Not overly happy with how it turned out, but first attempt I guess. Next photo will be low
  6. muffie

    That Town!

  7. muffie

    I know - we'll live under the sea!

    It's all fun and games until someones dies of asphyxiation. /killjoy
  8. muffie

    The next picture will...

    Next image is old *sigh* took too long to post....wait, letinmad cheated, so im claiming it
  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_dynamic_range_imaging ?
  10. muffie

    Refactoring tutorial videos

    Heh, there you go. I guess I've been working with too many muppets that would code like this, so the satire is lost on me :P I'll have to check out the rest of his stuff.
  11. muffie

    Refactoring tutorial videos

    A few basic techniques of refactoring on display, but overall, in my humble opinion, it's a load of tripe. "Don't use full words". GTFO. The examples he used, it makes readability worse, not better. He should have started off with some more convoluted code, rather than such a simple string return, as it demonstrates what you're trying to do, increasing readability, maintainability and overall "smell". He started touching on factories and general abstraction, but he didn't state as to why it's good practice. And if I found a developer that had factory methods taking magic numbers as arguments like he had, I'd rip him to shreds in the code review. One good resource for writing maintainable code is Robert C Martin's, Clean Code
  12. muffie

    Why the anger?

    For some reason the way you capitalise certain standard words like 'science' and 'publications' really freaks me the fuck out.
  13. muffie

    Time Lapse

    Ah righto, something like this? http://bit.ly/apINZt
  14. muffie

    How can I tell if a Nexus one is real?

    That's not a Nexus One, and (in a cheeky way) it's not claiming to be: it's a N1 nexus, whatever Chinese knockoff that is. One simple example of how you can tell is the lack of google or htc branding.
  15. muffie

    Camera recommendations - going to NZ

    You can quite easily learn the basics on a decent P&S, and get some awesome shots along the way. I'd go down that route first, and when you find that it's limiting you, then look at upgrading.