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  1. nickeax

    Bert and Ernie, the perfect mates

    Children need to learn that someone's sexuality is everyone's business, as it has such a huge effect on everything.
  2. nickeax

    Pink Knob Gripping.

    Yes, he has some great content and high quality production values. My lower quality effort is from a different era!
  3. nickeax

    Pink Knob Gripping.

    Does anybody have any questions?
  4. Due to poorness my latest purchase is a "Kokko" vibrato guitar effects pedal from a discount online shop. It's great, and affordable.
  5. nickeax

    Non-Googleable Music Quiz - THE APP :-)

    More players would be good!
  6. nickeax

    Australian Tax Calculator

    I'm a beginner.
  7. Make of it what you will! https://instructionword.com/bat/
  8. nickeax

    Australian Tax Calculator

    There is a live version of it at https://instructionword.com/atc/ but I was just offering the code for noobs like myself to maybe learn from.
  9. nickeax

    Australian Tax Calculator

    A simple little Web app that you can run locally: https://instructionword.com/index.html?sid=11
  10. https://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/forum/56-storage-networking-security/
  11. nickeax

    Non-Googleable Music Quiz - THE APP :-)

    For the DROVES: http://www.guitaraustralia.com/ The game has been moved.
  12. nickeax

    Non-Googleable Music Quiz - THE APP :-)

    Couple updates!
  13. nickeax

    Non-Googleable Music Quiz - THE APP :-)

    I'm attempting to implement a Google search style suggestion drop down as you begin typing. That might help with speeling and capitalisation (although the answers are not case sensitive). Should I display all the letters in the questions as capitals?
  14. nickeax

    Non-Googleable Music Quiz - THE APP :-)

    Should one point be given for posting a question?? And should points be lost for incorrect guesses??
  15. nickeax

    Non-Googleable Music Quiz - THE APP :-)

    I reckon I know one of yours Kimmo, but maybe I'm tapping the wrong key?