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    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    Eagle Rock by Daddy Cool.
  2. nickeax

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Still waiting for them to arrive, but they were called 'Council Rates'. Better be good!
  3. nickeax

    And What Are You Listening To?

    The fourth best rock album of all time: Purple Rain.
  4. nickeax

    The grand Atomic meme thread!

    We can only post ones we made ourselves, right??
  5. nickeax

    The grand Atomic meme thread!

    It's Dr. Evil, right??
  6. nickeax

    Bert and Ernie, the perfect mates

    Children need to learn that someone's sexuality is everyone's business, as it has such a huge effect on everything.
  7. nickeax

    Pink Knob Gripping.

    Does anybody have any questions?
  8. nickeax

    Pink Knob Gripping.

    Yes, he has some great content and high quality production values. My lower quality effort is from a different era!
  9. http://nickfletcherproductions.com/nsmqg/ I've written a simple little app version of the music quiz game. Please check it out and see if you like it!
  10. Due to poorness my latest purchase is a "Kokko" vibrato guitar effects pedal from a discount online shop. It's great, and affordable.
  11. nickeax

    Non-Googleable Music Quiz - THE APP :-)

    More players would be good!
  12. nickeax

    Australian Tax Calculator

    I'm a beginner.
  13. nickeax

    Australian Tax Calculator

    A simple little Web app that you can run locally: https://instructionword.com/index.html?sid=11
  14. Make of it what you will! https://instructionword.com/bat/
  15. nickeax

    Australian Tax Calculator

    There is a live version of it at https://instructionword.com/atc/ but I was just offering the code for noobs like myself to maybe learn from.
  16. Unfortunately, the screen response on my old Z3 has failed to the point where I've bought a new phone. It's still a powerful device and I am considering remote desktopping or SSHing it for use as a media player. Does anyone have any other suggestions to utilise this device?
  17. https://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/forum/56-storage-networking-security/
  18. nickeax

    Non-Googleable Music Quiz - THE APP :-)

    For the DROVES: http://www.guitaraustralia.com/ The game has been moved.
  19. nickeax

    Non-Googleable Music Quiz - THE APP :-)

    Couple updates!