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  1. supam

    Reverse Racism

    Aborigines are Nazis? or maybe the idea of "traditional owners" is bizarre... Moderate supam will go with option number 2.
  2. supam

    Reverse Racism

    This has to be the most stupid post I've seen on the internet. Thank you, glad I didn't derail the topic.
  3. supam

    Reverse Racism

    Simply bizarre Big arse Kangalizards are people too
  4. supam

    Reverse Racism

    20 pages in and you're still touting the "non-educated" line.Yawn again bro. I'm giving people the benefit of the doubt, it's either a lack of education, or stupidity. People don't seem to understand where the economic boom is coming from in this country, it's coming from minerals in the land, which was either stolen outright, or purchased well below market value from Indigenous Australians. To say that 'I'm not affected by the past' is such an ignorant statement, it almost defines belief. I know I have a job because I was afforded a number of opportunities both in NZ, and here in Australia, those opportunities came at a cost to Maori people in NZ, and to Indigenous Australians here. To deny this, is well...see above. And the Aborigines stole it from the mega fauna that they then went on to commit genocide against. To admit otherwise is just stupidity (i dont give the benefit of lack of education).
  5. supam

    More inconvenient truths.

    And you could name millions more that haven't been blown away. I would of thought most of the posters in the green room would be all for the stopping of burning fossil fuels anyway. For self preservation if nothing else.
  6. supam

    How To Chat Up Women

    Needs more silver horseshoe
  7. supam

    A Man Is a Rape-Supporter If….

    I think everyone has missed the point with this blog. The real question is how big are her tits.
  8. supam

    Immunization fun

    You are right, but people will build an elaborate web of delusions to conceal their fear of needles.
  9. supam

    Microsoft buys Skype

    How's that monopoly going for MS with their Courier ebook reader? I'm guessing about as well as your comprehension of my post? So your definition of failed is not achieving near monopoly status on a product? No, my definition of failed is, well, failing to properly capitalise on a market. Rob. That's not what you said, you claimed MSN and IE are failed products. I find it hard to see how products with the largest market share can be failed. IE might have been failing for a long time but it's not at the point of no return.
  10. supam

    so it's come to this

    You cant help unless he wants you too.
  11. supam

    Magnetic Vision

    Surely you would get the same sensation wearing a magnetic bracelet. I must be getting old because it all seems a little silly to me.
  12. supam

    so it's come to this

    I also read it as a suicide note. As someone who has had plenty of lows I would advise talking to a neutral like beyondblue.
  13. supam

    [Arcade] - Do I invest?

    go with your gut then
  14. supam

    My story

    This thread and what you are doing is full of win. Keep posting the blog please, it's well written. If people want to watch/read fucked up porn there is the rest of the internet, this is much more interesting. Cheeky's anger explosion made me smile. What's more she's 100% correct. :)
  15. supam

    1st - World Record PCMark 07

    You dont see sandybridge chips going subzero because they dont scale well with temp.