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    Ha, finally, someone called BS!

    Dunno if any of you saw this article over at TheConversation..... http://theconversation.edu.au/articles/dit...-for-health-517 tl;dr: - helmet laws dramatically decreased cyclist numbers - decreased numbers mean drivers have less experience sharing the road with bikers making accidents per cyclist more likely - decreased numbers mean less money is spent on bike lanes, etc. - thus, compulsory bike helmet laws *increase* average per rider risk of harm, because the small gain in personal crash safety is offset by the negative environmental risks due to lack of riders. Interesting way to look at the stats, with a counter-intuitive conclusion. Im personally against the helmet law, even though ill always wear one.
  2. dave_blob

    ouch winter olympics off to a bad start

    Yeah, I'm visiting in Canada for the games - they just cut to that footage during the coverage of the opening ceremony, no warning. Pretty brutal. They have lowered the start for the restof the games, to reduce speeds. And A lot of the athletes are complaining - they want to go faster. The mentaility for winter sports is so much different to summer - so many winter games sports have such high comeuppance if something goes wrong, so there's a much higher percentage of totally mad bastards. Downhill ski(100km/h+), boardercross(high speed congested jumps), ariels, tube events, half pipe, etc all are pretty serious if it goes tits up. Makes summer athletes look like pussies :)
  3. dave_blob

    reccomend me the least gouging bank

    UPDATE: I went and checked out bankwest(thanks for the suggestion!), they have a zero monthly fee, zero transaction fee account with two options: 1) you get interest, and can withdraw from CBA atms for free 2) you get no interest, and can withdraw from *any* atm for free(!) So, yeah sweet! Bankwest here I come, exactly what I wanted. I just hope they dont change the deal in the future(i hate that!). Oh yeah, and you have to put over $2000 through the account per month for it to be free, which isnt hard to do if you get paid into it, but could be a problem if not.
  4. dave_blob

    Okay... Why did no one tell me about this?

    Pizza capers in collingwood, melb, is fantastic aswell - easily up there with crust.
  5. dave_blob

    Okay... Why did no one tell me about this?

    The ashburton one is not that great - they make a mess of it. The richmond one is awesome, but be prepared to wait awhile for orders on fri/sat nights!
  6. dave_blob

    Webber Wins the german F1!

    Yeah I realized that as soon as i posted, oh well, sorry if I spoiled it for anyone! Hah, he sure is ecstatic! Way to go.
  7. dave_blob

    Webber Wins the german F1!

    yay! bout time!
  8. dave_blob

    Is it "every consumer for themselves" these days?

    Ive been asked these extreme dichotomy type questions before in surveys, worker personality tests etc. The personality test actually provided some very accurate information, using only a smallish number of these polarized pair questions - so anecdotally I claim its a useful and valid technique. Doesnt mean I *liked* answering them though :) - being forced into one of two positions neither of which you agree with to much degree is annoying for those who like to consider their answers and provide a thought out response. Useful, but annoying! :p
  9. dave_blob

    Goodbye Caps Lock?

    Screw caps lock. I just recently discovered the benefits of mapping caps lock to be another left ctrl, its great, especially on a laptop where the retarded Fn key gets in the way all the time.
  10. dave_blob

    reccomend me the least gouging bank

    @rybags: I dont really care about the savings rate. I transfer out of my daily account into ing/whatever if i want interest. @taran: im with anz at the moment, but I don't want to pay $5 a month for their access account(as i am now) if there's alternatives. Interesting tip on the Commsec account, i wonder what the cons are?
  11. So during all the years I was a student, I accumulated many different bank accounts, and one CC, at a few different banks. This was because they were all free(no signups, no annuals, etc) because I was a student, and each offered something I wanted at the time. Fast forward to now, im no longer a student, and now I'm single handedly propping up australia's banking industry though all the different fees I now have to pay. I have simple needs & only want two things - 1) A savings/atm account with no monthly/yearly fees, which i can withdraw from at least one major brand of atms without a fee. 2) A CC with no annual fee, and at least 30 days interest free. Reward points are a bonus, but they're pretty crap really, so I don't care much. Dont care about how high the rate is, I always pay it off. Does such a magical bank(s) exist? Or is it cash under the bed time?
  12. Its my understanding that there is a technical reason - all their core money handling systems are very old, and very batch oriented. Thus they have to process all these things in one giant batch in the middle of the night. Which is why you can have those crazy overdraft fines when you get paid on the same day as direct debits happen. To make it instant they would have to replace all these old systems, at least that's what I was told.
  13. dave_blob

    any philosophers in the house?

    I'm into philosophy.... Although i'm not really interested in a lot of modern(last 200 yrs) continental philosophy. Some of the general ideas to come out of it are interesting & valuable... but much of the actual works seem to me to be unsubstantiated - albeit artisitic - waffle about nothing particularily concrete. Anglo-American philosophy I find is generally more succinct, with clearer reasoning and concrete assertions that you can get a handle on to prove or disprove. Much euro philosophy (esp. French) comes across to me as more like art than rigorously substantiated arguments - it has a smallish number of core abstract ideas(some of which are good!), but then the writing and communication surrounding these ideas is floral, expansive, and often beautiful, but ultimately doesn't say anything very concrete or testable. On the other hand, the format, rigour and technicality of Anglo-American philosophy makes it a lot drier and harder to read than the euro stuff, and perhaps less fun. Personal preference really - I think continental is great for passionate arguments over espressos, but anglo-american is where the actual work gets done :p. FTR, there are many euro bred philosophers who I(and others) would classify as Anglo-American, because of their content/style(eg Kant); ie these are stylistic, not geo-ethonographic designations.
  14. dave_blob


    ive really enjoyed whats been getting played from their new album on JJJ this week, so ill prob pick up their album. They do interview a tad wanky though, but not so much more than a lot of musos :P
  15. B Arts/BComputer Science double degree. Finished 1.5 years ago, and now im a software engineer working in a really cool small company getting a decent wage. Both degrees have almost daily relevance to what I do - the CS for obvious reasons, and the Arts because I am increasingly doing alot of analysis/requirements/etc which requires excellent communication and analytical skills. As far as the CS degree goes, im going to be a massive snob(based on the experiences ive had working with others) and say that most programmers without a degree(CS or SE) that i've met have a very shallow understanding of their job - they can bang out code from syntax they have internalised(sometimes well!), but they have little idea of what's going on behind the scenes and as such are in trouble when things go wrong, don't know why some ways are much better than others, don't have much idea about performance, etc.