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    For our fallen brethren

    This news was a gut punch when I read it. Still is. Frustratingly at a loss for words, though the times when I met him, we had many. The wit, the wisdom, the solid core. These words did help at times too. Fundamentally fucked up. The only recourse is to pump Pantera till the police are called. It's only fitting.
  2. Chuck Norris(good actor

    The Daikatana appreciation thread.

    Who's still playing? Some 15 years later and this badboy is still going hard! An HD remake for this would be the most necessary thing since anything really. The true enigma of the gaming world.
  3. Chuck Norris(good actor

    In the interest of talent.

    When two great and monumental artists are compared, it has to be with great care and consternation.
  4. Chuck Norris(good actor

    Taking a critical look at older, much loved games.

    That's quite a good way of putting it. Bloodlines is an excellent example of how "right" an RPG can be in terms of actually, you know, playing a role. I always find it weird and a little bit misrepresentative when a game say it is an "RPG" because you can upgarde your character. Upgrading your characters' skill is not playing a role, it is.... upgarding your characters' skill. Bloodlines gave you a character that you had to play within the rules of - that is playing a role. There's really not enough of it. I find that RPGs generally either give you a character that you must play the role of or, at the opposite extreme, give you no role at all and allow you do do what you want, even if it is to be totally inconsistent (be a world saving knight and then murder every one in you encounter, for example). Bloodlines was great in giving you the choice of role to play, and then making the game world react to it. Your actions had consequence, but you were free to take the actions you chose. It's interesting that when Bloodlines came out it wasn't that well received, whereas it has become something of a classic. I believe that Skyrim will be the opposite - well received upon release, but nobody will go back to play it in five or six years time. So true... I think alot of Bloodlines' problem was it's initial buggy release, and the combat was a bit clumsy; but you're so right at time being the test, just look at the official patches, still going! I mentioned before about emotional investment, that does stem from script and player choice, I actually got into the role in Bloodlines, I cared or hated the characters, and regretted certain choices, TES, can't really offer that, you walk around in a rich world doing lot's of quests but there's no real difference in how you play it, sure you can use magic or smack shit, but speech is non-existent and the quests are so unrelated that after a while you feel more or less disconnected from the main quest..... Bethesda's take on Fallout though wasn't as bad, it still kept you tight to the story, and being more or less Fallout leveling and mechanics kept it engrossing, though I thought Obsidian did a much better job though, I did enjoy F3...
  5. Chuck Norris(good actor

    Taking a critical look at older, much loved games.

    Morrowind was definitely the high point for me, but not much has changed really. It's Morrowind 3 - Skyrim (with less ambiance). I'm loving Morrowind, I've got it running with MGSO n Rebirth so it looks and feels great. I find vanilla it looked too sparse n dated, but story wise I agree with many that it is the best, combat shits me though, so bad, they're all the same game essentially though, big and vast maps with lots of unrelated quests... Again while I like wondering around, it doesn't draw me in as much ass say Bloodlines where nearly everything is related to the story and there are vastly different ways to play the game. What I'm saying is that, TES are big, nice worlds, not very good RPGs......
  6. Chuck Norris(good actor

    Taking a critical look at older, much loved games.

    TES games I find are good... I'm actually playing Morrowind now for the first time, I started with Oblivion, and I'm enjoying Morrowind... but it's not as engaging as let's say Fallout, I find TES very relaxing RPGs.. you wander around casually smashing shit, but at no time do i ever feel engaged by the game at all, let alone emotionally engaged. It's a big pretty world with lots of stuff, moreover I still don't like their leveling... quest XP is soooo much better than let's say a crappy dagger or a hat.
  7. Chuck Norris(good actor

    DOTA 2: out of Beta

    I found this tutorial if you are having any troubles..
  8. Chuck Norris(good actor

    Steam Yearly Sale July 11 to 22

    Yeah its really well done. Much better then fallout 3 imo. I like how there isnt an overload of characters and most of them i feel like i wanna talk too. The hacking system is the best mini puzzle game ive ever played Totally agree, definitely better than Fallout 3, although I do love Fallout 3 too, but New Vegas just hit the nail on the head... It's a shame Obsidian won't get to make another one.... IMO they were the ones who needed to make Fallout 4... not that generic fantasy RPG they got going... blah.. they missed out by 1 metacritic point for their bonus for New Vegas..... Hopefully if Fallout 4 rocks the shit.. they may ask Obsidian to get back on it.... If only... 2 more Fallout games!!!
  9. Chuck Norris(good actor

    Chicks and chick-looking dudes

  10. Chuck Norris(good actor

    Steam Yearly Sale July 11 to 22

    Eurotrucker 2
  11. Chuck Norris(good actor

    Torchlight free on GOG.COM for 48 hours

  12. Chuck Norris(good actor

    What weapons do you have?

    I have the Red Crown of Ommadon.
  13. Chuck Norris(good actor

    What is your preferred chocolate?

    Whitman's Peanut Butter chocolate.
  14. Chuck Norris(good actor

    How often do you upgrade?

    Full system about every 5 years, GPU every 2 or so... Although I had my Athlon XP rig for about 8 years just upgraded CPU... Socket A had some life.
  15. Chuck Norris(good actor

    Ford. Australian production to cease.

    Those are the combined urban/highway ADR figures. Of course a Corolla will use less fuel, it's a full two sizes smaller than the Falcon or the Commodore! At least compare apples with another fruit! I compared two large cars, Commodore and Falcon, with a range of medium sized cars and they compared favourably from a fuel consumption perspective - in fact they were mostly superior! For the record, the published ADR combined figure for a Corolla is 7.7L/100km Let's not even get into a discussion about having to drive a Corolla, which is the automotive equivalent of Mogadon and comes with free cardigan and doily for the back shelf. ;-) There's a reason for that - 4WD vehicles are not counted in passenger car sales lists. Guess what the biggest selling vehicle in Australia is? Toyota Hilux. What's that irrelevant speculation got to do with anything? That irrelevant speculation is the Jones factor.... as in Keeping up with, like the Hipster effect with Apple products. Also that fuel consumption sin't a good representation for most people, as most people have a job and drive mostly in shitloads of traffic... 5 days a week. The Hilux would be ute. And let's compare because apples with another fruit because the apples are winning. My argument wasn't with big car vs big car, mine was with little cars being more popular than big cars and the shift in the australian market AWAY from falcons n commodores... and how Ford n Holden in their own either shortsightedness or arrogance didn't see it coming. It's obvious people are wanting smaller more economical cars, you can defend the commodores and falcons all you want but, the fact is, it's that attitude that's killing them, the people have voted with their pockets. And Ford and Holden are paying the price. OK, maybe we are too harsh on them, but they are too expensive for the market... falcons and commodores were their bread and butter like I said, but we can no longer afford them; and they didn't.