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  1. Tunnel_Rat

    USB dropping out with wheel

    Looks like it was the power supply maybe. I swapped out the power supply and played yesterday for 5hrs so far all good. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Tunnel_Rat

    USB dropping out with wheel

    I do have a laptop I will give that a go.
  3. Logitech momo steering wheel dropping out all the time? I pulled my old very old Logitech Red momo steering wheel and pedals out the other day which I have not used for over 10 or more years. But I have a problem they work fine then all of a sudden drop out nothing works and the only way to get them going again is to pull the USB plug out and put it back in again. Things I have tried already I reinstalled the drivers also found an old driver same thing happens. Maybe it’s just too old. Have used different USB spots USB 2.0 USB 3.0 The wheel will stop even before I start a game sometimes or last for 20mins or more in-game so I think it’s not a software problem it's just like it loses its USB connection. any idea? Running on windows 7 64 bit and have downloaded the 64-bit drivers from Logitech Shame because when its working it’s great.
  4. Tunnel_Rat

    Dropping out

    Thanks guys its my modem as the one they suppied died 2 yrs ago and I did not want to wait for them to replace it so just went out and purchased my own "netgear unit". The thing that gets me is it only drops out when I load a game you would think if its a modem it would be happing all the time. We can stream or do anything online for as long as we want weeks , months and no problems but as soon as I load a game it drops out. Looks like I will have to try a $200 gamble on the modem and just hope its that. thx
  5. Hi I need a computer genius my PC is driving me crazy. Every time I start an online game the line drops out at the start of the game it can go on for a while trying to get into the game is a nightmare most of the time I give up but if I stick with it I end up in the game and its fine. It does not matter which game it can be any. For me its Arma3 or FPV drone sims. We can watch YouTube, stream on Netflix’s or just surf the net without any problems but as soon as a game loads the modem lights go out and it drops out. Telstra is saying everything is fine on their end and I have done all the fixes I found online googling the problem like updating the latest firmware for the modem and changes on windows settings but nothing has worked. Nothing has changed with my PC in years this just started a few weeks back out of the blue. I run windows 7 and the PC is fine as far as I know it’s not that old and still works fine other than this. Thanks for any help.
  6. Tunnel_Rat

    Arma 3 Crashing "STATUS_HEAP_CORRUPTION"

    Will I tried everything still just kept on crashing. But I think its fixed now as it has not crash for days after the Arma 3 update. It would crash every game before so lets hope its fixed. Thanks for all your help anyway guys always a great team on here. thx Rat
  7. Tunnel_Rat

    Arma 3 Crashing "STATUS_HEAP_CORRUPTION"

    Thanks guys I was thinking it could be a memory/ram problem but all the test I have run so far the ram shows up fine. I run the tests that Dasa linked (Thanks) and it came up fine. I will run the Memtest boot disk tonight.
  8. Tunnel_Rat

    Arma 3 Crashing "STATUS_HEAP_CORRUPTION"

    Been playing arma for a few years and this just started about 4 weeks ago. Cannot think of anything that changed other than my C: drive becoming pretty full. So today I replaced my HDD with a bigger one cloned a new SSD 250GB to replace the 120GB so now have plenty of room. Got on Arma3 was playing for over an hour thinking sweet its all good than bang crashed again same old 0xC0000374 - STATUS_HEAP_CORRUPTION My virtual memory is enabled. I have no idea what the next step is thanks for your help
  9. Tunnel_Rat

    Arma 3 Crashing "STATUS_HEAP_CORRUPTION"

    Thanks man I did that and it did nothing so than I deleted the whole game and mods and reinstall it but same thing still crashes. Its the only game I play its doing my head in. Just put in a ticket with bohemia hope they can work something out. thx
  10. Hi guys I am at a loss why Arma 3 keeps crashing it will crash in any game mode at any time. The exit code it comes up with is 0xC0000374 - STATUS_HEAP_CORRUPTION I have had no luck finding answers online and the only problem I can find with my PC is the C: drive is almost full. But Arma 3 is loaded on its own SSD drive with plenty of room. I have uninstalled the game and all its mods, reinstalled them and it did nothing still crashing. I have saved a troubleshooting report for bohemia but am having problems uploading them on their website. Anybody got any idea ? Could a STATUS_HEAP_CORRUPTION have anything to do with Ram ? thanks for any help. Will
  11. Finally got into this game after watching Franky play it on You-tube for years. Just wish I could get my mic to work.
  12. Hi guys I built my machine a few years back and cannot remember much about it. I have 2x WD 2T HDD running in Raid 1. One of them is starting to play up and become very noisy. These HDD do not run my OS (win7) thats on my SDD drive. I was wondering is it as easy as just pulling out the one playing up and popping a new one in there and my machine will work out the rest? If not anybody know what I need to do to replace it ? Any help would be very helpful thanks
  13. Hi guys I just got two new screens as in title. I was doing some photo editing in PS and they had a noticeable WB difference to each other. The standard settings do not seem to fix the problems. I never did install the CD that came with the screens is there anything on that that can help? Got any idea what I can do to fix this problem. Thanks for any help.
  14. Tunnel_Rat

    Starting all over again how?

    Cheers thanks for that I will get onto that tomorrow.
  15. Tunnel_Rat

    Starting all over again how?

    Need some advice on this please if possible. I just loaded office 2010 on my SSD not all of it just outlook, word & onenote. The question is I keep most of my emails for references so it can become a big file. Should of I installed it on the HDD ? Or can I move the part of outlook that will hold all my emails to the HDD ? Thanks for any help.