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  1. Damo

    how crap is this government ?

    Imagine if you will, a society that thinks the planet's temperature can be controlled by giving money to the United Nations. ALARM! PANIC! I really thought you guys would have caught on by now, but I guess I gave you all too much credit. Global cooling. The new ice age is coming. Global warming. Climate 'change'. All within what, 20 years? The science must be SOLID (if a little confusing!).
  2. Damo

    how crap is this government ?

    I simply don't see the importance of that idiot coming back from holiday outside of optics. The points he made regarding the fires were actually on point. He's not buying into the alarmism and knee jerking a decision just because the Instagram thots want to live stream their horror. Given how much we smash the government for knee jerking.. this is a good thing imo. Anything he could do here he could do in a conference call with his deputy, outside of making me a sausage sanga and getting photo ops with the poor cunts that lost their bush cabin and didn't have insurance.
  3. Damo

    how crap is this government ?

    Congrats. I spent my entire life in the military and I've been 'called' to every corner of the globe at one stage or another. But guess what? When I'm on leave, I'm not on call. Apart from handing out snags he was right - it's a state issue, and as has been seen him coming back did absolutely nothing! Nada! ZIP! He could still be there for all I care because the only people that DO care are the fucking bleeding hearts not doing anything to help but instead spamming social media and spreading their alarmist bullshit.
  4. Damo

    how crap is this government ?

    Edit: Not directed at you Ev. Just generalities. Nah. It just seems like everyone has memory holed Black Thursday, Black Sunday, Black Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Black Christmas, Black Saturday etc. Climate change well and truly raped Australia back in 1851 when over 12,000,000 acres were destroyed (NSW currently at 8m). Then you've got NSW in 74/75 - 11,000,000 acres. NSW 84/85 - 8,600,000 acres. All of those are bigger, but yet here we are! How fucking crazy is that? We made it people! WE DID IT! How about all of the idiots who decide to build their houses in traditional bushfire areas and floodplains? Why are they not coming into this discussion? Of course more homes are burning down and being flooded out.. are people really surprised about it? Seriously? We live on the driest continent on planet earth. Fucking hell people, take a Xanax and take a nap. I might go up and take a series of photo shoots as all of this bush bounces back beautiful, green and rejuvenated just to prove a point. Bushfires do not equal permanent loss of greenery. WIKIPEDIA FFS Won't someone think of the plants that actually need this to germinate? Or are they only important to you when they are burning down? Fucking hell people. Get a grip. ALARM! PANIC! GRETA HELP US!! WE WILL DO WHATEVER YOU SAY! HERE, HAVE SOME FREE SHECKLES!
  5. Damo

    how crap is this government ?

    To be fair, it's the end of an election year (that he won as dead-set underdog) and the holiday season is upon us. That shit would have been locked in months ago.
  6. Just hold up a vial of B12 and they'll all haul arse.
  7. Damo

    how crap is this government ?

    Hear that Leo? That was the door slamming and wheels spinning up as they got the fuck out of town. Leave your logic at the door next time. And your pr0be.
  8. Damo

    Trump: The third POTUS ever to be Impeached

    . OrAnGe mAn BaD
  9. Damo

    Trump: The third POTUS ever to be Impeached

    Ted Cruz has just backed Trump's request to call witnesses in the Senate. The Dems never allowed the White House to cross examine witnesses, let alone be involved in the process. It was completely partisan and for show. Trump is looking to put Biden and the whistleblower on the stand too. Fuck that'll be a good watch if they do. Reps are taking the high ground and saying "We are going to let the President defend himself in a fair trial, which includes allowing the Democrats to present their case as well." - Cruz
  10. Damo

    Go Greta, go !!

    That's an interesting point, but it's about action not fear. It's getting to the point where you know what? Fuck it. Burn it all down.
  11. Damo

    Go Greta, go !!

    That's the play though. The minute you criticize a poor Autistic/Asperger child - you're a bigot, bully etc. Do. What. We. Say. Now. Or. Die. What a really well thought out message. Look to her handlers and the fuckers writing her speeches and her parents first. They are essentially pimping their daughter out. She is being manipulated from all sides and most people are simply too ignorant to see it. It's hard to get the full picture when your only exposure to it is when you're flicking channels during the ad breaks on MAFS. Go cry into your pillow fuck nuts. I linked you to a specific video on Bitchute, I didn't ask you to go browse Hitler videos - because well I know how much you'd shrill and whine. Go tend to your piece of the garden champ. I'm walking the walk, are you? Nah. You are hilarious though! Thanks for the laugh!
  12. Damo

    Go Greta, go !!

    Don't be too quick to point fingers. The other 'side' is actively doing the same, so lets disregard everything they've put across the table too, right? Go watch that Bitchute video, critically pick it apart, and realise that your argument gets shot down within the first ten minutes given who propped up Greta and her 'message'. Then let's have a discussion that's more than a cherry picked sentence from a wall of relevant text that I've provided. I know we are OUT OF TIME! But perhaps some of you could spend SOME OF THAT TIME actually researching the topic of your eventual demise. I spend my time out in the field talking to people heavily invested in the climate, and if you think that the consensus out in the real world is anything Greta is trying to preach then I would immediately assume that you're urban based and have no real clue of what goes on in rural Australia. I deal with people of action. People that tend to their own part of the garden and crack the fuck on, and not one of these farmers are monocrop types. These are people actively engaged in pro-actively adapting to whatever the climate throws at us. Flexibility, adaptability and community. Not sitting around the Opera House crying and circle jerking under rainbow flags.