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  1. Damo

    The grand Atomic meme thread!

    I'll try and keep it above board for a bit. There are even memes I don't forward to you @twinair
  2. Damo

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Half of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and gotta say I'm only impressed with the Gorilla Glue brownies to be honest.
  3. Damo

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    What a nice surprise when I woke up from an edible haze this morning. Apparently I bought the Diezel VH4 pedal because I can't afford to drop 7k on a Diezel head. That Adam Jonesey/Matt Bellamy tone is coming to an undersized home studio near you me!
  4. Damo

    NSW / QLD fires

    I usually leave the shower running just in case I want another quick splash in the afternoon.
  5. Damo

    What's on your mind?

    Tool 2nd night just went on sale. I wandered in 3hrs late and still got a pair of seats front and centre.
  6. Damo

    Too much gym !

    I preferred Rocky!
  7. Damo

    Too much gym !

    Arnie is the perfect specimen of the male form. Yes the high end bodybuilders are all on various combinations of steroids, but so do 99% of professional athletes. It allows them to recuperate & repair faster, which gives them a much larger window in which they can train heavy. You could take the exact same supplement and work just as hard as Arnie - but your genetics would never express themselves like his did. Someone down deep in his genetic line was quite the specimen! Steroids do not replace the hard work that goes into it all and you can't survive on talent alone. Lebron James spends over $1mil on his body per year and is perhaps the greatest athlete to ever walk the planet. But what sets him apart from old mate down the road with the same talent and similar genetics (yeah right) is dedication, hard work and consistency. Just don't be too quick to put everyone into the same basket. Steroids most certainly have their place in sports. Matter of fact - sports are better with them! Players can get back from injury faster (having players miss time to injury is essentially the shittiest thing in sports). You just keep it out of combat sports (nope, it's rampant) because it's a life or death situation. I would happily give Lebron and Michael Jordan a steroid cocktail infusion IV and watch them dunk all over each other on a monthly PPV. Matter of fact.. that'd be fucking sick. Ignore the juice for a sec and appreciate the work that goes into some of these physiques. To them it's an art form. The whole peacocking in the mirror is their search for symmetry and whatever shape they are looking for. Tom Platz never skipped leg day - Sergio Oliva famously had bigger shoulders and arms than his head. No photo trickery, just straight up. Franco Columbo - Amazing back spread Ronnie Coleman changed the game again, but it cost him his life in a lot of ways. He basically can't walk anymore, and that's the price he paid to be immortalised. Hopefully this is how he will be remembered. Not this - Jay Cutler took it to Ronnie Coleman and unlike Ronnie, Jay is still happy and healthy and able to train into his latter years. Great physique too. Atomicans may only be able to appreciate the finer human tech-form though;
  8. Damo

    What's on your mind?

    QOTSA replicate that vibe really, really well. Stoner Rock Radio on Spotify is killer.
  9. Damo

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    "File Format Not Supported"
  10. Damo

    NSW / QLD fires

    Not as wet as I am for you right now Leonid.
  11. Damo

    NSW / QLD fires

    There are holes all the way up and down his manifesto. Copy Pasta, he contradicts himself multiple times, makes claims (Like communicating with Anders), or Knights Templar.. why bore you, you know what I mean. He claims he's an eco-fascist, yet aligns himself with China. He's a complete fuck knuckle, and the only thing that should be taken seriously is that he gunned down 50 innocent people, for whatever reasons were echoing through his skull. He's pulling your leg Leo. I'd love to see more details of his travels prior to the shooting. He visited some interesting places that's for sure - and there's no way he was simply radicalised by seeing the state of Western Europe. Edit: Got you out the woodwork either way
  12. Damo

    What's on your mind?

    Homme was on JRE today.