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    Audio stops working through HDMI.

    As I stated in the first post, I originally had a display issue that was fixed by changing HDMI cables to a new one. I did a test that I ran throughout the day where I used the original cable (the one with the shitty display) and it did not drop the audio. So I have put and order for a new 1.4 HDMI cable that I think will fix the issue. I am currently it in a workaround configuration until I can test this more. It looks like it might just be two dodgy ebay cables that is the culprit. Thanks, Micky.
  2. leonhart83

    Audio stops working through HDMI.

    Yeah I haven't had any luck with the above posters ideas. It still doesn't seem to want to work. I will try yours this afternoon. I have bought a HDMI switch so that I can switch between the TV and my computer monitor so in the worst case scenario that your idea doesn't work I will have a workaround. TBH I don't feel very confident, as it is coming up as unplugged in the playback menu. Maybe when changing it to default it attempts to bring it up again. Who knows. Yeah the option for making it the default is greyed out because it has detected it as being unplugged.
  3. leonhart83

    Audio stops working through HDMI.

    Yeah I haven't had any luck with the above posters ideas. It still doesn't seem to want to work. I will try yours this afternoon. I have bought a HDMI switch so that I can switch between the TV and my computer monitor so in the worst case scenario that your idea doesn't work I will have a workaround. TBH I don't feel very confident, as it is coming up as unplugged in the playback menu. Maybe when changing it to default it attempts to bring it up again. Who knows.
  4. Hey guys, I acquired a Dell Optiplex 980 recently and I wanted to use it as a media centre. I bought a HIS 6570 to put in there for the HDMI port for connecting to my Sony Muteki and for some light gaming. I bought the HIS 6570 because it had a passive cooler and came with a low profile plate etc. Unfortunately the HIS 6570 comes with the a giant HS, which makes it unable to close the case on the Dell. I had two options MOD the HS which meant that I would lose over half of it or getting a smaller HS with a fan. Seeing as though the card gets pretty hot, I assume that it using the sheer surface area to distribute the heat I think the HS & FAN is probably the safest way to go. Does anyone have this card and done a similar mod? Anyone have any ideas? I currently have it in but with the case side just resting on top. Because the case has contact with the HS it is really hot as well. lol. Thanks, Micky.
  5. Hey guys, Here are my computer specs i5 760 evga p55 ftw corsair 450W 8gb of corsair ram ati 4890 Just recently I purchased a cheap Vivo 40" Tv from DSE for my xbox and PC gaming. I had issues originally with this setup through the HDMI where the montior would keep dropping out as if losing signal and regaining signal. I used a different HDMI cable which seemed to fix this issue. Now with the new cable I am sometimes coming back to my PC and noticing that the sound through the HDMI/4890 says it is unplugged. The video is still going through the HDMI as I can see but the sound will not working until I unplugged and re-plug in. Even after disabling and renabling in playback devices. Any ideas on how to fix this? EDIT: I haven't noticed it EVER dropping out when I am actually using the PC, only when I come back from not using it for a while (I don't turn this computer off)> Thanks, Micky.
  6. leonhart83

    Weird problem. Is it safe.

    Even if the USB NIC works fine, I wouldn't trust the motherboard to last much longer. If you want to go with a new motherboard, I can probably get a manufacturer refurbished one from my supplier for you if your interested? Just PM me and I'll send you my email address. Hopefully shouldn't be overly expensive, and I should be able to warrant it for you. I will do some more testing over the weekend and get back to you. Na mate it isn't coming from through the speakers just form the box. It honestly sounds a lot like the mechanical scrap like from a dead/dying HDD but I have tried 2 different HDD's that do the same thing. And it only happens whilst I am copying across the network, which is most cases is streaming from my server. For example when I was cloning the boot drive to another drive which took roughly 1 hour there was not one single noise, even though it would have been getting smashed with read requests. I can watch a movie locally from the C: with no noise, stream the same movie across the network and scraping appears. Hopefully that makes it a little clearer.
  7. leonhart83

    Weird problem. Is it safe.

    I agree that it doesn't sound like anything that i have heard of. I will try the USB nic this afternoon (as it was at work) to see whether it alleviates the problem. I honestly think that it must be something wrong with the motherboard as it is integrated. Which is the reason why I am wondering that it is safe to continue to use. If it was the hard drive it would make noises when locally reading and writing to it. It only happens when I am reading over the network. Does anyone know of a good place to get a replacement motherboard for a good price. AM2 sockets are fairly old so I wouldn't want to spend heaps on it.
  8. Hi guys, I am trying to use an old pc that I no longer use as my HTPC so that my current laptop (m11x) can retire and I can use it as it was first intended A LAPTOP. Here are the specs. 5600+ AMD 2GB ram 500gb seagate HDD 500gb Wd HDD 240GT nvidia Video Now when this PC was being used by my wife it was stacked with HDD's and every now and then it has some horrible what sounded like scraping at the time (although I don't think it was). So I thought it was a good idea to backup all the important stuff. In the meantime I removed all of 80 and 120 gb hard drives and just have what is above left. Anyways the computer wasn't used for much so that is when I got the idea. Anyways I use XBMC to stream off of the other computers in the house (which is what I did previously with the m11x) and when I do that scraping/staticy noise returns. So I thought wow it must have been the boot drive that is causing the issue. So I Norton Clone the first onto the second and tried booting from the second drive. It had the same issue. I copied a movie locally (it was going crazy whilst doing this). Played the movie locally (NO NOISE). Played the network version (CRAZY NOISE). So it seems like there is an issue with the NIC on the motherboard. I have never heard of this issue at all, is it at all possible. unfortunately I can't just get a PCI NIC because the only available slot doesn't seem to work. Questions 1. If I am getting all this noise whilst using the on board NIC, would it be safe to just disable the NIC and use a USB NIC (Ihave one of these)? 2. Has anyone ever come across this? THanks Mick.
  9. leonhart83

    Plantronics Gamecom 777 issues.

    That +12V, if it is reading correctly, is a bit of a worry.I would try another PSU if you can get one. Otherwise see if you can try a live Linux CD of some kind, to see if your windows installation is at fault. You could also try a PCI USB card to see if the usb ports on your computer are at fault. I don't know how reliable speedfan is for voltage readings. I will try my USB 2.0 card tonight and get back. I don't have a powered USB hub to try will try and track one of them down.
  10. leonhart83

    Plantronics Gamecom 777 issues.

    I have tried all possibilities of combinations of headphone and USB dongle. I forgot to mention my USB configuration. 1x 2tb external powered 2x 1tb external powered 1x Belkin KVM (with my wireless mouse and keyboard through that) I have also tried unplugging all but my mouse and headset dongle and have had no luck, it is still doing it. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums...c-469a6d48fdda/ I have done a little research into DPC latency it using dpclat and it seems mine latency sits around 150-300us. Although the application says it is within the normal environment for streaming audio (I am assuming it is talking about jitter, OWD). My friend did his PC and said his was sitting in around 70us. My Speedfan readings for my power supply are below. VCC3V: 3.20V Vcore: 0.58V VDDA: 2.03V +12V: 9.15V Vdimm: 1.68V VLDT: 0.94 VCC1.5V: 1.3 VSB3V: 3.3V Vbat: 3.10V I have also come across this. http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/434034...r-distort-issue This is a really confusing issue for me. I also have just tried disabling Speedstep in the bios to stop the fluctuation of the CPU speed as per one of the above links and it didn't seem to fix the issue.
  11. Hey guys, I just purchased a Plantronics Gamecom 777 headset and I am getting some weird issues with playback. There seems to be popping and crackling whilst playing sound. First here is my computer setup. Windows 7 64bit. EVGA P55 FTW i5 760 Corsair 8gb ram. 4x 2tb Seagate Barracudas 1x 1tb Samsung spinpoint F3 Corsair 450w 4890 ati Now for the people who aren't familiar with the headset it is a 7.1 surround (virtual) using a USB soundcard that you connect the 2 3.5mm (one for sound one for mic) to it. Things I have tried. 1. Bypassing the USB Sound card and plugged straight into the computer (this works fine no popping but is pointless having this headset without it) 2. Tried another PC (there is no popping or crackling even when using the sound card). 3. Tried updating the Ati graphics drivers/realtek HD drivers. In case the inbuilt sound (even those these are disabled) were issue. This did not fix the issue. 4. Tried another Set of Gamecom 777's from a friend, his had the same issue on my computer, but not on the other test PC, so this rule out an issue with the actual headset. 5. Tried directxwebsetup to see whether I had the latest directx, also there were no problems detected in the dxdiag. 6. Tried multiple different USB ports front/back all with the same issue. 7. Tried disabling all other sound devices, all enhancements. Things I have noted. 1. There is feedback in the speakers even if no music is playing, as in when I roll over my systray icons. Strangely this is only apparent when I have applications open that might be accessing the sound driver i.e winamp, youtube etc. If I have nothing opened the feedback is not present. Anything else to try would be greatly appreciated. As I am lost for ideas atm.
  12. Hi guys, I was looking to get a new laptop to replace my old HP, 2.0 dual core, 2gb ram, 8600GS M 17 inch screen, and I was wondering whether there was a mini laptop that could play at least some games. Games I would be looking to play www.leagueoflegends.com www.heroesofnewerth.com TBH I don't know whether there are any mini laptops that have ability to play games. Any feedback would be good. Thanks.
  13. leonhart83

    USB External HDD Problems.

    I agree. I have disable the option "turn off disable to save power" under USB Root Hub (I have about 8 or so listed in the device manager for some reason). But this did not fix the issue. I don't know whether it is some internally configured "sleep mode" or whether it can be disabled. The reason I am doubtful of this is before I started using the 2tb drive the 1tb that seems to be affected "some" of the time, didn't have any issue beforehand. I will investigate this though as I really would like to know whether I should be returning the HDD or whether it is an issue with my PC. Thanks, Micky.
  14. Hi guys, I just recently bought a Seagate 2tb USB 2.0 external from officeworks for $117 and I plug it into my machine (see specs below). I also have 2x 1tb Seagate 2.0 USB externals connected as well (3 drives total). Since connecting the 2tb to my pc it seems to drop out and in within about 30 minutes. It does this constantly almost without fail. I have also notice (not sure whether it was always happening or just started) that one of the 1tb drives drops out at the same time as the 2tb. When it drops and and back in again it shows the usual autoplay message as if you had just plugged it in fresh. The only thing I can think of is that there is too much draw on the USB controller (although these drives are not active during this i.e Tx or Rx) so I switched the 2tb to the front USB and still had the same problem (not sure whether this on the same controller). The other thought is that all these hard drives have their own power supply none should be drawing any power from the system. I have a 2x USB 2.0 card that can be added to the motherboard that I am going to install this afternoon and hopefully just have the 2tb connected via this. Hopefully this will fix my issue if it is a issue of too many HDD's connected to 1 controller. At first I thought that it might just be a faulty 2tb drive until I notice that the 1tb drive is doing the same. All three drives are relatively new (3months, 2 weeks, 1 day) . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Computer: i5 760 @3.6ghz 8gb corsair 1600 1tb Samsung internal Corsair 450w ati 4890
  15. leonhart83

    Sound dropping out.

    installed latest driver from realtek directx is up to date. tried back connectors but sound was a little low for comfort. still dropping out. have tried reseating the connector. any other ideasy