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  1. hi all just looking for some advice i need to find a graphics card that will support Dual Monitors that fits into a HP 7800p Small for factor case so far all i can find is some Matrox cards that are priced at something ridiculous. i have had little to no experience with dual displays i wanted to check something can i just get a small form factor card and then use a cable/software to split the output? or do i need a dedicated card that has dual outputs? thanks,
  2. jojo

    Preying upon the uneducated

    thought those phones used signal triangulation(from cell towers) to give you your location, and not GPS
  3. jojo

    what's in the bag?

    MOAR lame santa jokes!
  4. last dude that called my bro a ginger had his fucking goon face knocked in, was so gold :p dude walks past *points* ha ha ginger brother turns smacks face *continues to walk* dude starts crying :D
  5. jojo

    Interview Questions

    I dunno about that first set of 50/50 questions man. I would be pissed if someone asked me those, because the answer to most of them *should* be 'depends on what you're using it for'. Seems kind of silly to pidgeon-hole someone into picking Windows Vs Linux, PC v Mac, etc etc, when really an intelligent candiate would not blindly prefer either choice, and recognise that each are the best for different situations, and be able to articulate why. JMHO. +1 yo
  6. jojo

    Government internet filter

    /runs :P
  7. just be there for them listen to them dont offer words offer a shoulder to lean on be the rock be the friend they can depend on help them out with what they need take care of the kids when they need it never say i know how you feel, because you can never feel exactly what/how they feel. ive lost two of my best mates to cancer, consoled two mates who have lost parents to cancer whom i looked to as extended family, lost a cousin and a uncle to cancer. every time is different, every time you break down, every time you pick yourself up again, but its the people around you that help you through.
  8. jojo

    who likes explosions?

    The safety and training dudes at my work are hunting for videos/photos of gas explosions, crashes due to fatigue and funny accidents I have been hunting about and found a few good ones but I thought as atomicans are renown for their video linky abilities I thought id enlist your help. So please if you know any post away :D
  9. jojo

    US Election '08 - OBAMA WINS!

    obama wins woo cnn, fox ext call it
  10. jojo

    Box of a popular acronym.

    ill try and find the mouldy exit mould box i found at work :p
  11. jojo

    Softdrink economics-Noob question

    1 factor is the US $ is worth more than ours. But as I said you can find cartons of 24 for $10 at woolies also America has a more cutthroat market for consumables, hence prices are kept low, but a larger customer base so profits are still high.
  12. jojo

    Cable ties!

    mmm fresh out of the oven
  13. jojo

    Alcohol, Vomit and Tents. Oh my.

    that was awesome!
  14. jojo

    More on the net filtering farce

    Im not to worried IPS will make the government pay the epic cost of said filter; if cost is not met then speeds will drop/passed on to consumers Average Joe will see his internet speed drop, but his bill increase. A light bulb will finally ignite, and an epic shitstorm will converge on the government that was silly enough to implement said scheme
  15. sif england is any better both cut from the same cloth yo