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  1. Darkmatter

    Ok not sure whats dead?

    yeah and there driver update page is a pain in the arse too.
  2. Darkmatter

    Ok not sure whats dead?

    ok new mobo in all good ram check fine Gpus fine and dany. thanks for all the help. RIP p6t :(
  3. Darkmatter

    Ok not sure whats dead?

    ok now its this 2 short post beeps which say this "Memory parity error A memory parity error has occurred in the first 64K of RAM. The RAM IC is probably bad" which says Mobo after cycling all my ram stick individuality and quick google. just thought i would get the ok here first though but it will still let me boot to windows in safe mode with the beeping still going should i just go wit dead mob or not
  4. Darkmatter

    Ok not sure whats dead?

    competently dead power gone instant
  5. Darkmatter

    Ok not sure whats dead?

    comp shuts down right after i hit enter after putting in password.
  6. Darkmatter

    Ok not sure whats dead?

    ok so i missed the window to go and get a new mobo yesturday. but now it will only boot into windows under safe mode what the hell. its like everything and nothing at the same time is wrong. wont boot under normal windows :( it did run fine for about 30 mins though. but this is what im getting tomorrow GA X58A UDR3
  7. Darkmatter

    Ok not sure whats dead?

    well since it just happened again :( and viremia i didn't do those things maybe i should have :( its on the list now i swear I leaning towards Mobo hear if it was the CPU surly couldn't play Deus Ex I also ran 3D mark 11 with no problems so he gpus are fine. with nothing but the cpu connected im not getting any post beeps :(
  8. Darkmatter

    Ok not sure whats dead?

    well yeah tanryl thats pritty much it I guess
  9. Darkmatter

    Ok not sure whats dead?

    OK i have no Idea now at all..... i pulled everything off and it booted and stayed running( just the cpu fans)and loud beeping due to lack of ram. :) so i connected 1 stick and all good the peeping stopped. next added my old 4870x2 ( no display but the fans on it kicked in) so theres a good sign i guess. went through and added all my HHD's( and out of know where i have a screen :) ) so went though checked my raid was still up and running and hey persto windows booted :) swapped out my 4870x2 wacked in my 2 6970's and yay all good. :) then i added my second stick of ram and it booted ( ah i found the culprit the third stick) well so i thought for shits and giggles i put it just to check and for the love of god the dame thing booted. what the hell I have know idea whats so ever but thanks for the help I love computers.
  10. Ok well while playing Deus Ex my computer shit its self :(. now this acured before and all that happened was a bios reset and once i sorted it out i was back up and running. :) Now when i go to start my comp all the HHD's spin up and the fans connected to the power supply kick in but everything connected to the Mobo does not go ( including the CPU) and then it shuts down and tries again a few times then stops :(, now i know if the cpu fan don't kick in it will auto shut down before posting. I'm just not sure whats dead the mobo power and rest switches light up and work but i get nothing else. so would it be Mobo or CPU or even the ram i guess mobo is a P6T delux rev1 with a memory over clock cpu I7 920 @ stock ram kingston hyper x clocked a 2000mhz
  11. Darkmatter

    [PAC] Drinks/food at Creatures

    nvm its rainng
  12. Darkmatter

    [PAC] Drinks/food at Creatures

    ok fine i guess. :)
  13. Darkmatter

    Air Bearing Heat Exchanger

    well you could have heat pipes coil up from the base and the heat sink sits over the heat pipes maybe?
  14. Darkmatter

    Perth piss up

    well came back hear for something and now there's a party sure why not, but alas Captain Planet will not be making an appearance.
  15. Darkmatter

    Alien: Total War

    :( not to PC. maybe wiiu?