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  1. davidian

    670 or 7970

    Ah cool, so those PhysX videos I've seen (with/without) of extra particles (read: eye candy) floating around are just a bit of BS then for specific titles perhaps?? I forgot to mention, I also have an Asus P8Z68-V-PRO/GEN3 and Corsair HX620 (which only has two 6pin PCI-E plugs) - do you think that'll be alright? I found this model - http://www.centrecom.com.au/catalog/r797oc...c=1&sort=2a - they have a triple pack give away (MP3, FC3 and Sleeping Dogs) as well. I already own those games but I could re-gift for xmas!! EDIT - Just realised that a) it's Hitman:A, not MP3 and b) it's only for XFX cards... EDIT 2 - Perhaps this one - http://www.centrecom.com.au/catalog/797a-t...22.html?sort=3d
  2. davidian

    670 or 7970

    Thanks p0is0n, actually, that's the other card I'm looking at as well and judging by those benchmarks I can see what you are saying about bang for buck! Let me ask this then, seeing as though frames are sorted, is missing out on PhysX worth worrying about? Is there the potential for 3D gaming with a 7970 down the track? Also, is this particular card noisy or would it be the same or similar to the 670 variant (with the same cooling array by the looks of it)...?
  3. Hi guys, So I currently have an aging HD5850 in my box (i5-2500K, 16GB, Win8 x64) and the time has come to upgrade. Budget wise I'm looking at the $350-$500 mark, but having been with ATI/AMD for the bulk of my PC gaming years I'm not sure if I should change things up. I really like the idea of PhysX and the potential for 3D gaming (when I upgrade my monitor down the track) but really I just want my games to look their absolute best. I'm currently playing a lot of BF3 but have a stack of other games I haven't even loaded yet and want to play in the future once I know I can have all the eye candy. I'm close to getting one of the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670 Overclocked 2GB - http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=20209 Suggestions or sage advice welcomed!
  4. davidian

    Intel SRT

    Got parts today, will play tonight! :)
  5. davidian

    C&C getting a reboot?

    Well I loved Generals, so I'm excited about this! The interviews sound like they are paying more attention to the original but ramping things up with the Frostbite 2 engine, will be keeping a very close eye on this! C&C was my first ever RTS I played on my old Gateway 2000 computer back in 1995/6, I've had a forgiving soft-spot for the series ever since (although I didn't play the last release due to the poor response from fans)!
  6. davidian

    Intel SRT

    Cool thanks Dasa, it's all ordered, I will report back once I get all the parts and start testing! :) PS. This has pictures - http://download.intel.com/support/motherbo..._user_guide.pdf
  7. davidian

    Intel SRT

    Hmmm, thanks Dasa, I found the following setup info that still seems to indicate that I can enable caching just for my games HDD (note Step 12); Setup Guide Configure SATA Mode in BIOS Setup 1. Press the F2 during boot up to enter the BIOS setup menu 2. Go to Configuration > SATA Drives 3. Select the setting for Chipset SATA Mode and change the value to RAID 4. Press the F10 key to save settings and restart the system. Operating System Installation 5. You may now begin installation of the operating system on the HDD (or RAID volume) 6. Install all required device drivers 7. Install the Intel Rapid Storage Technology software version 10.5 or later Enabling Intel Smart Response Technology Note: The Intel RST software denotes Intel Smart Response Technology as Accelerate 8. Run the Intel RST software through the All Programs menu or the task bar icon. 9. Click “Enable acceleration‟ either under “Status‟ or “Accelerate‟. 10. Select the SSD to be used as a cache device. 11. Select the size from the SSD to be allocated for the cache memory. Note: Any remaining space on the SSD may be used for data storage using the simple data single-disk RAID 0 volume that is automatically created. 12. Select the HDD (or RAID volume) to be accelerated. It is highly recommended to accelerate the system volume or system disk for maximum performance. 13. Select the acceleration mode, and then click “OK‟. By default, Enhanced mode is selected. Note: Enhanced mode (default): Acceleration optimized for data protection. Maximized mode: Acceleration optimized for input/output performance. 14. The page refreshes and reports the new acceleration configuration in the Acceleration View. 15. Congratulations! Your system is now successfully configured with the Intel Smart Response Technology! I might just bite the bullet and order the two drives anyway and do some testing, if it doesn't work then I have a second PC that would greatly benefit from having a 60gb SSD in it, nothing to lose except some time for testing!
  8. davidian

    Intel SRT

    Hi guys, I'm looking at upgrading my OLD computer to a Z68 board with (obviously) new CPU, RAM and one or more SSDs. Just some questions that I haven't had a chance to fully research yet (happy to do the leg work but why reinvent the wheel if I don't have to), here's what I'd like to do; - Install one SSD (120gb) to use for OS and Apps - Use a second SSD (60gb) and enable Intel's RST for my 1tb HDD that has all my games on it Additionally I also have a 2tb media HDD with all my movies and tv shows etc., but mostly interested in boosting performance (ie game/level loads) for installed games rather than anything else. Would this be possible? I'm wondering if I install the second SSD would it try caching data from the OS SSD as well? I don't really want to cache any data from my OS or media drives, just my games drive... By the way, I'm looking at the Corsair Force Series GT drives - they any good? Was going to avoid the OCZ drives as I've heard they have high failure rates. Hoping to order today so I have a new system to play with on the weekend. Cheers!
  9. Hi guys, long time, no post! I have a motherboard at a client site which I bought from Umart just before Intel put out a recall. Now, I live interstate (Tas) so I've been communicating via email (somewhat unsuccessfully) with Umart regarding a couple of issues. Firstly, I can't pull that motherboard out of my clients primary system and make them wait for <insert ridiculous amount of time here> for a replacement to be sent. I understand that that is probably what should happen but instead I asked Umart if I could buy one of the new boards, then once I have replaced it at the clients site I would send back the old board and they could give me a refund. I got a vague answer that appeared to indicate that that would be alright but it was somewhat ambiguous. So, anyway, I proceeded to place an order (along with a couple other things) then I got an email confirming the order and the postage amount - I replied that I would deposit the correct amount once they could confirm that I would be credited cash in my account once I sent back the recalled board. I also questioned a component of the postage as I felt that Intel should possibly cover those costs (but realise that's probably not the case but thought I would ask). Ok, got that? Right. So then there was no response for a couple days... I then resent my email, asked for a reply in writing to my questions (I don't wish to get screwed over) AND could they then just add an additional item to my order. I got a reply which confirmed the additional item but they did not address, or even acknowledge, my questions. I sent another email re-stating my questions, that was about four days ago, still nothing. I'm wondering, has anyone else here had to return one of these recalled motherboards? If so, what process did you go through? I normaly don't have any problems with Umart but they are being very quiet on this front...
  10. Hey guys, sorry I'm so late in replying, life took over! I've cracked the casing, the disks spin up but the heads don't engage... This isn't my drive, I couldn't believe it when they told me that this IS their backup drive but they don't have the original data anymore (how is it a backup then)!?!?! Anyway, I think instead of piss-farting around with the PCB etc., I will just recommend that they get it looked at professionally and be prepared to to foot a sizeable bill! I've had a few places recommended to me such as www.xyber.com.au and www.datadetect.com.au - any other recommendations? Cheers!
  11. Hi guys, I'm desperately trying to track down an older model harddrive , a Seagate 300gb IDE Barracuda 7200.9 (ST3300622A). One of my work colleagues had one of these drives in an external case which has stopped working (and has his last 6 years of data on it). It's either the PCB or head assembly, either way I need a second (working) drive that I can use for parts. If you have one of these drives and would be happy to sell it then please let me know... I've tried eBay etc., no joy so far! Plan B is to send it away for data recovery but I've had success in the past with Frankensteining.... Cheers!
  12. davidian

    USB External HDD Problems.

    Make sure you you check the option under your power plan to put hard drives to sleep, I think they are set to do so by default after 20 minutes of inactivity (on the 'Balanced' plan). I had an external on a new system doing this just the other day...
  13. davidian

    Gran Turismo 5 APPRECIATION and screenshot thread!

    Well, up to $250ish I reckon, I'm only a casual gamer... hadn't thought much about a stand as I can see securing a wheel will be tricky eithout some sort of mount...
  14. davidian

    Gran Turismo 5 APPRECIATION and screenshot thread!

    Hey guys, I'm getting GT5 with my bonus PS3 pack I got with my new 55" LCD, is anyone playing the 3D version of this game? I like racing games but have only just started getting into them, what are your opinions/recommendations on steering wheels? Glad to hear you guys are having fun with the game, loved some of the screenies! Cheers!
  15. Hi all, I'm looking for a reasonable PCIe card mostly for CAD/Photoshop/Premiere usage (and Win 7 Aero!). Must be a low profile card with the half height bracket. Looking around $50-$100, buying about 20 of them (for school computers). I'm under the pump and don't have heaps of time to search for something suitable and was hoping someone here might have a good suggestion.