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    Unregistered visitors can view trademart

    You need 2 or more posts within the last few weeks to auto-promote to the 'Atomican' member group. Thread spoiler! That would explain it, thanks for that. though, the error email address; forums <at> atomicmpc.com.au seems to not exist, and thats what the website tells you to email...
  2. alexlim2000

    Unregistered visitors can view trademart

    =/ I seem to have lost my access to Trademart, and I definately have enough posts to access it. Plus, the 'contact' link points to a non existent email address.
  3. alexlim2000

    Eclipse & GUI Desgin?

    Hi guys, I'm deving a java program i'd like to start building a GUI for. I;ve built it using eclipse, and would very much like to stick with eclipse if possible. Anyone able to recommend eclipse plugins to help with this? I'm not too fussed if it is with SWT, AWT, or Swing. Also, anyone know if theres a framework that allows production of both java apps (as in client side only, standard apps), and web apps? (All under one framework, for easier production / reuse) Thanks guys
  4. alexlim2000

    Film Companies Sue "iiNet for allowing priacy"

    question is.. how much backing from Village / MPAA is there for the Internet Filter? The internet filter is said to 'filter illegal content' as such, does it also filter known piracy sites? And, if so, how much pull does Village / MPAA have behind this... One more for the conspiracy theorists; as iiNet had taken on the Clean Feed, is Village singling them out because they seek to disassemble the arguement for Clean Feed? (iiNet said that it would trial Clean Feed, and in doing so, would publisize all breaches of the Clean Feed system, thereby proving it ineffective)