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  1. lovespike

    Australian Classification-Books

    How many parents buy MA 15+ games for their kids-knowing but not caring enough. So censorship isnt really taken that seriously when it comes to books-enough said. /thread
  2. lovespike

    Australian Classification-Books

    You have no problem with a parent buying a book for their child which promotes/features unbeknownst to them, drug use/racism/religious beliefs etc?
  3. lovespike

    Australian Classification-Books

    Why arent ALL books classified? Read and learn. Thanks for the link-although it has significantly less information than the government website. I'll rephrase then, WHY are books not scrutinized to the same levels as other forms of entertainment/dissemination?
  4. lovespike

    Australian Classification-Books

    Why arent ALL books classified?
  5. Why arent all books in australia classified as are games? Surely classification would help with selection of titles for people and parents alike?
  6. lovespike

    Faulty proxy.pac file?

    Well maybe 4chan will no what im talking about
  7. My work uses a proxy.pac file for net access but it is letting news.bbc.co.uk through even though it isnt listed in the PAC file. Should I forward this on to the SYS admin?
  8. lovespike

    5.1 PS3 Gaming Headset-GAMECOM 777

    Anyone looking for a surround sound headset for ps3-skip these. 3.5mm jacks work only-and that means no dolby processing unit. :(
  9. lovespike

    Atomatician Game art

    Well you gave me an idea for a followup piece now...
  10. lovespike

    Atomatician Game art

    Am working a promo poster for another shit 50 cent game where he cures cancer with his rap and saves the president
  11. lovespike

    Atomatician Game art

    Anyone else done stuff? My COD dedication: http://randompk.deviantart.com/art/How-to-...chise-116837028 My Fallout fappage: http://randompk.deviantart.com/art/fallout-mmorpg-116825318
  12. lovespike

    Softdrink economics-Noob question

    I dont know which is more confusing- cola companies/de beers...
  13. lovespike

    Softdrink economics-Noob question

    Well they both make sense. I thought the increase in manufacturing costs and product supplied would make it more expensive...
  14. How come its cheaper for me to buy 2 1.25 litre bottles of coke than 1 2 litre bottle? Surely we cant be paying for the convenience of 1 bottle...
  15. lovespike

    Censorship-strength in numbers

    This sort of right-wing propaganda vomited by THE_PSYCO & KOMMANDO is what is holding Australia back. Maybe you can get wired to remove this article... http://www.wired.com/techbiz/startups/maga...f_facebookegypt