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  1. Unfortunately it's the only available slot, it has the graphics card, revodrive, soundcard, then the raid controller. hmm.. I might try and move the PSU though. Thanks, John
  2. Thanks for your help with this. The new raid card is in and everything is up and running again. Cheers, John
  3. Thanks Jeruselem, I have seen one listed online for $375. It was pretty hot in here today and I had quite a few systems running, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's overheated. It's also wedged pretty tightly in between the sound blaster and psu. Oh well, I guess I'll order one tomorrow and hopefully it'll work. If I get the same model, do you know if I can just drop it in and it will work? Google seems to suggest it would work, but I don't really know much about RAIDs and what to do.
  4. Hi guys, I'm going to be pretty brief because it's been "one of those days", but I'm hoping someone might be able to help me out here. Today my gaming system locked up while exiting Hitman. After a restart, it was going through the POST and it hung on the RAID controller, I've forgotten the exact line, but it was trying to launch the monitoring software of the controller. I thought that maybe the whole thing was overheating as it was pretty hot in my office, so I took it out to my living room, opened it up, checked everything and let it cool down for a couple of hours. The card was back to normal temps (to touch), so I dropped it back in and it still had the same issue. After about 30 seconds of it hanging, I took the controller out again and it was scorching hot, to touch. The card is an Adaptec 3405. It's running a RAID 5 with 3 x 2tb Seagate Drives (Not Constellations). It's had it's fair share of problems over the past 3 years, but nothing that bad. (degraded raid and such). I'm thinking that it's just packed it in. Has anyone had this issue before, and know what what might be causing it, or if there is a solution? I don't do a lot with RAIDs, but I'm thinking that if I buy another controller the exact same model, and plug it in, will it carry the existing RAID over? Would I have to re-initialise it, and is there any risk of loss of data? Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions. Cheers, John
  5. Thanks all. I've seen a lot of people using the microservers. If I was to get one, I would still need to get a HDD and graphics card, is that correct? HP Microserver N40L - approx $285 HIS Radeon HD6450 Silence 1GB - $39 OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD - $55 TP-Link TL-WN821N Wireless N USB Adapter - $22 Around $401 Or alternatively, I could go the AMD route ASROCK - A75M-ITX - $99 AMD - AD3500OJGXBOX - $74 Silverstone SG05 Black Cube with 450W - $145 G.Skill F3-10600CL9S-4GBNT 4GB (1x4GB) DDR3 - $22 OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD - $55 TP-Link TL-WN821N Wireless N USB Adapter - $22 Around $417 What are people's thoughts? Is it all much the same now and just preference as to which way I go? I think what worries me most is that the microserver specs are quite low compared to what I can build for the same price almost. I was definitely thinking or going the AMD path originally, but I wasn't quite sure whether they would cut it. I'm not really interested in using a tv tuner, and can't really imagine that I'd need to plug anything else on the board. I'm definitely keen to try and make a small system, just to see how much of a pain it is, as I'd like to make another one with a little more grunt down the track, so this media box is a bit like my trial run. Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, I know there's a few threads on here about small media boxes, but I wanted to get some feedback on what I am looking at getting. I have recently bought a D-Link Boxee Box on a mates recommendation, but it's less than ideal for what I am after, so I'm looking to replace it with a real system. It will be running VLC on a 1920x1080 Plasma. I use my phone or tablet as a remote, and I will either put a hard drive in it, use an external, or stream over the network (wireless). I haven't decided yet, probably the wireless first and it if runs alright, I will stick with that. It will run for 3-4 hours every night, and up to 8 hours at a time (in case heat is an issue). If anyone has any feedback on what I'm listing, has recommendations, or can see that what I have listed will just not work, then please let me know. I'm definitely aiming for small, and quiet. Silverstone SG05 Black Cube with 450W - $145 Gigabyte GA-H61N-USB3 Motherboard - $89 Intel Celeron G540 - $46 G.Skill F3-10600CL9S-4GBNT 4GB (1x4GB) DDR3 - $22 HIS Radeon HD6450 Silence 1GB - $39 OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD - $55 TP-Link TL-WN821N Wireless N USB Adapter - $22 Thanks, John
  7. Thanks Dasa and p0is0n. I haven't water cooled in my life, and I'm not too keen on my first water cooling to be on my workstation.. I like the idea of it, but I've seen photos from my mates where they've had leaks with catastrophic results. Obviously I am sure they weren't setting it up properly, but still from what I understand they need to be cleaned and stuff like that, and I know that I just won't get around to it. I might revisit this as a last resort as it would definitely solve every problem. Those coolers might be the way to go. If they fit on the SuperMicro boards, then surely they'd fit on my mobo. Assuming there is enough clearance of the RAM and mobo heatsink. I will look in to it. I have a front panel fan controller on the way today (https://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=17216) but after what you're said I am wary to install it. I'll see how I feel, at worst I was thinking I would install it and keep it maxed out unless taking a call or something when I need some quiet. Cheers
  8. It's been a while since I made this thread but I wanted to follow it up in case anyone else was thinking of doing this. I finally got around to getting the second cooler and I also picked up a cheap fan control panel for the front of my case. 2 x https://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=18670 and https://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=18113 Basically upon pulling off the first stock HSF I noticed that the back plate of the cooler is non-detachable from the mobo. This wasn't a problem though because the pattern and thread matched the HSF we were going to put on. However, without the supplied mounting screws for the cooler, there wasn't enough reach from the stock mounting plugs to the new HSF. Even if we had gotten around that, there was a heat sink right next the to CPU and RAM clearance wasn't looking too great anyway. So that didn't happen. I guess Intel design their boards specifically to run their coolers which I wouldn't mind if I had some choice of different coolers though. Okay, so that didn't work but at least I can install the throttle control for the fans... Unfortunately not. The Intel coolers are running 4 pin fan connections (standard 3 pins + thermal something something). No matter what we did, we couldn't convince the mobo to play nice not having the CPU fans hanging off their designated connections. At least I can rule this out as an option now. My next thought is to get a better fan control which has a 4 pin set up that I can hopefully connect back in to the mobo somehow. I'm not sure exactly, my mate suggested this, so I'll give it a try down the track. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas on how to quieten this machine up, fire away please!
  9. Thanks guys. I just had a quick squiz and I don't think the clearance of the RAM will be an issue. I've snapped a bad photo with my phone- Here I'll definitely try the 212 that I have here first to see if it fits anyway. Regarding the temperature of the CPU's. I have been using SpeedFan to monitor them, but I'm concerned about how accurate it is. Does anyone know of a decent piece of software that can handle Xeon's for temperature monitoring? Just looking over the spec sheet, it says that the CPU's don't support thermal monitoring tech? http://ark.intel.com/products/52576/Intel-...-GTs-Intel-QPI) SpeedFan now is showing the cpu's at 74 degrees, and I am caching an After Effects project in the background and the fans are going stupid.
  10. Thanks mate. I wasn't sure whether a run of the mill 1366 cooler would fit. I have a brand new one of those here boxed that I didn't use on a previous build, so that's a good start.
  11. Good morning everyone, I will try to keep this quick-ish. I am after some cooling options for my workstation. It's 2 x X5690 cpu's on an Intel mobo (S5520SC) in a Cubitek HPTX Tank. http://ark.intel.com/products/52576/Intel-...-GTs-Intel-QPI) http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/...b/CS-030231.htm http://www.overclockers.com/cubitek-hptx-tank Currently it just has the "recommended" Intel coolers (http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=207_23_845&products_id=14977), but it's got to go. Basically my office is quite small, and when the fans on the Intel coolers start up, it's far too loud. I cannot make phone calls in front of my system, so if I am rendering, I am constantly having to leave my office and it's a problem if I am trying to look at emails or talk to a client about something on my screen. It hasn't been too bad in winter, but as soon as Spring hits, I know that it will likely be unbearable 24/7. I don't want to go with water cooling (it terrifies me), but can I just attach any 1366 cooler to this motherboard? If that's the case, can anyone recommend a cooler. I don't mind a bit of passive noise in the background, I normally have music on anyway, but these Intel HSF's are insane. Thank in advance, John
  12. Hey everyone, After getting such amazing help every single post on this forum, I am compelled to post here before making a purchase. A few months ago I posted about upgrading my i7 920. I decided to sit on it for a bit and bought a GTX 680 to put in it. It's really starting to struggle now, and I have some large jobs on at the moment, so while I have the opportunity, I want to replace the mobo, CPU, RAM, case and PSU. Case and PSU because I really can't be bothered unmounting the current mobo and having to put it in another case, etc. Current specs are; i7 920 (stock speeds now) 12gb G.Skill Trident RAM Asus Rampage 2 Extreme Thermalright Venomous-X Cooler GTX 680 240gb Revodrive This system was my workstation for a couple of years, and now it's my gaming system, but it also renders 3dsmax jobs and After Effects jobs for 10-12 hours a day, when there's rendering to be done anyway. Up until now, all of my purchases have had the business in mind, but this time I want to prioritise this system for gaming, so I am on the fence between 1155 and 2011. The 2011 is quite expensive in comparison, so I was thinking of the components below, which mostly just so happen to be plucked from the parts guide. Intel Core i7 3770K - $399 - http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=20140 ASUS Sabertooth Z77 Motherboard - $265 - http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=19883 Corsair Vengeance CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 - $149 - http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=19290 Lian Li PC-A77F Black - $375 - http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=14188 Corsair AX750 Gold Power Supply - $215 - http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=15250 Can someone recommend a decent cooler? Air only, mild-high overclocking, but not 24/7. I am just wondering what everyone thinks of the above. Is this still a good set up? (I am not sure when the parts guide was updated). I was also wondering if anyone can explain the reason for getting a Sabertooth motherboard over something cheaper, apart from looks? When I purchased my Rampage 2, I swore that I would never purchase another "gamer" board. The Rampage required bios updates out of the box, and has and still does give me problems. I will match my RAM choice to the mobo, whether it's the Sabertooth or otherwise. Although it's being built with gaming in mind, this system will still render projects when required, so I would consider lowering specs to save money, but not to the point where it will start affecting render performance too much.. if that makes any sense at all... I guess if it was pure rendering I would go a six-core, but as I want to prioritise on gaming, I'm thinking this 4-core faster chip (also cheaper), but opinions and thoughts welcome. Thank you in advance, any input appreciated, John ---- I just want to add here more information. It's already a fairly long post, so this is not really important but I wanted to explain why I need to replace my i7 920 when it could possibly still have some life in it. Basically I have 2 i7 systems here and not a day goes by they don't drive me up the wall. It's likely to just be driver issues, but I just want them benched as rendering systems and replaced. My i7 has been overclocked almost it's whole life, on air, stable at 3.8ghz. But it also runs a lot, sometimes 24/7 for weeks at a time, so I think it's just worn out. I have a tendency to push systems to their limits, my new workstation can handle this for now which is great, but this i7 has had a hard life. During summer my office would also get stinking hot, which probably hasn't helped. Both i7's have similar issues; They constantly lose connectivity to the network shared drives and require a restart. They constantly lose network connectivity at all, this can be fixed with a disable/enable, but it's still annoying if we're downloading or working over the network. They both have graphics card issues despite trying numerous cards and drivers (all nvidia). Usually the driver crashes, and come back moments later, but it's a problem. My i7 (and not the other), will blue screen for no apparent reason, and half the time it will not even get in to POST, it just sits on a black screen. (PSU maybe?). This normally only happens if it has crashed, starting it fresh in the morning after it's been off normally isn't an issue.
  13. Thanks guys. I've just spoken to a mate just up the road who is also on Internode who said he's been having similar drop outs, so perhaps it's just completely coincidental that it happened after I changed my hardware around, and perhaps it's another issue here. I haven't done much in terms of Internode support, isolation tests, etc. as I assumed it was just the new modem being troublesome, but having you reassure me that the modem is an okay modem, I will start looking in to these other things. Thanks, John
  14. Hey all, I recently replaced my Billion modem router as it was having some issues, but I am having some new line syncing issues which I think is due to the cheap modem I purchased, so I am looking to replace it with something a little better. Price is not an issue, but I do already have a router, but I would get rid of this if it was for the best. I currently have this- TP-Link TL-WR2543ND 450Mbps Wireless N Gigabit Router - https://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=18966 with https://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=17074 - https://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=17074 The modem is bridged with the router which connects in to the network. Lately while gaming I've been having woeful lag spikes, and quite often the modem will just lose sync for no apparent reason (perhaps every 12 - 16 hours). I have double checked all of my settings but cannot find any obvious reason why it would do that so I am putting it down to the fact that it is a $29 modem.. While gaming isn't that important, it's nice not to have to worry about being dc'd in a game of l4d or something like that but more importantly, I deliver a lot of work to mainland clients via my web hosting. Some of these files can be 4gb+ so having the net lose sync half way through this upload is pretty inconvenient. This is where the Annex M part comes in to it, I don't really know if I would see any upload increase from switching my profile to Annex M, even with a capable modem, but it's something to consider. I am assuming most modems are Annex M capable now anyway, so it's more important that I find a modem that will be beastly and not give me any grief. I am currently with Internode on this plan; Current Plan EASY-Broadband-S (With Power Pack) Price $69.95 per month Monthly Quota 150 GB Speed Extreme ADSL2+ speeds Plus I pay (I think) $10 a month extra for the power pack or whatever it's called now which provides a static IP, unlimited uploads, etc. I run a business from home, but I don't use VOIP as I live on my mobile, so that's not a concern either. I have looked at the modems here- https://secure.internode.on.net/webtools/store but wanted to get the opinions of Atomicans first. Thanks, John
  15. nog

    i7 920 + Adobe CS

    I had a similar set up for my previous workstation. It was an i7 920 and I had 12gb of RAM in it, and I always had trouble, especially in After Effects and Premiere finding the sweet spot for RAM/CPU balance. I would say, if you can spare it, then load it up to 16gb and keep HT enabled so in theory it's 2gb of RAM per core, but I don't think it really works like that.