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  1. smakme7757

    Terror attack in NZ

    What got me was him playing some sort of tongue in cheek song on the way to the mosque. Then he gets in his car after the massacre and lets everyone know: ~"I dropped a few mags during the firefight..." blah blah. It was almost as if he was gunning for maximum -awesomeness- for his 4Chan personality. Not to mention he called it a "Firefight"? Sicko. I'm of the mind that the Manifesto is just some bullshit he wants to believe to justify his actions. While the real motive was as simple as getting fame with an internet community. Another Martin Bryant. Stupid simpleton deserves life in isolation. Make the years move slowly. A f'ing tragedy.
  2. smakme7757

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    I'm glad you're doing well and all, but you left our the achievement of having one of the best 2500K sandy chips in the world, sheesh! Was a 2600K :D. Damnit! close! Whatever happened to it? Sold it to a girl at uni. She happened to get a job where i work, so it wouldn't be hard to get it back :)
  3. smakme7757

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    Norway has it's own language now? Glad your are doing well. :) They have always had their own language as far as i know.... I'm glad you're doing well and all, but you left our the achievement of having one of the best 2500K sandy chips in the world, sheesh! Was a 2600K :D.
  4. smakme7757

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    This is interesting reading. 10 years ago I left for Norway with $1000 at age 20. Today I'm married, own a house and have 2 fantastic children. I got through university studying in Norwegian and was offered a great well paid position before I graduated. I'm currently employed as a systems engineer. I can read, write and speak fluent Norwegian. Like everyone I have my ups and downs. Life is good most of the time and sometimes it sucks, but that's just the way it is :) I live and work in Norway but am still an Australian citizen.
  5. smakme7757

    Are you a compulsive upgrader?

    I used to upgrade often which was mostly because i purchased cheaper and slower parts. These days not so much. The last build was pretty powerful. I've only made one upgrade to my now 4 year old gaming rig. My current gaming rig was purchased in 2012 3570K 16Gb RAM GTX 670 Since then all I've upgraded is the GPU to a GTX 980 (Last year). The plan is to get a new case, motherbaord, cpu, cpu cooler and ram either in december this year or january of next year. I'll admit to being a compulsive "clean-installer". As soon as my PC starts acting weird for whatever reason i nuke it all and start again. Have all my stuff on a seperate partition and good backups, so it's not really and issue.
  6. Seems like decent results. My best score on Firestrike Performance is around 12,000. 3570K @ 4500Ghz and GTX 980. Shame about the motherboard. I hate it when shiny stuff i buy gets delayed in the post. Can it sit at the postoffice while you're on holiday? Packages are returned after 14 days if not picked up here at least.
  7. smakme7757

    New Lab machine

    haha. ReFS can be used to store vhdx files, but you have to disable integrity streams for it to work otherwise hyper-v gets a bit upset (in 2012 R2). The guys at work have been talking about ReFSv2 which comes with Server 2016 and is supposed to be optimized for VHDX storage. I havn't read much about it yet though. I'll stick with NTFS until server 2016 comes along then I'll make the switch. I've got an MSDN subscription so I'll get Server 2016 at release and will most likely upgrade right away. edit* Weird formatting...strange
  8. smakme7757

    New Lab machine

    No :). But what I wouldn't mind trying is running KVM as the hypervisor. I'd just use Ubuntu or CentOS. But then put my GTX 980 in the server and spin up a VM with the GTX 980 passed through. Then try to game on the VM. It's supposed to work pretty well, so it would be kinda cool to try it out. I got the server all setup last night. IPMI is a godsend. Got everythnig setup and never even connected a screen :).
  9. So those are tests with the new GPU and old CPU right?
  10. smakme7757

    New Lab machine

    It's interesting that you should mention a Type 1 hypervisor. Because Hyper-V is infact a type 1 hypervisor. Most people think Hyper-V is a type 2, like VMWare Workstation, but it's actually not the case. For storage management I'll be using Windows Storage spaces to configure storage except the initial RAID 1 array which will use the motherboards builtin raid. thanks for the explanation of Prime and Pi. I'll do i few runs at stock before putting the server into action. It will be fun to have a 10c/20t result in there just for the fun of it.
  11. I'm also interested in this. I have a 3570K in my old gaming rig and have considered upgrading, but aren't really sure if there is any point yet...
  12. Hi people, As I work in IT I like to have a machine where I can spin up a few VMs I have a home "lab". My current lab machine has existed since I was a uni Forgotten model number of most components :P, but anyway: CPU: Intel Xeon 4c/8t RAM: 32GB Crucial Mobo: MSI Z77A-gd65 SSD: 1x 500GB SSD Samsung Pro HDD: 2x 2TB HDD Seagate PSU: Corsair 860 AX Cooler: Collermaster Evo 212+ It's ok, but time for a change. So now that I've been working for 2 years I decided to upgrade. I picked up a new motherboard, cpu, ram and cooler. The rest is stuff from earlier. It turned out like this. Will be running Hyper-V on Windows Server 2016 when it's released in September. CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2630 V4, 10c/20t RAM: 128GB Crucial ECC Registered Dimm Mobo: SuperMicro MBD-X10SRL-F SSD: 2x 250GB Intel 240 (RAID 0 for lab machines) SSD: 1x 500GB Samsung Pro (For lab machines) HDD: 4x 1TB WD RE4 Enterprise (RAID 10, for data and a few VM's which I wan't to protect) HDD: 2x 500GB WD RE4 Enterprise (RAID 1, for OS) PSU: Corsair 860 AX Cooler: Noctura NH-U9DX i4* Case: Fractal Design R4 The board has 10 sata ports so that leaves me with an extra port for maybe another SSD later on. I think I'll have to run a Super Pi on that 10c/20t and see how it goes :D. Not sure how Super Pi reacts to more cores with a lower frequency....?? The parts are in the mail, so not long until they arrive.
  13. smakme7757

    France as a terror magnet

    More action in France. Getting shorter and shorter between attacks now. I might say i prayer* before our trip to New Zealand later this year (Travelling from London)... *Not that i think a prayer would help...
  14. smakme7757

    France as a terror magnet

    Well you now have a military Ku in Turkey as today's news. Welcome to 2016... Don't know much about turkeys president, so can't comment on the matter. As for France is a big problem. It's almost like a monthly event. Way out of hand and no solution in sight....
  15. smakme7757

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    Every time i come into this thread i just can't believe how slow the rollout had been. Australia is a large country which creates challenges, but this has to be the worst rollout of a national fiber network in the world.