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    What happens to Zinio Subscriptions?

    What do you mean "pay more"? Everyone that has current subs will continue to receive PC&TA, they wont pay any extra. That's what Dave said in the announcement thread. Also, this should be in the feedback forum. 1. Yes, I read that, but I don't think it was made clear what happens to ONLINE subscriptions through Zinio.2. Yes, I read that, but I also think it was made clear you would receive less than a year's subscription due to PC&TA being more expensive. 3. This IS the feedback forum, isn't it? I don't wish to pay more for only 16 pages of Atomic - the rest of PC&TA is of no interest to me. Hence I don't think it is fair to receive a lesser number of issues than I would have got with a normal Atomic subscription - 12 issues, if I get less than 12 issues of PC&TA then I am paying more. I notice that through Zinio, PCTA is LESS than Atomic by $10, so I should be getting at LEAST 14 issues of PCTA! If I had waited 24 hours, you would NOT have got my subscription! Sure, it's 'only' $60, but wow do I feel ripped off. Was the decision made on Friday or before? Zinio is still letting you sign up for 12 months, so maybe a line to them to STOP accepting subs might be in order? (As of 2:10pm on Sunday)
  2. So my Atomic subscription ran out a couple of weeks again, and on THURSDAY NIGHT I decided to renew. Beauty, $60 paid. Saturday morning; read that next issue is the last. :-( While I am sure PCTA is a great mag for those who want to read it, I am not likely to pay more for less Atomic. Sorry, that's the way it is. So how does one go about getting your money back from Zinio for a magazine that won't exist in a few months?
  3. corinoco

    MS Flight - new era or doomed dodo?

    MS Flight is reported playable with just a mouse. In the mists of ancient time I found a mouse a perfectly adequate way to fly aircraft (especially gliders) in FS4. Keyboard and mouse actually teach you a few good things too - gentle controls! Sure in films people yank the controls of aircraft around but the reality is if you do this to a real plane - almost ANY real aircraft - you are will at best loose control, but more likely end up crashing. If you recall that rather tragic air racing accident in Reno last year - that was partly due to over-control (pulling too hard on the controls). A racing wheel brings out a whole new aspect to sim racing (yes, I have a wheel too), but you can still get the feel for things with something as simple as a keyboard. The same is true for Flight - you'll get the idea of things with a keyboard.
  4. corinoco

    MS Flight - new era or doomed dodo?

    MS Flight - the successor to the classic Flight Simulator - is released as free-to-play on 29th February. MS Flight Launch announcement The level of heated discussion on usually-polite forums such as Avsim is... well. Let's say its greater than 9000 at the very least. A brief reading of the forums shows that there is a great deal of anger and hatred towards MS for 'Flight', with the word 'game' used liberally as a strong insult. Declaration of interest: I've been a flight-simmer since 1985 and Flight Simulator 2 on the C64. I've got every version right up to FSX - which I still enjoy. I'm not the whole-home-cockpit type type of simmer though; although I do have a Saitek HOTAS rig. I get no joy out of airliners, or flying cargo out of Schipol; I enjoy flying inverted under the Harbour Bridge, (I used to fly 747's knife edge between the Twin Towers in 1994 - I guess that makes me a hipster-terrorist?), I enjoy mucking around with planes. I prefer older, historic aircraft - I don't really care for yet another Airbus A320 repaint (my estimate is about 75% of ALL addons posted to AVSIM are repaints of A320s or B737s - yawn) but I love trying to glide aircraft like the X15, or explore the Grand Canyon in a 1950's Douglas Skyray at 1.5 times the speed of sound. In other words - I seem to be the market that MS are aiming for; the more casual simmer - even people who haven't tried a flight sim before. The old school are up in arms, citing the 'missions' and 'treasure-hunt' modes as dumbing down for the Xbox; yet it looks like a clever move on MS' part. Back in the day - going right back to the C64 - there were always slightly frivolous modes in FS. FS2 had the very primitive WW1 'red-baron' mode - it looked and played a lot like the 'Red Baron' vector graphics arcade machines some of you oldies might remember. FS4 had a crop-dusting mode ("This ain't like dusting crops boy!" - actually, yes, it is!) and some extremely whimsical scenery packs - coincidentally the Hawaii scenery pack. Strange visions in Hawaii.... The new incarnation provides a free-to-play base with scenery for the Big Island of Hawaii (not any of the other islands though) and two base aircraft - the experimental LSA Icon A5 and one other (not sure what the other is - a biplane I think). On release day there are three DLC packs available - the full Hawaiian island chain and associated 'challenges' (presumably missions), the Maule M-7-206 (a single engine all-terrain STOL aircraft) and the NA P-51-D Mustang. The last of these is causing quite a stir - it is an 'exterior-only' model; there are no cockpit views, and presumably no instrument displays. The other big stir are the 'game' modes - aerial 'treasure hunts' and what looks like a persistent 'career mode'. MS are going down the app-store path - it is not yet clear whether the SDK will be free or not, nor is it known for sure which 3rd party developers are involved, or indeed if there are any. Disappointingly, Orb-X, the Australian scenery developers responsible for some of the most stunning scenery available for FSX, have already given their version of dealing with MS as content providers for MS Flight, and suffice to say we wont be seeing Orb-X's gorgeous Australian scenery in Flight for a while . (Atomic staff - there might be an interesting story in this?) It is still a few weeks to the 29th - I for one am looking forward to see what MS have been able to produce. Many folk on the AVSIM forum are talking up a boycott, but I wonder how many will be able to resist the lure of a free peek. The DLC is something that bothers me though; it is difficult as yet to know whether the value is good or not. On the face of it, the full Hawaiian Island chain for $20 is a pretty good deal, but say that price translates to all states of the USA - that's $1,000. Dedicated flight simmers spend FAR more than that on 3rd-party addons - but not many would want to shell out that much to buy it all again - MS Flight is not backwards compatible! Further concerns are whether we will ever see Australia covered by scenery - it seems a long shot if MS are not going to allow easy access to the store and SDK. The other side of the flight-simming hobby is of course modding. Years before people were modding the bitmaps in Wolfenstein there was vibrant home-grown FS modding community; of which I was one. Microsoft's design partners - subLogic and Bruce Artwick built the modding tools directly into FS4 with the basic aircraft editor, and the very first FS4 expansion pack introduced full scenery and aircraft modding. A large 3rd-party industry grew from kids at home (like myself in 1989) to the professional modders of today - groups like Just Flight, PMDG and the Australian OrbX. MS have been silent with regards to this home-grown aspect of modding and add-ons, which is certainly of concern for me. I am not a professional modder, but I have a few aircraft I have been dabbling with in 3DS-Max for a while for fun and learning (and here's another thing) - I learned 3DS Max from G-Max - the free editor released with FS2000-2004. 3DS Max has helped me professionally to the point I can justify a $6,000 software purchase - I'm an architect, and rendering software is a big part of my job these days. There's a lesson in that - playing games is good for your career! One of the planes I have built I deemed good enough to release to the public, and I am still working on an FSX version of it - I have halted work until I know what is happening with MS Flight. Previous versions for FS2000-2004 attracted almost 5,000 downloads across various sites (I still get mail about the bugs in the autopilot code, too. It was coded in Reverse-Polish Notation XML for FSMs sake; I'm only an architect!) - I would charge no more than 99c for that single plane, and there's some nice beer-money there! I will be very disappointed if MS choose not to allow small devs to create content for Flight, and have access to the online store. I would LOVE to earn some money from dabbling with the SDK, much in the manner that Apple has created an entire micro-economy, and Valve are developing with the Steam Workshop. I hope that Microsoft have realised the importance of a modding community to niche products like Flight Simulations. Is anyone else awaiting MS Flight with bated breathe, perhaps even excitement? Or is 1995 going to call and ask for it's genre back?
  5. corinoco

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. dev GSC closed down :(

    Sad news - the three S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games are permanently on my system, along with the various patches & mods for them. They also got me into reading Eastern European sci-fi through 'Roadside Picnic' Hopefully someone will pick up S.T.A.L.K.E.R.2 - the screenshots that got leaked look brilliant.
  6. corinoco

    Issue 131 Feedback

    Yo, 'sup? Crikey! It works! 'Allo Derek! I bought Battlecruiser 3000AD when it was originally released, still have it - box, manual the works! A treasured possession! LOD looks cool from the screenshots. Keep fighting the Good Fight!
  7. corinoco

    Red Cross investigating violent games

    Needs more people picking on other 'violent' media. Needs more people picking on violent books. Needs more people picking on books that contain gruesome depictions of mutilation, murder, genocide and mass extinction. Needs more people picking on books like the Bible, Koran & Torah. Why say one form of violent media is more damaging than any other? BAN EVERYTHING!
  8. corinoco

    Issue 131 Feedback

    It took a bit of time, but the zinio Issue 131 was great! (my bad!) I loved the little piece on Derek Smart, and the How-To on system building was very well written. I find it amazing that a there is always so much great stuff packed into Atomic, and with articles like the Skyrim review, relevant ones! Do I dare.... oh, heck why not... DEREK SMART, DEREK SMART, DEREK SMART! :-D
  9. corinoco

    my first console in years

    Awesome games? You mean there was an awesome game on the Wii? That appealed to someone older than 7 years? Okami was pretty, I guess...
  10. corinoco

    What happened to the good space games?

    Might I suggest.... Galaxy on Fire 2, on the iPad / iPhone It uses an X3-like paradigm for space - sectors linked by jumpgates, but the gameplay & graphics are pretty good. I have spent a lot of time on it. The devs are German, so it seems that space games have become an Eastern European niche (Eve, X3, Evochron) I doubt I will live long enough to see 'Elite 4' and to be honest I don't believe Frontier have it in their hearts anymore. What I would dearly, DEARLY love to see is a remake of the classics - Star Wars Xwing and it's descendants, and Wing Commander done on a modern system, with a vast open galaxy; maybe even a procedural, asynchronous MMO like Spore? Not an on-rails shooter / console arcade game like the SW:Starfighter series on consoles, but something like BF3 crossed with IL42... IN SPACE!
  11. corinoco

    iPad version of Magazine?

    Unlikely, the digital issue came out today YAY! Interesting backpage about Derek Smart, I actually bought 'Battlecruiser 3000' when it came out, and I have some forum posts of his in my archives from the early nineties when he was designing BC3K. He certainly is a persistent man, you have to admire him for that! The big section on system building is well written, even worthwhile for old hands I think. A great issue! Hopefully future digital issues will be a bit less troublesome.
  12. corinoco

    iPad version of Magazine?

    For a truly amazing example of how good tablet-based magazine can be, have a look at the National Geographic. I've always loved the NG, but subscriptions were always just a bit too much, and a shelf of NGs weighs A LOT - now I don't have to go to the dentist to read it! Seriously - the NG (I have subscribed to the iPad version) is a wonderful example of how good multimedia can be. Sure it would be great if Atomic could have that level of functionality... but right at the moment I'd just like to read it! :-P I suspect I might finish Skyrim before I read Atomic's review of it.
  13. corinoco

    How many games do you have on your Steam account?

    um, crap. I said 29-50 - that's what I have installed. It's actually 138. Yikes.
  14. corinoco

    The LAN at home!

    +1 to the above except.... When I were a kid, 'LAN' gaming meant two people sharing the keyboard on the C64 playing Pole Position or Summer Olympics! Ah, great days! And I had to walk to school & from through 3m of snow, uphill both ways, dinner was a cup'o cold gravel.... My local group's first ever LAN event was a mate & myself with our then-amazing 386SX hooked up by SERIAL CABLE and a null-modem I MADE MYSELF to my Dad's then-stupendous 7" screen COLOR latop with a then-unbelievable 486SX-16! We played DOOM! And we were amazed..... this would be 1993 or so, I think... The first 4-way LAN occurred at my mate's brother's tiny flat in Willoughby, and was manageable as we were only lugging 15" monitors at the time... setting up the old coax Ethernet was a pain as the cables and terminators were prone to disconnects with the slighest bump, and the whole network would freeze. We played Doom2 - excessively - until about 4am if I recall (with uni the next day, of course). This event led us to naming our LAN sessions the 'GAMEZ DAZE'. Driving home after playing Doom 2 for about 16 hours straight is an interesting experience... 'Red traffic light... AAAAGHH!! CACODEMONS!!!! NO! no... nooo...... its just a traffic light." The first official 'GAMEZ DAZE' was at a friends flat in Neutral Bay - he had a MAC! - and we played Descent (gotta love Mac & PC client!) and the guy with the Mac whipped us good, because he had a fancy-pants Mac-only joystick that had 3 hat switches - our basic PC joysticks were just stick-and-two-button jobs. Later GAMEZ DAZE graduated to the large garage of a friends house, and were frequently 18-hour affairs with breakfast-lunch-dinner-leftovers and much beer. In summer we would take breaks to play or watch cricket, in winter we huddled around the warmth of glowing heatsinks.... games were Diablo 1 then 2, Battlefield 1942 which we played to death (that game was horrid to get everyone running on the same patches, maps, etc...), Carmageddon, Battlezone 2, Mechwarrior 2, A-10 Cuba, Grand Prix Legends, Neverwinter Nights, Unreal Tournament, Quake 1/2/3/QW (oh my, sooooo much Quake!) Injuries - friend cutting head open when he walked into half-closed garage door, I dropped my 17" monitor on my foot, many hangovers made worse by stroboscopic after images of games... Arguments - setting up the LAN, who brought too many sausages, who brought not enough sausages, who was late, who didn't get their games installed (HDs not big enough to install everything), who was slowing the network down leeching anime, who was doing too much PK / TK, who was camping, who was a wuss because they were getting p0wnzor3d by campers, who bumped the powerboard, who had 'Melissa' and was causing our AV to go nuts, who had bad ping on a local LAN and why, whose case had more excessive CCFLs in it, who was meant to bring the beer, who was meant to bring the chips, who bought the Fanta & why, who had to go home early because wife / gf was calling, who had the most annoying voicepack in Unreal Tournament (me; Principal Onyx Blackman from 'Strangers With Candy'), which UT level we should play again (Bathroom! no, Garage! no, Anubis!), who was using an invisible avatar or a sniperbot, .... ah, great days! Now we have kids & families we don't get together as much, and we all bring our 'work' laptops - all being in design or construction industries we need powerful laptops for 'work', you know, to run 'CAD' apps... indoors, air conditioned, tame (no f- or c- bombs in front of the kiddies!). When we get together now it is usually StarWars Battlefront (the kids love that) or amazingly ancient Diablo 2 (bloody hell, we've been playing that for 11 years!). Occasionally I can persuade people to join a bit of NWN 1 or 2... With the kids growing up (some in high school now, sheesh!) they are really kicking our arses - we play a fair bit of TF2 online on weekends (notices friend's boys are online now - CSS as usual!) they love CSS, we prefer TF2; either way we score about 15, kids about 126! Things I learned over the past 20 years - how to fix networks while asleep (or at least just by touch), see what patches are missing from someones PC by glancing at the desktop (icons EVERYHERE? hmm... no patches....), how to pack a computer in a small car safely, always know the phone number of your favourite after-hours pc-parts salesperson (Hi JIM! - we're glad our sudden late-afternoon GFX card upgrades helped pay your mortgage!)